Ballet Evaluations and Training

All of the hard work, dedication and soul every apprentice and senior dancer of the Young Canadians of The Calgary Stampede cast put into their ballet training since day one, all came down to one night where we demonstrated our skills and performance abilities to an elite panel of adjudicators. Among the judges were Sheri Oberholtzer, an ADAPT examiner, writer and work shop facilitator and RAD ballet trainer, Sheri Green, and RAD Registered teaching member, ADAPT Certified teacher, Examiner and Qualified Studio and has a Certificate of Higher Education: Dance Teaching in Dance Education, and last but certainly not least, Evelyn Hart, a world renown ballerina who was made into an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1983 and was elevated to the rank of Companion in 1994. She also received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and was inducted into the Order of Manitoba. Her principal dancer role with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet helped to make her into one of the most compelling stage personalities in Canada’s and be put into Canada’s walk of fame.

Preparation for the exam began on our first day of training, as every single class counted towards pushing each student to the best of their ability as an individual and as a whole, and shaping every single dancer into the best performer they could be. The training we get here at The Young Canadians is high caliber and pushes every single individual to their limits. Teachers work very closely with each individual student to help them set and achieve goals for themselves. The training is demanding, but extremely rewarding and the best part, it is free! The dancer company has been extremely dedicated this whole year, which has allowed us to achieve even higher limits than in the past, not only in Ballet department, but every aspect of our training, because ballet plays such an important role in the development of a dancer overall, and to make this years Ballet Evaluation the huge success it was.

The Apprentice Dancer company started out the night with presenting their class to adjudicators composed of the three distinguished artists/dance educators and an audience filled with students’ families, friends and other invited guests, with the Senior Dancer company to follow. Thanks to Megan Chalifoux, the director of Ballet, The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts, the classes were not just a demonstration of technical exercises, but also a performance that flowed through the studio and a display that every one could enjoy.

The evening concluded with a Reception to thank the adjudicators and award selected students on their achievements, such as Most Improved, Best Overall Performance, Best Overall Excellence, Best Overall Technique and more. However, even though awards were handed out, every single dancer still achieved a great success by performing to the best of their ability and achieving their own personal goals. We each gained a sense of accomplishment and a gain in confidence through the experience and every dancer should feel extremely proud of themselves and to have been apart of the evaluation.