Stampede horses dominate CFR

Three dozen Calgary Stampede bucking horses are happily frolicking in the snow-covered pastures near Hanna, celebrating a triumphant series of performances in the horse roughstock events at the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

In the six CFR performances, ending Sunday, Stampede horses captured six buckles for round-winning scores. That’s half the available buckles to be won by horses. When the dust settled at Rexall Place and the rough stock awards were handed out, three of the top four horses of the CFR went to Stampede Stock.


Unfortunate Carma won the 2014 Bareback Horse of the CFR after two astounding performances. This six-year-old mare won the second round with Matt Lait (pictured above, photo by Mike Copeman), teaming up to score an 87-point ride. She returned Saturday night with another strong performance that earned her great points with rider Colin Adams.

Unfortunate Carma is the grand-daughter of the legendary bareback horse, Grated Coconut. Born 2008, she is the daughter of mare Carma by sire Royal Wake, who is the son of six-time World Champion Grated Coconut by mare French Wake. All those great genetic qualities combined in Unfortunate Carma, a feisty filly that ranks as an “eliminator” bronc.


Her travelling mate and uncle, Special Delivery (pictured above at the Stampede) - currently ranked as the number three bareback horse in the world – was named the runner-up in the Bareback Horse category. His first go-round was explosive, scoring him great points but up-ending top rider RC Landingham in a buck-off. The second time this spunky stallion took the arena, he carried Matt Lait to the top of the round and the championship title, winning with a score of 87.75. Special Delivery is a powerful and talented animal athlete, sired by Grated Coconut by many-time CFR and NFR Qualifier Zippy Delivery. Watch for him to solidify his world-class reputation at the NFR in December.


Tiger Warrior  (pictured above waiting for his performance at CFR) took runner-up in the category of Saddle Bronc Horse of the CFR, scoring 85.5 points to win the opening round with Cort Scheer. His second time out, in the fourth round, Tiger Warrior carried Rylan Geiger to a top-placed finish with a score of 86.5. Two rounds, two top-placed finishes for Tiger Warrior. He was edged out for the Horse of the CFR title by Lunatic Party from Outlaw Buckers, a horse that was the Saddle Bronc Horse of Canada for this year.


Considering there are 11 stock contractors with horses in the running, the Stampede’s capture of six of the 12 go-round buckles and three of the four Horse of the Year honours represents an impressive ratio that speaks volumes of the quality of the Stampede’s Born to Buck breeding program.

Go-Round Buckles:

Performance 1: Saddle Bronc – Cort Scheer and Tiger Warrior – 85.5 points

Performance 2: Bareback – Matt Lait and Unfortunate Carma – 87 points

Performance 3: Saddle Bronc – Cort Scheer and Lynx Mountain – 88.75 points

Performance 4: Saddle Bronc – Cort Scheer and Warped Logic – 85.25 points

Performance 5: Saddle Bronc – Rylan Geiger and Tiger Warrior – 86.50 points

Performance 6: Bareback – Matt Lait and Special Delivery – 87.75 points

CS+CS = Champion performances

Add to that a unique phenomenon –  the combination of the initials worn by our CS horses and a certain “C.S.” cowboy added up to the CFR’s Top Gun award.


Cort Scheer (pictured above with Stampede’s Keith Marrington), the Calgary Stampede 2013 Saddle Bronc Champion, was on fire all through the CFR, taking home three go-round buckles all on the backs of CS-marked Stampede bucking horses. Cort kicked off the CFR with an opening-round win teamed up with Tiger Warrior, followed up a go-round ride with on Lynx Mountain on night 3 and another winning ride with Warped Logic in the fourth go-round, plus a fourth-placed finish on Until Kamloops in the final round.


In all, Cort bucked out almost $63,000 worth of performances, teamed up with Stampede stock in four of his six go-rounds, earning himself the Top Gun award for the most money earned by any cowboy at the CFR. This huge run on great rides lifted Scheer from 10th place standing coming into CFR from season’s earnings, to a second-place finish, a mere $238 behind Tyler Corrington’s championship-winning tally.


3 Great Chances to See the Stampede Showband Perform This Fall

Need your marching band fix? Here are three chances to see the world famous Calgary Stampede Showband perform this fall!

1. Oct. 24 Calgary Stampeders game vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders

This Friday, the Showband will do what most marching bands do: perform in the half-time show for a local football team. But the Showband is not like most marching bands, so expect some of the Showband’s unique western flair! The Showband is becoming known for doing performances in the community that bring a lot of people together and support a great cause. Friday’s Pink Power game is in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Fort Macleod Parade 2013

2. Nov. 29 Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade

The annual Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade is one of our favourite traditions! Showband members brave the cold and trade their cowboy hats for santa hats to get in the holiday spirit. This parade, which starts at 11am, is definitely worth the drive!

Calgary Stampede Showband - 012-L

3. Dec. 3 The Optimist Festive Showcase

Each year, the Optimist Club of Calgary hosts an amazing holiday music concert at the Southern Jubilee Auditorium. Featuring performances by the Showband, the Heebee Jeebees, the Calgary Stampede’s Band of Outriders, the Calgary Stetson Show Band and the Calgary Round-Up Band, the Festive Showcase will put you in the holiday mood. Tickets will go on-sale through Ticketmaster soon!

Heebee Jeebees Outriders Christmas

We’d love to see your photos at Showband performances! Share them with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging us: @ShowbandCS.

The Calgary Stampede Showband lends a hand in Brazil

The Calgary Stampede Showband, currently in Brazil preparing to compete in the 2014 World Association of Marching Show Bands (WAMSB) championships, took a break from rehearsing today to spend some time volunteering at a local school for underprivileged children in Atibaia City. Portal do Saber – Portal of Knowledge – is a private school and does not receive any funding other than what the students pay; approximately 70% of students attending the school pay little or nothing for the high level of education they receive there. 100% of the funds raised for the school go toward hiring the very best teachers. Other staff, including administration and maintenance, are volunteers. Building upkeep comes only with donations and the help of volunteers and this is where the Showband comes in!


Showband members spent the morning painting buildings and classrooms, gardening, landscaping, and hanging doors, among other tasks. Some of the walls in the school had not been painted since the school first opened, more than 10 years ago. The Showband also donated the paint and other supplies for the work done today. Volunteer principal Vivian said that renovations like this bring motivation and excitement for the students and the staff. The school’s volunteers have a profound passion for education; Vivian expressed, “I don’t care about not being paid. It’s about seeing a student grow and develop a passion for learning.”IMG_2571

The Showband also had the opportunity to give a brief performance for hundreds of local children. Members performed some hometown favourites and had the chance to interact and share their love of music and performance with the students. The Brazilian children had a great time – many asked for autographs and took selfies with Showband members!186A4932This weekend, the Showband will compete in pursuit of its fifth (and third consecutive!) world title. Check out more photos of the Showband’s volunteerism on their Facebook page, read more about the WAMSB competition here, and follow their adventures in Brazil on Twitter, and Instagram using @ShowbandCS and #wamsb.

Money Can’t Buy Stampede Experience Winners

Holly and her family with Dan James.
Yesterday our committee hosted two families who won a special unique experience thru contesting on twitter a few weeks back. We wanted to set up a series of amazing money-can’t-buy adventures often giving a behind the scenes look at life at the Calgary Stampede.

For this specific unique experience, Dan James hailing from Australia- an incredible horseman, invited our families into the arena at the Agrium Western Event Centre to interact with some of the horses he has trained.

First, the kiddos were up with a mini horse and they were naturals! Taking the reins and running thru the event area and commanding him to lay down were some of the highlights. Next up, Mom & Dad tested their nerves by sitting next to Dan & his horse on a big crash mat and more.

Our second family were welcomed into the arena to meet James and interact with the horses : lead by Jocelyn, included her three month old son- his first Stampede will be a memorable one!

You can catch James continue to push the limits of horsemanship and entertainment with his exhilarating performances, helping horse enthusiasts expand their knowledge thru the rest of our 10-day Calgary Stampede. This and so many other amazing Agriculture experiences await you! Check out the daily listings here.

Holly mentioned that she was so thrilled to have been given this chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity that her children will remember for years to come.

Our contest winners in the arena.
We’ve got more amazing experiences to share with you, check back daily to see what else is in store for some lucky families. There may even be a few more opportunities to come, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @CS_NGC so you don’t miss a thing!

Seeking Your Best Buds Horse Tales

There’s a reason Budweiser’s Puppy Love ad was the runaway hit of the unofficial advertisement show-down that is the Superbowl. The puppy’s determination to be with his Clydesdale horse friend and his horse buddies rescuing him from being adopted and taken away makes me giggle while tearing up, each and every time I watch it. Budweiser, an official sponsor of the Calgary Stampede, hit the ball out of the park on this one, our Stampede community and fellow horse-lovers agree.

Here at the Stampede, we think we could all use more Best Buds love stories, so we’re asking  folks to share their Best Buds Horse Tales with us. We’re looking for anyone with a story to tell about a unique horse you love, and the unexpected friend it loves. It may be a dog, a goat, a cow or even a duck. We’re hoping to hear more stories that make the heart swell with wonder over the sensitive and social nature of these wonderful animals.

For example, Troy Flad’s chuckwagon race horse Nipper just isn’t himself without his little buddy, Oops, the miniature horse in tow. So Troy ensures Oops and Nipper are together whenever he travels, keeping both of these best buds happy.


If you know of a great story, share it with us at a new page within our My.Calgarystampede website, a site created in the centennial year as a repository for sharing great stories within the community. A Best Buds page has been added, and is waiting for your Best Buds Horse Tales.

Submissions can be emailed to .

Check out the submission guidelines at  or read the stories being submitted at

Looking forward to sharing more Best Buds Horse Love through-out 2014 and beyond.


What do you see when you see this picture?

Internationally famous counselor and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer is famous for saying “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – his reminder to remain soft and open in how you view the world and to be open to changing your mindset.

This immediately came to my mind in relation the story of the well-loved dog that travels with his owners to the Stampede – a family that raises and shows draft horses. The horses are hitched up in a team of eight to parade at the Calgary Stampede each year. It’s a busy time with a lot of activity. This dog, like others, likes to nap. Like most dogs, he has a favorite spot. His favorite spot happens to be in a quiet stall atop fresh woodchips, undoubtedly scenting his slumbers with the woodsy smell of days spent romping through the trees on the ranch that is his home. Pretty darn good life for anyone – man or beast, wouldn’t you think?

The Calgary Stampede posted an image of this napping dog to its Facebook page on a cold Monday morning this January, with the caption “Hit like if this is how you feel this morning.”

What I see when I look at this image: a well-cared-for dog, wearing a bright and clean coat with a clean collar, who has found himself a quiet spot and a bed a fresh wood chips to snuggle up on and have a snooze. The door to this bright, clean stall is open. It’s obviously a horse stall (and an immaculate stall, at that!) The dog is free to come and go, but has found this to be a sweet quiet secret spot for a nap.


Hundreds of people clicked “like”. However, I was surprised to see this image elicited a few critical comments, a sad reminder there are people who may see the world through rage-coloured glasses that do, indeed, change the things they look at.

I ask myself who could imagine this image depicts animal abuse or neglect anymore than a snapshot of solo dog napping on grass? Where is the basis for statements this depicts “a helpless animal confined from family and nature”? What reasonable person would shout “shame on the Stampede” “this photo is just sad” and say “this picture is just wrong”?

At the risk of being accused of wearing rose-coloured glasses, I am baffled at how anyone could choose to view this image that way. I choose to recognize the wisdom in Wayne Dyer’s words and pause to consider before jumping to conclusions. And I will dream wistfully of the smell of woodchips and a soft nap on a cold January morning.




Winter Showband Performances

Everyone loves watching the Calgary Stampede Showband perform in the Calgary Stampede Parade and on the Saddledome Steps during the 10-day festival, but many don’t know that the Showband rehearses and performs in the community year round. During these cold winter months there are still many opportunities to appreciate the hard work that these 120 students invest in music and performance excellence. Below, learn about the Showband’s winter guard, indoor percussion and concert band activities and show your support at one of their upcoming performances!

Winter Guard 2013Winter guard is an indoor colour guard activity performed to recorded music. The Showband’s colour guard performs at judged competitions throughout Alberta, showcasing their precision and creativity through choreographed dance performance using equipment including the traditional flags, rifles, sabres, and other props. This year, the Showband’s winter guard show is called “A Woman’s World” and takes a humorous twist on this 1955 Good Housekeeping article. Featuring music from strong female artists, the winter guard show pokes fun at antiquated ideas about a woman’s place.

Indoor percussion (also called winter drumline) is an indoor percussion and marching activity featuring the Showband’s marching percussion section (called the battery) and front ensemble (called the pit) which combine music, marching and theatre to capture their audiences’ attention. The Showband’s winter drumline also travels throughout Alberta to compete in judged competitions. This year’s show is called “Storm” and evokes wind, rain, thunder, lightning and destruction.

Drumline 2013Concert band is the one time that you’ll find the Showband sitting still! In concert band, the Showband woodwind, brass and percussion sections perform challenging and diverse music that pushes the envelope of what a marching band traditionally does. In addition to showcasing the multifaceted nature of the Showband, participation in concert band activities contributes to the further education of its members. Over the past decade, the Showband has won the Gold Award for Community Concert Bands from the Alberta International Band Festival (AIBF) eight times and has won the award for Most Outstanding Community Concert Band seven times. This year, the Showband’s concert band repertoire includes “To Tame the Perilous Skies” by David Holsinger, “Giligia” by Alfred Reed, and “The Soul Has Many Motions” by John Mackey.

Concert band 2013

Upcoming performances include:

February 1 – Winter Guard and Drumline Performance in Magrath, AB

Feb. 2 – Concert Band Performance (Community Celebration) at the Rosza Centre

Feb. 8 & 9 – Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion Competition hosted by Bishop Grandin High School

Feb. 22 – Winter Guard performance in Edmonton

Feb. 16 – Arts in Motion (hosted by CS Showband) at Henry Wisewood High School

Feb. 23 – AIBF Performance at the Rosza Centre

Follow the @ShowbandCS on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for more performance details!

2014 Calendar Photo Contest

We’re looking for the final photo for our 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar and need your help finding it. Submit your photos of a past Stampede and your photo could end up in our calendar!


How to enter:
Between November 12 and 23, share your photos on our Facebook wall ( with a brief description. Your original photo submission must be at least 11in x 8.5in (3300px x 2550px) at 300 dpi to be considered for the selection in the 2014 calendar.

On November 25 the top 5 photos submitted will be put in a photo album and we’ll ask the community to like their favourite photo. At 5pm MST on November 27, the photograph with the most likes will be the winning shot and will be featured in our 2014 calendar.

The winner will receive photo credits in the 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar as well as a pair of Evening Show tickets and a $50 Stampede Store gift card.*Terms and conditions apply.

Calendar Cover final

Purchase the 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar here. 

Ticket Scavenger Hunt

2014 Calgary Stampede tickets on sale

How would you like to be the first person to have tickets to the 2014 Calgary Stampede? On Saturday, October 5 we will be hiding tickets around downtown Calgary for our fans and followers to find. All you have to do is decipher the clues that we will be putting out on Twitter ( and find the tickets. You might just find the grand prize which includes Infield Rodeo tickets as well as a $100 Stampede store gift card and Chute tour.

The greatest tickets to The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth go on sale Monday, October 7.

Animal Q and A launched on Stampede website

Animals are at the heart of the Calgary Stampede, and have been for its entire 101-year history. Stampede events and programs involve horses, cattle, bulls and other livestock, showcasing how society interacts with animals. A lot has changed in 101 years, both from a livestock handling point of view and the public’s connection with livestock animals.


Continue reading

Win A VIP Experience for your family at the Mini Chucks!

Photo Credit: Bill Marsh

Hi Calgary!

Now that we’ve finally got some sunshine, there’s no reason to shy away from Stampede park!

We are looking for a family to join us as we take in the Mini Chuckwagon races at the Big Top Thursday, July 11. Since these guys are a Mini version of the other wagons that will be running that night (for the GMC Rangeland Derby), we’ll need to make sure your family includes some little Buckaroos 6 and under. (They may just have the opportunity to sit on a wagon themselves! ) Don’t let the size of the horses and wagons fool you, this event is just as action packed as the big rigs!

The winning family will be treated to a once in a lifetime unique experience which will include gate entry, a VIP seating section for the Mini Chucks, and most of all- bragging rights as being an ‘advertiser’ to their wagon of choice!

Enter online by commenting on the blog post below, OR follow us on Twitter @CS_NGC and include the hashtag #CSAG101 in your tweet telling us why you think your family has what it takes to be a Chuckwagon advertiser.

We’ll choose our winning family at random by noon tomorrow- you’ll need to be available to meet us at the entry gates of your choice at 6pm tomorrow evening (July 11).

Hope you’re all enjoying #stampede101 and be sure to keep on sharing your own unique experiences with us on Twitter.


Photo Credit: Bill Marsh

Who is Hungry for Stampede 101?!

As Stampede staff we are asked each year for suggestions on what to eat on Park and where. We have our own favourites, but no official list to note them, no “Jillian’s Picks’ or ‘Lindsey’s Favourites’.  This is where the brand new Stampede Foodies team and categories come in! This team of Foodies will eat their way around Stampede Parks and tweet, Instagram and Vine their findings, in the end voting for their favourite food of the day.  The team, made up of 15 has been hand selected to rove the park, testing a new category of food each day to select their favourites.  The daily winning food will be announced on the Stampede Facebook page each day around 4:00 pm. The categories embrace the variety of the foods you can find on the Park and allow us to have a little fun

bacon ear

Best Food on a Stick
Just as it sounds! A day devoted to the crazy foods we put on sticks, from pizza to pork chops.

Best Deep Fried Food
At Stampede we love all things deep fried, so why not put our Foodies to task to finding out what is better deep fried.

Best International Flavour
With visitors from around the world we welcome the chance to taste our way through different international favourites.

Best Alternative Food Option
Not everything on Park is fried or coated in chocolate!  We have selected foods that are allergy sensitive or healthier options for our Foodies to put to the test.

Best Refreshment
There is nothing like a nice, cool beverage on a hot summer day, so we’re sipping our way to our favourite refreshment.

Best Sweet Treat
The ultimate category for those with a sweet tooth, the Foodies will test their sugar levels by sampling the best sweets we have to offer.

Best Food Between Buns
At Stampede burgers and sandwiches come in all forms, including inside a donut, so we are letting our tastebuds do the talking for the best between buns.

Best Value
Each day we are selecting our favourite flavour, as well as creating a list of the best value options on Park, which we will sample once more on the final Foodie day to find the Best Value option.

Who are these judges anyway and how were they selected?

We asked that any interested staff or Committee volunteer member submit a food resume that showcased their creativity, social media prowess and enthusiasm for all things food. The entries were as unique and artistic as the group itself, including an #omnomnom ‘movie trailer’; a live, in office, theatre performance;  a food scrapbook; and a story all about corn dogs, to name a few.

The Foodies will be using the hashtags #CSFoodie and #omnomnom in their posts, so keep an eye out for their suggestions!

The 15 brave foodies taking on the flavours of Stampede are:

Colleen Bishop Event Coordinator, Sales & Event Management
Kerri Logan People Services Advisor (Instagram: @KerriLogan)
Jillian Cook Assistant Coordinator, Midway Programming (Instagram and twitter: @jilliancook3)
Sarah Rivest Park Development and Native Programming Coordinator (twitter: @sarahjrivest)
Jen Mayuga Marketing Coordinator (Instagram: @magugz)
Skiles Hornig Communications Advisor
Patricia Hoy (Larson) Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (twitter: @stampedenomnom)
Mark Brennan Volunteer, Social Media, Promotion Committee
Patrick Jackson Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (Instagram and twitter: @stampedecuisine)
Reg Tiangha Volunteer, Promotion Committee (twitter: @regtiangha)
Myra Sanders Volunteer, Historical Committee (Instagram and twitter: @myrapeipei)
Barb Drake Volunteer, Western Showcase
Jill Cross Volunteer, Public Art Committee (twitter: @JillMCross)             
Shauna DeMaere Volunteer, Western Showcase  (Instagram and twitter: @shaunademaere)
Karen Evans Volunteer, Window on the West Committee

So follow along as we experience Stampede 101 the CS Foodie way!


Written by:

Lindsey Kendrick (Instagram and twitter: @elleaykay)

Jillian Cook

WIN a behind the scenes look at the Indian Village Presented by PennWest Exploration

Indian Village Presented by PennWest Exploration

Hi Calgary!!

How have you been enjoying your 101st Calgary Stampede so far?

It is truly so exciting to be entering into our second Century together.

In light of the recent events that have transpired thru our great province these past few weeks, we wanted to give an opportunity for one lucky group of four to have a reprieve from the cleanup and other stresses.

Do you know someone that needs a small break to enjoy some of what #stampede101 has to offer? We’re looking for a group of four- a family, bunch of friends, you name it- we want to host you for a behind the scenes look at the Indian Village presented by PennWest Exploration (You’ll also receive 4 gate passes to get on park, and once you’re done with the tour there’s so much more for you to discover on your own!)

It’s easy to enter- either:

1-      Leave a comment below the blog post with some background info on why you are nominating someone (or yourself) for this prize.

2-      Reach out to us on Twitter by following us @CS_NGC and tagging your message with #CSAG101 with the same background info!

We’ll cap the contest entries after Monday, July 8 at 9pm so that the lucky winners have time to organize themselves to be free on Wednesday, July 10 at 5:45-7:00pm for the tour. (Again, after that the night is yours!)

Best of luck to all- we look forward to hearing from you!


Come Visit us at Lilac Fest on Sunday!

Lilac Festival is coming up on Sunday, May 26th, along with another chance to win some great prizes from the Calgary Stampede’s Next Generation Committee.

This fantastic, FREE one day celebration of culture and community has been entertaining Calgarians for 24 years, with lots to see and do for all ages!


Make sure you stop by our booth, which will be located near the Roots store on 4th Street just passed 17th Avenue, where you can get the inside scoop on how to make the most of your Calgary Stampede experience this July 5-14!

Continue reading

Aggie Days: Free Fun for the Whole Family

Looking for something to do with the kids next weekend?  Pop over to Aggie Days at the BMO Centre on Stampede Park on Sat, April 13 and Sun, April 14. This FREE annual event is guaranteed to be a fun day for the entire family.

Aggie Days

If your kids love animals you won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to see more than 100,000 square feet of agricultural exhibits with cows, sheep, and horses; plus farmers, ranchers, blacksmiths and more.

Attendees will get to try hands-on activities like cow milking, seed planting, and watch sheep shearing and stock dog demonstrations.

CS Aggie Days

As much of our society becomes further removed from life on the farm it’s important to preserve the rural-urban connection, and ensure the next generation knows where the items they purchase at the grocery store come from.

“Aggie Days is committed to educating children and adults about agriculture through unique and interactive displays,” says Connie James, Chair of the Agriculture Education committee. “It is an industry that we depend on heavily; however, so many people are unfamiliar with it. Aggie Days gives children and adults the opportunity to make a connection between the food they eat and the farms that grow it.”

bolo ties

Stop by the Next Generation Committee’s display where kids can hand-craft their very own bolo tie, and parents can get the inside scoop on how to make the most of your Calgary Stampede experience this July!

Plus, we’ll have details about our amazing contest for those who are on Twitter and Instagram, with multiple chances to win some amazing prizes between now and Stampede.


More information on Aggie Days can be found here2013-aggie-days-floor-plan