32 NEW foods to hit the Calgary Stampede Midway

                                Are you ready to become the ultimate food champion? 

This year we asked our food vendors to let their imaginations run wild and to create some of the craziest foods we’ve ever had. They have stepped up to the plate like never before, with 32 NEW foods!

The 2014 New Food list brings a combination of some fair food classics and others that set out to test your mind and stomach. Do you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Food Champion?

Challenge: Accepted



Almost 2ft. Long Sausage

This sausage takes “jumbo” to a whole new level! Just imagine being served a sausage served up on a fresh toasted French baguette that comes in at nearly two feet! Corn Dog - Fhat Dawgs

Bacon Wrapped Corn

A cowboy’s corn on the cob – Corn on the cob wrapped in a piece of smoked bacon and served with sweet maple syrup butter.Bacon Corn On the Cob

Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly – On a Stick!

Delicious roasted pork belly wrapped in perfectly sizzled and crisp bacon, and conveniently served on a stick!161886 _studioshoot _GMK_

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

A barbecued hot dog wrapped in crispy bacon and served with grilled onions and bell peppers on a soft bun.Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ Skillets

A delicious blend of savory, onions, bell peppers, Cowboy Potatoes, and sausage with just the right amount of seasoning added then cooked to perfection on a large 48 inch paella pan.BBQ Skillet

Garlic Chicken Kebabs

Tender barbecued garlic chicken and fresh veggies served kebab style; this is a summer BBQ favourite.Kabobs - Big Bubbas Bad BBQ

Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough – On a Stick!

Balls of rolled cookie dough, dipped in chocolate, hardened to the perfect temperature and served on a stick!Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough on a Stick - Fiddle Sticks

Tokyo Teriyaki & Shanghai Sweet Chili Corn Dog

This chicken corndog has returned from Asian with two corndog twists – Tokyo Teriyaki and Shanghai Sweet Chili!Sweet Chili Corn Dog

Creole Cajun Chicken Po’ Boy Sandwich

A traditional Louisiana submarine sandwich served with spicy creole Cajun chicken and dressed with cooling coleslaw.Creole Cajun Chicken Po Boy - Mardi Gras Grill

Crocodile Sliders

Looking for adventure? This exotic crocodile patty is served on a bite sized bun with lettuce and tomatoes. Crikey!Crocodile Sliders

Deep Fried Cheesies

Take the classic crunch of aged cheddar cheesies and coat it in a light doughy batter and deep fry it.Deep Fried Cheezie

Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Rolled cookie dough is dipped in pastry batter and deep fried. This treat is a childhood dreams come true!Deep Fried Cookie Dough - Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Deep Fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers

The name says it all. Two melt-in-your-mouth donuts stacked together with a burger, cheese and bacon served in-between!Deep Fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers - Fried Veggies & Specialty Burgers 2

Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

A deep friend snack made of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, dipped in batter and deep fried!Deep Fried Reese's Pieces - Deep Fried Treats & Funnel Cakes

Deep Fried Sushi

This is a unique twist on a traditional Sushi roll. It’s breaded in Japanese Panko with a drizzle of creamy Cusabi sauce and Green Onions.Sushi Crunch - Joey's Urban

Flower Cotton Candy

This cotton candy is a unique experience for everyone; watch your cotton candy be spun into a beautiful flower. Each stick is unique and considered a piece of art.Flower Cotton Candy - Billbrooke Concessions

Fried Pickle Pizza

Slivers of pickles chips, deep fried, and placed on top of a bed of cheesy pizza.Fried Pickle Pizza - Pizza on a Stick

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Spicy dry-rubbed Jamaican chicken is served with traditional Jamaican style rice and freshly tossed salad.Back Camera

Juicys Full Rack Ribs

Mouthwatering full rack barbecued ribs are ready to be roped in at the Outlaw Grill.Full Rack of Ribs

Kawabanga Corn Dog

This isn’t your average corn dog. Take a delicious giant sausage, put it on a stick, dip it in corn batter and deep fry it.corn-dog-111

Million Dollar Baby Mac & Cheese

Freshly made gourmet macaroni and cheese, infused with white truffle oil. Topped with sautéed crab meat and sundried tomatoes, then finished with a drizzle of balsamic glaze.Million Dollar Baby Mac & Cheese

Papri Tot

An infusion of Indian and Western takes the tater tot to a whole new level. Layers of tater tots topped with pico, dates, tamarind chutney and sweet yoghurt.Papri Tot - Naaco Truck

Polish Poutine

Just think crispy fries and rich brown gravy all topped with pan fried potato and cheddar cheese perogies with loads of fresh sour cream, crispy bacon and caramelized onion. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper, take a bite and you’re hooked.Polish Poutine

Porcupine Corn Dog

A hotdog is skewered, deep fried in corn batter, and then rolled in French fries. These French fries make the corndog look just like a porcupine!Porcupine Corn Dog - Wiggle Chips

Poutine Burger

Why order a side dish when you can have it all in one? It’s a juicy burger stacked with fries, drenched in gravy and cheese curds, and topped with a Kaiser bun.Poutine Burger - Pizza and Burgers

Red Velvet Mini Donuts

Everyone’s Midway favourite has a new twist! These mini donuts are made of moist red velvet cake batter and warm cream cheese glazing.Red Velvet Mini Donuts - Mini Donuts

Scorpion Pizza

This pizza is for the most daring of foodies. Add a little crunch to your pizza topping with a few seasoned scorpions – if you dare!Scorpion Pizza - Pizza on a Stick 1

Skittles Candy Apple

Get ready for a sugar rush- your favourite classic candy apple is coated with a deep red candy coating and rolled in Skittles.Skittles Candy Apple

Tequila Fries

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FRIES! These fresh cut fries have a hint of zesty lime and a zap of tequila.  This is one tequila decision you won’t regret. Tequila Fries

Thai Noodle Wrap

Choose from chicken, beef or vegetable protein, sautéed with a combination of fresh veggies and Thai style steamed noodles. When hot and ready, a sweet and savory Thai sauce is added and finished off with a garnish of crunchy bean sprouts and cilantro.Thai Noodle  Wrap

Turkey Dinner Poutine

The full turkey dinner- thick slices of turkey meat, mashed potatoes, cranberries, peas and delicious gravy all on a bed of poutine.Turkey Dinner Poutine - Mardis Gras Grill

Vicious Fish – On a Stick!

They shook it up and dunked Joey’s famous fish in Frank’s RedHot sauce. You’ll delight in the hand-battered fried fish on a stick, served a bed of fries. Extra sauces are available for those who like it extra hot.

Vicious Fish on a Stick Official

Join us on Sneak-a-Peek, Thursday July 3, in Weadickville at 7 p.m. to see which vendor gets awarded with the Best New Food on the Midway!


Written by:

James Radke, midway operations manager

Jillian Cook, project coordinator

Reggie’ll Try It: Bang for Your Buck


Determining what’s good bang-for-your-buck is always difficult, no matter what the discipline. Do you look solely at price, or do you also give consideration to other factors such as quality, amount of product received or ease of use?

One of my favourite places on Park during Stampede time is Weadickville, especially the Weston Bakery. Their $2.50 sausage rolls as well as 2 for $2 cheese sticks and various pepperoni sticks have gotten me through many a Stampede. You can also find $2 waters in Weadickville as well as $2 Frosters from Mac’s. For under $5, you can have yourself a very satisfying lunch. To me, that’s good value.

There’s also value to be had out on the Midway, although with the sheer number of items sold out there, it’s sometimes hard to find the true gems. For today’s #CSFoodie challenge, we were tasked with finding the Best Value on the Midway and were instructed to sample 9-10 items that might fit the bill, many of them previous contenders for various categories this year. The Fried Chicken Poutine from Waffles and Chix ended up walking away with the honours, but what about the rest?

Because good value is subjective, the series of reviews in this edition of Reggie’ll Try It! will be a bit different. Instead of rating the food, I’ll just offer my opinions on why these foods may offer a good bang-for-your-buck and leave it up to you whether or not you agree. Either way, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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Sweet Eats and Tasty Treats!

Snacking on Stampede Park is what I imagine being two inches tall, standing in a fully stocked refrigerator would be like. There is so much, so brightly colored. Everywhere you look there are snacks, and eats and some tasty treats. Yesterday’s #CSFoodie challenge was sweets, and oh boy was it sweet! The overall winner was deep fried pies. While I don’t necessarily agree with this opinion I can respect it. 009

The pies were  $9 and the caramel drizzled on top was a little sweet for me. However the portion was a good lunch (if any one person can eat that much sugar) and they were quite pretty. I gave the pies a 3/5.

019My overall favorite of the day was the deep-fried Oreos. Growing up in the Netherlands I grew accustomed to pancake houses where these small bite-size pancakes called “Poffertjs” were served, covered in a layer of icing sugar and sometimes with chocolate sauce drizzled over top. Bearing in mind that I haven’t had these delectable little pieces of gold in nine years, these Poffertjs are what the deep fried Oreo’s tasted like to me. They are portable and pretty and the serving size is good. For these reasons I give the deep-fried Oreo’s a 4.5/5.

002I think the Pineapple Whip would be nice in the sun on a really hot day. There are different varieties around the park, one was more of a snow cone and the other was a soft ice cream type food. I ordered the small and I promise you I could not have eaten all of it before it melted. Despite the fact that $5 seemed a bit much for a “small” I gave the Pineapple Whip a 3.5/5.

023The deep-fried cheesecake, I suspect, would go over very well in the middle of a rainstorm. It almost reminded me of an overstuffed crepe. The portion was smaller but it suited the flavor, I would rate the deep-fried cheese cake a 3/5.

013The caramel apple is good any time. By the time we got this far down the list, it was nice to have some fruit. If you had eaten all the other stuff on the list in the previous 45 min, before we got to the apple, you would be glad for it too. The portions vs price was good. $3 for a caramel apple is as good a sweet/healthy value as you are likely to find on the park.

In addition to the foods I have already talked about, we tried: dessert fries, a strawberry elephant ear, an Oreo sundae, red velvet funnel cake, B52 fudge and Cinnamon Bear fudge. All in all the snacks were pretty good especially if you are willing to risk a cavity or three!

Reggie’ll Try It: Cool Refreshments!


Right now, the long range forecast for the rest of Stampede 101 reads nothing but warm temperatures and sunny skies (knock on wood!). That means it’ll get hot down on Park, so what better way to beat the heat than with some cool refreshment from the Stampede Midway?

Today’s #CSFoodie challenge was to find the Best Refreshment on Park. Sugar Creek Kettle Corn Co. won it for their Lemonade Shake Up, but what else can be found on the Midway? Here are my thoughts on some of the things we were asked to look at in this edition of Reggie’ll Try It!

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Reggie’ll Try It: Alternative Choices!


We all know that those who wish to be considered true Stampede Foodies must abandon all fear, shame and hope to fit into last week’s pants if they are to survive the delicious temptations out on the Stampede Midway.

And while it’s true that there are many savoury, succulent and sugar-filled treats out there, did you know that there are also many healthier options as well? Items that are tailored for those who may have food sensitivities or just want to try a lifestyle change with their diets? Things that are not necessarily deep-fried? Shocking, I know.

Today’s #CSFoodie challenge was to find the Best Alternative Choice on the Stampede Midway, and we had to eat our way through a few of the non-traditional (for lack of a better term) options out on the grounds. Wrap Daddy’s ended up taking the official honours for their Gluten Free Chicken Wrap, but what about the other items? Here are my thoughts on some of the things we were asked to sample in this edition of Reggie’ll Try It!

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Reggie’ll Try It: International Flavour Edition!


For Stampede 101, I’m privileged to be chosen as one of this year’s volunteer Midway Food Judges. As a group, we’re responsible for choosing the “Best” foods out of specific categories from what’s available on the Stampede Midway.

Today, we were tasked with determining “Best International Flavour” for 2013. The Naaco TNT by The Naaco Truck ended up winning the honours this year, but how did the other food fair?

Fellow Stampede blogger Sky’s posted a great recap, but did I agree with the verdict? Disagree? Submitted for your consideration are my thoughts on the matter in this special edition of Reggie’ll Try It! where I put my life on the line so you don’t have to!

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Stampede Foodies: Best International Flavour

One of the many perks of volunteering or working for the Stampede is that you can apply to be a food judge and taste everything on the Midway. This year, there are 15 food judges who are going to report back to you on all of the mouth-watering goodness out on Stampede Park. DSCF8335

Today, we tasted for International Flavours and here’s what was on the list: Burrito Grande from Mexican Food; Malasysian Peanut Chicken Noodle Box from SaltSpring Noodle; Chicken Schnitzel from Chicken Schnitzel; Chicken Souvlaki on Pita from Greek Food; Flautus from Los Compadres; Lamb Donair from Skewers Authentic Wraps; Sesame Chicken Noodle from Wok This Way and the Naaco TNT from the Naaco Truck.


We rated the foods on Taste, Portability/Presentation and Value. If it was all about the food stand, I’d have to say the Naaco food truck was a doll in its orange and purple and pretty fonts.DSCF8337

What the heck is a Naaco? you ask. Well I think it’s naan meets taco. Whatever it was it was #omnomnom and it looked so pretty too. Wrapped up in fake old newspaper–such a nice touch. Love the little wooden stick too. Bonus points Naaco!



Here’s the noodle box. Love the little chinese food takeout box with chopsticks. Can’t argue with that presentation. There’s a reason this design has been in fashion since take out was invented. (When was take out invented?)

The lamb donair was a favourite. (How could one person eat all this food? I had to share it with my team. Together, we danced our taste buds around the world.)DSCF8339

The biggest surprise? The chicken schnitzel! What is chicken schnitzel? I still don’t know. It has chicken in it! And it’s delicious. Schnitzel is the best word ever. And I think that’s all you need to know.

And the winner is…Naaco food truck!!!

Who is Hungry for Stampede 101?!

As Stampede staff we are asked each year for suggestions on what to eat on Park and where. We have our own favourites, but no official list to note them, no “Jillian’s Picks’ or ‘Lindsey’s Favourites’.  This is where the brand new Stampede Foodies team and categories come in! This team of Foodies will eat their way around Stampede Parks and tweet, Instagram and Vine their findings, in the end voting for their favourite food of the day.  The team, made up of 15 has been hand selected to rove the park, testing a new category of food each day to select their favourites.  The daily winning food will be announced on the Stampede Facebook page each day around 4:00 pm. The categories embrace the variety of the foods you can find on the Park and allow us to have a little fun

bacon ear

Best Food on a Stick
Just as it sounds! A day devoted to the crazy foods we put on sticks, from pizza to pork chops.

Best Deep Fried Food
At Stampede we love all things deep fried, so why not put our Foodies to task to finding out what is better deep fried.

Best International Flavour
With visitors from around the world we welcome the chance to taste our way through different international favourites.

Best Alternative Food Option
Not everything on Park is fried or coated in chocolate!  We have selected foods that are allergy sensitive or healthier options for our Foodies to put to the test.

Best Refreshment
There is nothing like a nice, cool beverage on a hot summer day, so we’re sipping our way to our favourite refreshment.

Best Sweet Treat
The ultimate category for those with a sweet tooth, the Foodies will test their sugar levels by sampling the best sweets we have to offer.

Best Food Between Buns
At Stampede burgers and sandwiches come in all forms, including inside a donut, so we are letting our tastebuds do the talking for the best between buns.

Best Value
Each day we are selecting our favourite flavour, as well as creating a list of the best value options on Park, which we will sample once more on the final Foodie day to find the Best Value option.

Who are these judges anyway and how were they selected?

We asked that any interested staff or Committee volunteer member submit a food resume that showcased their creativity, social media prowess and enthusiasm for all things food. The entries were as unique and artistic as the group itself, including an #omnomnom ‘movie trailer’; a live, in office, theatre performance;  a food scrapbook; and a story all about corn dogs, to name a few.

The Foodies will be using the hashtags #CSFoodie and #omnomnom in their posts, so keep an eye out for their suggestions!

The 15 brave foodies taking on the flavours of Stampede are:

Colleen Bishop Event Coordinator, Sales & Event Management
Kerri Logan People Services Advisor (Instagram: @KerriLogan)
Jillian Cook Assistant Coordinator, Midway Programming (Instagram and twitter: @jilliancook3)
Sarah Rivest Park Development and Native Programming Coordinator (twitter: @sarahjrivest)
Jen Mayuga Marketing Coordinator (Instagram: @magugz)
Skiles Hornig Communications Advisor
Patricia Hoy (Larson) Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (twitter: @stampedenomnom)
Mark Brennan Volunteer, Social Media, Promotion Committee
Patrick Jackson Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (Instagram and twitter: @stampedecuisine)
Reg Tiangha Volunteer, Promotion Committee (twitter: @regtiangha)
Myra Sanders Volunteer, Historical Committee (Instagram and twitter: @myrapeipei)
Barb Drake Volunteer, Western Showcase
Jill Cross Volunteer, Public Art Committee (twitter: @JillMCross)             
Shauna DeMaere Volunteer, Western Showcase  (Instagram and twitter: @shaunademaere)
Karen Evans Volunteer, Window on the West Committee

So follow along as we experience Stampede 101 the CS Foodie way!


Written by:

Lindsey Kendrick (Instagram and twitter: @elleaykay)

Jillian Cook

Come Dine With Us Calgary! Stampede Food Sensitivity Options

With all the new food we have on Park this year, it’s easy to forget about the great food options we have returning each year. Our food vendors not only strive to make some of the more outlandish foods available, they also understand that many of our guests have unique dietary needs. Whether you are looking for gluten sensitive, lactose free or something a little lighter, we’ve got your back.

Maybe you’re watching what you eat, or simply looking for a healthy break between deep fried delicacies, either way, you’ve got choices.  You can head over to Wrap Daddy’s to pick up one of their cone shaped wraps, try out a noodle box from SaltSpring Noodle Bar or stop by Los Compadres for their Esquites, a returning favourite!

EPSON DSC picture

For those looking to avoid gluten or dairy on the Midway you have many options, including the baked beans from Bush’s Baked Beans, fries from Fresh Cut Fries, beef bacon and eggs from Canadian Beef Bacon or maybe a large dose of protein with a giant turkey drumstick from Swenson Faz’ Smoked Turkey Drumstick booth.


Some locations on Park, like The Naaco Truck and Avatara Pizza, are able to cater to almost all dietary needs with gluten sensitive, lactose free and vegetarian options in their menu. Make your meal gluten sensitive at Avatara with the gluten sensitive crust or change out the naan bread at The Naaco Truck.


We want everyone to be able to enjoy the many things the Stampede offers, including the cuisine we have on the Midway. Stop by the Stampede this summer to try some of the options we have for you, and let us start the second century together!

Written by:
Lindsey Kendrick
Jillian Cook

Together we Ride Again! Stampede 101

With Stampede 101 just around the corner, there is a lot to be excited about! Thinking about all this excitement reminds me of all the adrenaline pumping rides that all thrill-seekers can find on the Midway. One of the best parts of summer, besides Stampede of course, is when you’re driving around town and you see the convoy of Midway rides coming down the road! That’s always been the sign that Stampede is just around the corner. I know we’re not quite there yet, and the roads are still “ride convoy” free, but it’s hard not to get excited when it’s only 56 days away!


Photo Credit: Shane Kuhn


With all that being said, when you’re planning your Stampede visit, you should know there are rides, games and thrills for people of all ages and for all thrill-tolerance levels! So whether you’re looking for the heart pounding, brain scrambling, extreme thrill, or the light-hearted, smile instilling, mild ride, there is something for you!

We’re lucky enough to work with our Midway partner, North American Midway Entertainment (N.A.M.E), to bring you some of the best rides to the Midway. N.A.M.E is the world’s largest travelling outdoor amusement park, which serves over 15 million fairgoers every year in 4 provinces and 20 American states. For Stampede, N.A.M.E brings the main Midway rides, games and several food concessions. They also bring the Kids’ Midway, which is perfect for the mini thrill-seekers! You can check out the rides and the “Size Wize” program on their website at www.namidway.com


Photo Credit: Tye Carson


For those of you who soared across the Park on the Centennial Zip Line last year, you’ll have to try out some other sky-high rides, as it was only for the Centennial celebration. However, we’ve got a new ride coming to town! The brand new Mach 3 is a tummy tumbler, with two sets of seats mounted back-to-back on each end of a 37 metre arm. Each four-seat assembly can swing a full 360 degrees while in rotation. Once Mach 3 begins, you better hold on tight because the arm will rotate up to 13 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5g on the riders! It might be a little daring for me, but maybe Space Cowboy Commander Hadfield will be up for the challenge?  You can check out the new Mach 3 in action by visiting N.A.M.E. on Facebook.


Photo Credit: N.A.M.E.


For your riding entertainment the newest rollercoaster, Outlaw (named after the famous bull), that premiered for our Centennial, will be returning! Riders will need to raise their hands as they blast out of the chutes, dipping and twisting, much like the famed Stampede Outlaw – who was considered one of the rankest animals in the world of rodeo.


Photo Credit: Bill Marsh


Some of our independent vendors will also be bringing your favourites like the Skyscraper Two, the Slingshot and the Eurobungy. If extreme rides aren’t your thing, you can plan a trip on some of the Midway classics like the Ferris wheel and WestJet Sky Ride!

If you want to save some money, and who doesn’t, you can pick up a Stampede Midway Card, available exclusively at Safeway until Thursday, July 4th. There are two card options available, which offer over 20% in ride savings! The first card is the 56 Coupons card, which is valid on all 10 days of Stampede. The second card option is a Ride All Day card, which is valid only on weekdays and only for the day it is activated. Another perk of these cards, is that if your feet get tired and you want to zip across Park, they can be used for the WestJet Sky Ride!


Advance Midway 1Midway


After writing about all of these cool rides and experiences, I have one more ride related topic that I want to mention. The Queens’ Alumni Committee together with Southland Transportation has this really great program called Giddy-Up Grits. This is a program which provides a morning of Stampede fun for children with special needs.

The experience includes a pancake breakfast (Yum!), clowns and jugglers, free rides in the Kids’ Midway and on select main Midway rides, mascots and celebrities, a petting zoo, Superdog tickets, and FUN! This event is invite only, but if you or someone you know is interested in participating, you can email queensalumni@calgarystampede.com for more information.


Photo Credit: Shane Kuhn


I hope you enjoyed reading about all of the rides and ride programs, and are getting as excited as I am!

Ps. Did you know that it takes less than 2 seconds to drop 130 feet on the Mega Drop Tower?

Photo Credit: Mike Ridewood

Written by:

Jillian Cook

Lindsey Kendrick

Time to let you in on the secret! NEW food on the Midway 2013

If you are anything like me you have been anxiously awaiting the day when we share the news about all things food at this year’s Stampede. This is the day when you start planning your trip to Stampede based solely on where your stomach and nose will take you. You may even start training for the feast that awaits you this July. I have some words of wisdom: if you don’t have an addiction to bacon, you will; and if you are watching your figure, get over it for ten days.

After a great Centennial year, everyone has been asking “what’s next”? Never willing to back down from a challenge, at Stampede 101 you will get to enjoy the first ever Calgary Stampede Food Truck Rally and a nearly doubled New Food on the Midway list.

18 of Calgary’s favourite food trucks will be rollin’ onto Park on July 11-13. They are rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to cook you up some of their best dishes. Express your love for food and release your inner Foodie by visiting the favourite local food trucks on Park.

2013 is a record breaking year for new food, with an unprecedented 31 items! There is sure to be something new for every Stampede food fan, from delicious International flavours to downright daring offerings.

Taking deep fried to a new level. Of Awesome.

Our food vendors are always looking to try to turn everyday food on its head. Usually this involves some form of deep frying and 2013 is no exception

Double Bacon Corndog

Double Bacon C Dog 2  A hot dog is wrapped in bacon, deep fried, dipped in real bacon bit infused batter, deep fried again and served with maple syrup and more bacon bits.

Sweet Corn Corndog

Fresh sweet corn is husked, cut off the cob and added to traditional corndog batter to create a fresh twist on an old favourite.

Banana Bacon Ear

Elephant Ear on a stcik Elephant ear dough is wrapped around bacon and bananas, deep fried and served on a stick.

            Deep Fried Pickled Beans

            Continuing the pickle craze, green beans are pickled, battered and deep fried.

Deep Fried Butter

            The old adage that calories don’t count during Stampede is put to the test with this treat. Cubes of butter are tightly wrapped in homemade pie crust before being deep fried to perfection.

Deep Fried Pie

Deep Fried PieHomemade pie crust is filled with your choice of pie filling before it is wrapped, deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Soft service ice cream is available to top it all off.

Deep Fried Doritos

Deep fried dorito 1A deep fried snack made of Doritos, beer and bacon, could it get any better? Doritos are dipped in a beer batter, sprinkled with bacon bits and deep fried.

Deep Fried Bubble Gum

bubblegumDespite the name, deep fried bubble gum is not of the bubble blowing variety.  Puffy marshmallows are infused with bubble gum flavoring, dipped in a pink pastry batter and deep fried. The result is an unexpected gooey delight!

Deep Fried Avocado

Deep fried Avocado Pieces of avocado are coated in light tempura batter and deep fried.

Deep Fried Philly Cheesesteak Rollup

            The traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich, which gets rolled up and deep fried.

Chip DogChip DogNot your typical meat and potatoes. Take your hotdog on a stick and then surround it by spiral cut chips.


International Delights
With visitors from all over the world our list would be incomplete without a few International dishes. While some have remained true to tradition we couldn’t help throw a Stampede twist on a few.

Eggroll On a Stick

Egg role on a stickA Chinese favourite gets the Stampede treatment when we take a classic eggroll and serve it on a stick

Shrimp Chips

Shrimp Chips A mixture of shrimp and tapioca flour is rolled out, sliced, dried and then deep fried. A staple Asian snack!

Naaco TNT

            A sweet, salty, spicy, fresh & crunchy puffed rice based salad from India.  It is made by mixing a variety of vegetables, sauces/chutneys, spice powders, fresh herbs, lime and puffed rice together and serving it in a waffle cone.

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita PibilA pork taco with Adobe salsa, lime, red onions, habaneros (for the REAL Cowboy)

Flautas de Pollo

Flautos de pollo.Rolled chicken tacos that are deep friend and with sour cream, Lettuce and Salsa on top


Not your average sweet treats!
Got a serious sweet tooth? We’ll put it to the test with our combination of decadent desserts and unique treats.

Chocolate Dipped Jalapeno

JalapenoJust as it sounds. A jalapeno is dipped into chocolate to make for a sweet and spicy treat

Chocolate Covered Bacon

            Combining two of our favourite food groups, bacon is dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.

Frozen Yogurt

            This self-serve frozen treat comes with toppings galore. You are the boss of your yogurt destiny!

B52 Fudge

B52 Fudge 2Fudge with a buzz! Baileys fudge is topped with Grand Marnier fudge and then topped off with Kahlua fudge.

Chocolate Cinnamon Bear Fudge

            Cinnamon Bears are added to this crowd pleasing fudge to blend sweet and spicy.

Western Cake Pops

            Finally cake on a stick. Gooey chocolate cake shaped as cowboy boots and hats then dipped in milk chocolate. Giddy up!

Dessert Fries

            Home cut french fries are coated in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of special frosting dipping sauce.

Chocolate Bacon Fudge

            Bite into this decadent chocolate fudge and you will discover bacon bits that have been added to the mixture. Sweet and salty!

Chocolate Bacon Apple

            No fair is complete without a chocolate coated apple and Stampede is no exception. Roll that apple in bacon bits and you are on a new playing field.


Downhome Good Eats
Sometimes you just want some good ol’ fashioned home cooking but your mom is at Family Feud. Let us take care of the cooking for you!

Philly Cheesesteak

            Thinly sliced pieces of steak, sautéed onions and melted cheese are all served on a hoagie roll for this Philadelphia favourite.

Idaho Nachos

            Idaho’s version of nachos starts with waffle cut fries that are then topped up with all the fix’ins.

Godzilla Mac and Cheese

            Classic gourmet Mac and Cheese with a Japanese flair. ‘Reel Mac and Cheese’ is topped with Nori (roasted seaweed), teriyaki sauce and a squiggle of Japanese mayo. Arigoto.

Idaho Taco

            A jumbo Idahoan potato is baked, opened and then loaded to the brim with your favourite taco toppings.

Double smoked bacon wrapped cheese perogie skewer

            Pan fried perogies wrapped with double smoked bacon, skewered and served with a dollop of sour cream and chives

For those who dare!
Sometimes you have to show your friends who’s boss.  The best way I can think of involves an ounce of pickle juice served straight up.

Pickle Shooters

Think you have the stomach for it? Shots of pure pickle juice are available for those daring enough to try.

To help you plan your trip check out the New Food on the Midway map!

NEW food mapI will leave you with dreams of cake pops dancing in your head, but be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates on all things food for this year’s Stampede.

Written By:

Jillian Cook

Lindsey Kendrick

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

For your entertainment, I am sharing a few insights about the notable people I met during my Stampede experience.


Paul Brandt.

He’s down-to-earth. Instead of small talk and taking a quick photo, Paul made a point to ask his fans questions about their personal life. From his questions to his “thank you’s” he did not rush, truly appreciating that we were thrilled to meet him. It was amazing to see how Paul truly cared about who his fans were.

He graduated from Mount Royal – just like me! While talking, we realized we had something in common – our love for Mount Royal. He graduated from Nursing in 1992, and was hoping to eventually become a doctor – but then a record deal showed up!

He is ridiculously good looking.  (okay… maybe I already knew that!)

He loves his wife. When talking to Paul, I told him how I loved seeing his wife perform with him at the Saddle Up event. His eyes lit up at the mention of her. He expressed how he was thankful and excited he was to have her on stage with him. So cute.


Aaron Pritchett.

He parties hard. With singles such as “Hold My Beer” and “Let’s Get Rowdy”, I think this is quite obvious. But you need to see him perform to truly understand his love for partying – including shot-gunning countless beers on stage. Impressive.

He loves his band. I’ve never seen a performer engage and announce his band members as many times as he did. He also did not fail to let the ladies know his buddy on the keyboards was single. (Good to know!)

He is passionate about Canada. Born in British Colombia, his love for his country is obvious. The song he performed most passionately? “Oh Canada”. And he got the whole crowd to sing it with him.

He could be a comedian. My stomach hurt from laughing the next morning. This could be a great back up if his singing career doesn’t work out (yeah right!)


Terry Grant (previously called Man Tracker).

He volunteers. We met Terry when hanging out with the Racetrack Maintenance crew during the Chuckwagon races. He is a part of the Chuckwagon committee, and was busy overseeing the flow of the chuckwagon races. It was warming to hear about his passion for the Chuckwagon committee.

He’s not as scary as he looks. While many think he is mean after seeing him in his television show, Man Tracker, I am sure it’s staged. We saw a different side of Terry. He is a truly nice guy: calm, collective, and eloquent with his words.


Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

He’s not just a mayor, he’s a celebrity. It was hard to get a word in with Nenshi before and after the Century Zipline. Why? He was being bombarded with people who wanted to talk to him or get a photo with them. Calgarians love him.

He has fears. Before jumping on the Zipline, Nenshi shared with us a few fears. Yes, he was scared of the height of the Zipline, but most of all, he was afraid of getting stuck in the middle of it. That would have given us a good story (and laugh), but lucky for Nenshi, it never became an issue. 

Mike Casey. (pictured above)

He’s cool.  Picture this. A 60-something-year-old man who goes by Mike (not Michael nor Mr. Casey), who does not blink when it comes to Ziplining 180 feet over crowds of people. How cool is that?!

He can make friends with anyone. His charm can capture anyone’s attention as he chats with every single person he came across. Days after meeting him, he saw us milking a cow in front of a small crowd and made a point to say “hi!”.

His passion for the Calgary Stampede and Calgary is contagious. Mike beamed when he talked about Calgary, as well as the Calgary Stampede. He was excited about the Stampede’s centennial and everything it was bringing to the city. I left feeling warm and bubbly about Calgary and the Calgary Stampede.


Garth Brooks.

He is in love. (and oh man, is he ever!) I was touched by the love that Brooks and Yearwood had for each other. I love love. I found myself singing (to the tune “I wanna love like Johnny and June”): “I wanna love like Garth and Trisha!”

He is incredibly humble. He was so very grateful for the crowd’s energy and warmth. His positive reactions towards the crowd after each song made me want to cheer louder for him (unfortunately my voice wouldn’t let this happen).

His family is his number one. Garth constantly mentioned his wife and his daughters. He even hinted that he may come out of retirement once his youngest daughter graduates (she is currently 16). I think she should do everyone a favour and graduate early…


Sophie Sumners.

She can make anything classy with her accent. Not many can say “I don’t want anyone to see my naughty bits”, “bloody hell that is terrifying!” or “my! you’re a legend!” and sound as elegant.

She is terrified of heights. We dragged the poor girl to the Zipline, on many midway rides, and to the Flowrider. Was she emotional and horrified? Absolutely. But she smiled the whole way through.

She is always up for an adventure. As I mentioned, we brought her on some extreme rides. She didn’t miss a beat, sparkling whether or not the rides scared her.

She’s real.  Sophie showed me that despite fame, one can be genuine and kind. We had a great connection and were able to talk about things that really matter in life.




Martina is goofy. Lead singer Martina was all smiles when people oohed and awed over her. The positive upbeat about her and her silly comments eased the tension of some nervous fans during the meet and greet.

Dan & Martina are in love. The exchanges of glances, smirks, and a back massage (that we accidentally walked in on) made that connection quite obvious. Too cute.



Scooter Korek.

He’s not just a boss – he is a respected leader. Although an executive at North American Midway Entertainment, Scooter takes the time to say hi to every team member at the Midway. It’s a big team, but he doesn’t fail to generate a big smile from each one he walks by. They love him, treating us like royalty when seeing we were with him. Upon further research, I found out this positive relationship was genuine – he was an instrumental part in the development of the Employee Award Program.

He is gracious. He gave us both his cell number if we wanted to go on rides again – no line, no cover. Days later, we gave him a shout to show Sophie Sumners around the Midway. No problem – he took the time out of his busy day to escort us around.

He started in Calgary. Although he travels with the Midway around North America, his home base is here. He started in the amusement industry 35 years ago with the Calgary Stampede itself!

Canadian UFC Fighters 

They’re terrified of heights. Tough men scared to go down the Zipline? Hilarious.


Adrenaline Addictions & a Flying Paul Brant

Arielle: I don’t like saying no to new adventures. Meaning, I was going to go on the two largest rides at the Stampede: the Slingshot and Skyscraper.


I went on these two rides on the last day. I had a hard time convincing someone to come on with me for the past nine days – including my usually brave teammate, Jovita. The Slingshot was great (in the video I am beaming and cheering, while my friend beside me is hanging on for dear life, eyes squeezed closed). The Skyscraper is a whole ’nother story. It’s the tallest ride on the grounds, spinning you from ground to sky, high above the city at 70kmph.


It’s the waiting that kills you. You have people behind you and in front of you – all joining in on your panic, discussing the scenarios of dying on the ride. I couldn’t help but ask the gentleman working there: “How many people have died on this ride?” He replied, unsure, “Zero in twelve years.” I couldn’t help but think what happened thirteen years ago…


Because I cannot explain the intensity of my fear, here’s a play-by-play of my experience:
   I changed my mind – I want off.
   I can’t get out.
   Oh no, we are goin…,
   Stop the ride!
   Hey, this is fun!
   This is going to be okay!
   That is downtown UPSIDE-DOWN.
   Oh no, we are stopping.
   Please stop swaying.
   I’m gonna die.
   Tell my family I love them.
   Get me off of this.
   I regret this decision.
   They are going to put us backwards.
   No, too fast!
   Slowing down – thank goodness!
   I’m alive!


Yes, I was shaken to the core after this ride, but because I live for this kind of adrenaline, I can assure you I will be on it again next year!


Jovita: Even though I had been dying to see Paul Brandt in the Grandstand show since the first day of Stampede, due to our busy schedule I saw the last possible show on Sunday.


The show was preceded by the Rangeland Derby trophy presentation and a special white hat ceremony for the young international performers participating. The Young Canadians were (as usual) flawless, showing off their impersonating talents; with my favourite part of the show: a Patsy Klein, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Taylor Swift tribute.


Paul made a high-flying entrance, but he wasn’t the only one. Hoop dancer, Dallas Arcand, flew in on a golden-lit eagle, landing on the stage with poise and tackling a intricate hoop dance. There was a giant birthday cake and collective Happy Birthday chorus paired with the firework show. Stampede President Mike Casey came on stage after to officially close the Stampede, and I found myself wondering where all ten days had gone!

The Way we Ride – Midway Style

The bright lights, the sounds of people yelling to go faster and the excitement of the anticipation of being the next in line to enjoy the thrill. The midway is a large part of the Stampede experience, when I was a kid I spent hours dragging my Dad from ride to ride, eagerly waiting to be tall enough to ride. Now I am tall enough to ride and still love to go from ride to ride to experience the thrill. It’s one of the ways We Ride Together.

*Photos courtesy of Eileen Hopkins


Good Morning Calgary!

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Good luck cowboys and cowgirls!

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