A Wet and Great Stampede!

Yes, it was the wettest ten days I can remember in my 30+ years of volunteering (and in fact I now hear it was the rainiest 10 days since 1927), but definitely a lot of bright spots and great memories from the 2016 Stampede:

1. Pre-Stampede, on Wednesday, July 6 and Thursday, July 7, I was very busy with large and in some cases record crowds at the CBC Breakfast, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Parade, Tourism Calgary First Flip, the Field Law and Miles Davison LLP parties and Parade committee kick off BBQ. No question from those events that the city was very much looking forward to celebrating Stampede this year.

David Gray, host of the Eyeopener on CBC Radio (L) interviewing Codey McCurrach, chuckwagon driver (R) at the CBC Breakfast

David Gray, host of the Eyeopener on CBC Radio (L) interviewing Codey McCurrach, chuckwagon driver, (R) at the CBC Breakfast

Pancakes being flipped at the First Flip breakfast hosted by Tourism Calgary

Pancakes being flipped at the First Flip breakfast hosted by Tourism Calgary

2. Parade Day is always special and I never take for granted the thrill of being on horseback riding along the downtown parade route in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators. Parade Marshals PB&J (Paul Brandt and Jann Arden) were great ambassadors for Calgary and the walking entry of about 100 representatives from the various Fort McMurray agencies involved with the emergency first response, re-location and re-settlement of that city received a huge and well deserved show of appreciation.

parade 2016)

Waving hello atop of Pa – the horse I rode this year from the Stampede Ranch

3. The Stampede Rodeo was great all week (even during the downpour on Finals Sunday, which I would argue just made it that much more challenging and exciting). Barrel Racer Mary Burger became an instant Stampede hit during the first go around and then continued to win over hearts and fans by pulling in the big prize on Sunday. Getting to award announcer Ron MacLean his own bronze for his 25 years of involvement with the Stampede Rodeo was also a very special moment for me.

Ron and Bill

Ron with his bronze and me

4. More often than not, the GMC Rangeland Derby and Evening Show faced the wettest moments of each day. The track held up magnificently and kudos to all the drivers for night after night of exciting and safe racing. The TransAlta Grandstand Show was one of the best I can recall and was designed in such a manner that “the show could go on” each night notwithstanding the weather. Great job by Dave Pierce, the Grandstand committee and all others involved in producing and putting on this show.

Exciting finish to one of the chuckwagon races

Exciting finish to one of the chuckwagon races

The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede performing in the Grandstand Show incorporating water in the show

The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede performing in the 2016 Grandstand Show incorporating water in the show

5. The Stampede is a great place to see, meet and host people and that includes politicians from all levels of Government. His Worship Mayor Nenshi rode in the Parade and then to his credit attended every community event in the city, or so it seemed. Premier Notley also rode in the Parade and she and many of her cabinet and MLAs attended many Stampede events on Stampede Park. We even had Justin Trudeau and his daughter Ella-Grace on Stampede Park for a few hours on Friday, July 15 (though as you can see from the attached below, even our Prime Minister was not spared the rain). PM visit 6. Beautiful Enmax Park and the new home of Indian Village was a hit with our guests and one can only imagine how popular that area of Stampede Park will become in future years with better weather. Photo Credit: Bill Marsh / Calgary Stampede 7. The main Midway attractions (Dog Bowl, Peking Acrobats and Bell Adrenaline Ranch) all received deservedly rave reviews. The Agriculture programming was also outstanding and saw big crowds for Cowboy Up, Stock Dogs, Heavy Horse Pull, Steer Classic and all the exhibits in Agrium Western Event Centre, such as the Cattle Trail and many others.

The Canine Stars at the Dog Bowl

The Canine Stars performed incredible tricks at the Dog Bowl

Heavy Horse Show in the Scotiabank Saddledome

Big crowds came out to watch the Heavy Horse Show in the Scotiabank Saddledome

8. By far the most enjoyable moments for me throughout the ten days was hand out the President’s Certificate of Appreciation to surprised long term Stampede volunteers all over Stampede Park. Such a privilege to honour so many deserving people who have given so much to Stampede and to their respective committees. Many thanks to Jennifer Jenson and Shane Ellis for taking care of all the logistics and making this work with my crazy busy Stampede schedule.

One of the recipients of the awards - Jill Cross.

One of the recipients of the awards – Jill Cross.

Thanks to all of you for what you do for Stampede. Hope all the employees and volunteers of the Calgary Stampede have a great and relaxing (and warm and dry) rest of the summer. You all deserve that. Bill

A baker’s dozen of ideas for how to spend your Final Sunday at Stampede

Ok, guys, tomorrow is final Sunday. It’s free admission from 10 a.m. to noon. Stampede Park is jam packed with fun rides, great food, crazy adventures, dazzling shows, agriculture, culture and much, much more. Not sure where to start? Here’s a baker’s dozen of ideas. Come celebrate – and have fun!

1. Take a free WestJet Skyride! (Yes, free! All day!)

2. Visit Indian Village. It’s one of the most interesting, vibrant & peaceful places on Stampede Park. Have a bite at the Bannock Booth and browse the arts and crafts fair. Indian Village Closing Ceremonies, 7:30 p.m.


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2016 Best Food on the Midway winners: your eating guide for Final Sunday

Don’t forget to tag your food adventures with #Stampede2016 and #CSFoodie!

The Best BBQ on the Stampede Midway award went to Boss Hogs BBQ for their BBQ Pork Ribs. Perfect for sharing, they’ve won multiple awards across Canada for their take on this summer classic and now they’ve won in Calgary too. Check them out at the Triple B.


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Unofficial gay day celebration at Nashville North, officially one of the best parties yet

With more than 350 confirmed attendees, Charles Macmichael encouraged members of the LGBTQ community to celebrate together in Stampede Spirit at Nashville North on the first Saturday of Stampede. “We have been doing this unofficially for [a while] now and it continues to be amazing, grow in number and in fun. Last year we had over 300 attendees! This is a great way to enjoy new friends, meet amazing guys and gals and get your western wear on,” Macmichael wrote on the Facebook event page.

The Facebook event page was shared with approximately 1,500 people – among them, were Stampede employees – team lead, marketing, Jenn Mayuga, and manager, organizational communications, Kathryn Jenkins. Mayuga and Jenkins immediately got to work to help Macmichael’s guests feel welcomed by creating and printing out Calgary Stampede stickers featuring a rainbow cowboy boot beside the CS logo.

“We wanted to show support and extend our western hospitality to all of the attendees of this unofficial event,” explained Mayuga. “As the gathering place for the community during Stampede time, we were excited and appreciative that they chose Stampede Park as the venue to come together to celebrate; and we hope they have a good time today!”

Adam Burlock (L) with Alex Garcia (R) sporting their Stampede stickers.

Adam Burlock (L) with Alex Garcia (R) sporting their Stampede stickers.

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10 things to see and do at Stampede 2016

Axe throwing, deep fried tequila shots, a 45-foot tall spinning ride, an international pavilion, a fire-lit tight-rope walker and a beautiful, new, 16-acre park are just a few of the new offerings to check out this Stampede. What’s your Stampede thing?

1. Ride the Stampede’s new ride

A new ride means a new opportunity for challenging yourself and your friends; Spin Out is a 45-foot tall rotating claw that spins you in every way imaginable – including spinning while you’re hanging upside down! For information on our other rides and ride packages, check out: http://www.calgarystampede.com/stampede/attractions/midway

Spin Out

Spin Out


2. Watch rescue dogs perform jaw-dropping tricks at the Dog Bowl

These rescue dogs and dogs adopted from shelters, of multiple sizes and breeds, prove that you can do anything you set your mind to, and overcome any obstacles in your way; watch as these dogs defy gravity through freestyle Frisbee disc, flyball racing and high jumping agility demonstrations. Be sure to stay until the end of the show for the exhilarating dock diving act. Canine Stars will motivate you to go home and train your pooch a new trick or two.

The Dog Bowl will feature six shows daily with room for more than 2,000 dog lovers per show. Daily shows are at 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 8 p.m. In addition, on Suncor Family Day and BMO Kids’ Day, the first show will be at 10:30 a.m. Sneak-A-Peek on Thursday, July 7 will feature two shows at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Canine Stars

Canine Stars


3. Relax by the river in Indian Village’s new home in the brand new ENMAX Park

Stampede Park’s newest green space, a beautiful inner city public park and gathering space, is the new home to Indian Village presented by Penn West. Located by the MacDonald Entry, and across the bridge from Kids’ Midway, you can experience a number of activities at Indian Village including daily dance demonstrations and  tipi raising competitions, cooking demonstrations over a an open fire, and traditional arts and crafts created by Treaty 7 artisans. Don’t forget that the Bannok Booth has also moved with Indian Village to ENMAX Park so be sure to grab some doughy goodness and relax and enjoy it on the lush green grass.

Indian Village’s first event, the Opening Ceremonies and Camp Moving Ceremony on Friday, July 8, the first day of the 2016 Calgary Stampede.

Indian Village has moved to beautiful ENMAX Park!

Indian Village has moved to beautiful ENMAX Park!

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34 New Foods Hit the Stampede Midway in 2016

2016 New Food

If you love Midway food as much as we do, you may have been following along with our Midway food series. If not, make sure you check out our take on Classic Fair Food, and Deep-Fried Food Memories! As Stampede gets closer and closer (only 65 days away!?) we have been looking back on some of our favourite Midway food.

It’s a yearly tradition to try the wild, new foods that come to the Calgary Stampede each year and to plan out each meal when you’re visiting the park. Summer-after-summer, adventurous new ideas come to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and entice guests to become foodies for 10 days.

All the classics you’ve come to love are back…but we’ve also tracked down the most exciting, tasty, and wacky new foods for 2016. With 34 new foods, what will you try first?

Big Pickle Dog

Ever wonder what a hot dog stuffed pickle would taste like? Look no further than the Big Pickle Corn Dog! Get your dilly dog fix.

Big Pickle Dog

PB Dumbbells

Do a rep of these gooey peanut butter bacon balls wrapped and deep fried in home-style corn batter. Topped with chocolate sauce and crispy bacon bits, your appetite does the heavy lifting. Skip the gym – the only dumbbells you’ll curl during Stampede are waiting at the Peanut Butter Cupboard.

PB Dumbbell

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6 Deep-fried Midway memories (about food…of course)

When the Stampede announces the new Midway food lineup, a resounding “Deep fried what?!?!?” echoes through the hills around Calgary. With the new Midway food announcement fast approaching, we thought we’d look back at some of the deep fried concoctions that have come and gone over the years. These foods topped our new food and best food lists between 2009 and 2014. It’s also a good reminder that not all good things stick around forever–so make sure to try it while we’ve got it!

Deep Fried Coke

How does one make a cool, refreshing Coca-Cola even better? Deep fry it of course! Deep Fried Coke was first seen at the Texas State Fair in 2006 and made its Calgary Stampede Midway debut in 2010. The Coca-Cola flavoured batter was deep fried and topped with Coca-Cola syrup. Sadly all good things must come to an end… but there may be a new deep fried drink to try in 2016… shhh!

Deep Fried Coke
















Deep Fried Butter

I mean: Why not, right? While deep fried butter might seem like a Midway-specific idea, fried butter recipes can be dated back to the 17th century. (Who knew?!) The deep fried butter that was served on the Midway was wrapped in flaky pie crust and deep fried until it was golden and crispy. This delicacy was served on the Midway between 2013 and 2014.

Deep Fried Butter

Deep Fried Kool-Aid

Deep fried Kool-Aid was a seriously sweet treat. Kool-Aid infused batter was fried until golden and crisp. This kicked up Kool-Aid was a serious crowd favourite 2012 and helped make our centennial even more memorable!

Deep Fried Kool Aid

Deep Fried Jellybeans

Jellybeans met the deep fryer in this 2009 Midway favourite. These tasty bundles of jellybeans were made of delicious beignet batter, fried until golden and dusted with powdered sugar. This chewy bundle of delicious was a real ‘Only at Stampede’ treat.

Deep Fried Jelly Beans













Kubie Korn Balls

What could make a spicy jalapeno corn batter better? How about traditional Kielbasa sausage? In 2011, the Kubie Korn Balls were declared the Best New Food on the Midway. These tasty little bites were served with honey or BBQ sauce and were a seriously delicious addition to the Midway.














Deep Fried Bubblegum

Despite its name, deep fried bubblegum wasn’t of the bubble blowing variety. Puffy bubblegum-infused marshmallows were dipped in a pink batter and fried. This treat was totally gooey and bubblicious!

Deep Fried Bubble Gum

What’s your favourite deep fried food on the Midway? And what do you think they’ll deep fry next?

2015’s New Midway Foods Are Waiting For You – THE MIDWAY CHAMPION!!



We’ve spent the last year seeking out the best and craziest foods from all over North America to bring you the best new Midway foods out there!

Think your taste buds and your stomach are up to the challenge? 2015 is shaping up to be another Champion year. Don’t worry – all your favourite classic fair foods are still as popular as ever and will be waiting for you.

Check out our newest additions below and try these tasty treats on the Midway this July!

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Celebrating the Year of the Horse on Stampede Park

In addition to The Peking Acrobats, you can find a few touches of the east in our wild west to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

Martial arts and dance groups from the local Chinese community are here performing the Lion Dance.

Lion Dancers Stampede 2014 (phot taken by Baruch Laskin)5

The groups include World Pak Mei Hup Ging Do Martial Arts Association, Kugekai Lion Dance Team, Jing Wo Martial Arts & Athletics Association of Canada and Bak Mei Chin-na San-da Academy.

The Kugekai Lion Dance Team is a local performance art group based in Calgary. Over the last two decades, they have treated Calgarians with the traditional art of Chinese Lion Dancing. While retaining most of the traditional elements, they infuse modern moves and stunts to keep things fresh!

Here are a few fun facts about Lion Dancing:
- it ushers in good luck and fortune
- the loud music drives away bad spirits
- we only take slight offense when it’s referred to as “Dragon Dancing”
- people sometimes mistakenly hear it as “Line Dancing” – which makes for some interesting conversations!

Look for them around the Midway!

Midway Alternative Food Options!

Treating yourself to some of the Midway classics and favourites is a highlight for many while visiting the Calgary Stampede. However, there are also those looking for some lighter snacks while wandering the Midway, or something that will satisfy that Midway craving, while also avoiding certain sensitivities or allergies. Each year our vendors bring back mouthwatering meals, fresh salads, and appealing food sensitivity options for you to try.


Located in the New Triple B you will find Big Bubbas Bad BBQ & Juicys Outlaw Grill. Their menus feature healthier alternatives and gluten sensitive items such as BBQ skillets, chicken kabobs, chicken and zucchini, as well as corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

triple b


Winner of the 2013 Best Alternative Food Option, Wrap Daddy’s is back again! They are serving up gluten sensitive wraps, vegetarian wraps and their newest addition, Thai
noodle wraps. Their wraps are able to be customized and served with your choice
of toppings! Find them near the Big Four Building.



For the third year in a row, the Naaco Truck will be dishing up extraordinary Naacos, their combination of a taco and naan bread, and scrumptious stuffing’s like chicken, tofu and chickpeas. The diverse menu has nearly something for everyone including organic chickpea and black bean fritters and Chicken Tinga Masala. Most of the menu items served here can be adjusted for food sensitivity concerns. This Calgary Food Truck also won Best New Food on the Midway in 2012! Find them near the south side of the Corral.



Joey’s Urban will be bringing a little sea food flare to Stampede Park. Find them in the Double Decker Bus near the Corral and in the BMO Centre by the Mott’s Clamato Ceasar House to try their delicious sushi, Mahi mahi tacos, Tuna tacos, green salad and more!




If you’re looking for a sweet treat, visit Sugar Creek Kettle Corn for melt in your mouth kettle corn or a refreshing lemonade shake up in unique flavours like Saskatoon Berry! Sugar Creek Kettle Corn won the award for Best Refreshment in 2013! Find them near Nashville North and the Coca-Cola Stage.



Who can resist a good falafel?  NC’s Gourmet Grill or Skewers Authentic Greek Wraps will be able satisfy that craving! These vendors also have varieties of donair, gyros and Greek salads! Other delicious international booths include Salt Spring Noodle Bar with vegetarian Pad Thai and Soy Sesame dishes cooked in water instead of oil; or Jamaican Mi Juicy with their Jamaican jerk chicken wrap.


10 new experiences for the 2014 Stampede

From Canadian favourites to cowboy classics, from innovative instruments to back-flipping snowmobiles, from agriculture to William Shatner(!)—the 2014 Stampede is full of new experiences that will dazzle, entertain and just plain awe. Here are 10 new experiences (in no particular order) to look out for on Stampede Park this year:

 1. The Agrium Western Event Centre
Custom-designed with animal safety in mind and one of the largest projects in Stampede history, make sure you find your way to the Agrium Western Event Centre. Your favourite animal events including the Heavy Horse Show, UFA Steer Classic, World Champion Stock Dogs and Cutting Horse can all be found at the Agrium Centre. Also joining us this year—the RCMP Musical Ride!


2. An afternoon with William Shatner
It’s always been your dream to meet the original Captain Kirk? Here’s your chance! The Calgary Stampede is thrilled to present My Life and My Love of Horses, an exclusive afternoon with William Shatner on Thursday, July 3. This once-in-a-lifetime event with William Shatner will be a fun and entertaining way to kick off your Calgary Stampede.
Thursday, July 3, 2014, 3 p.m. Palomino Room, BMO Centre. You can purchase tickets here.

William Shatner

3. The Bell adrenaline ranch
For all you Thrill Seekers out there! The Bell adrenaline ranch will feature the show Evolution of Extreme, an exciting and visually stunning account of the progression of extreme motorsports. Stunts and performances by the Freestyle Motorcross team will take you on the ride of your life! Itching for more extreme? Check out XPOGO where professional pogo riders push the vertical limit. Shows at noon, 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily. XPOGO at 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. daily.

27 IMG_0392 sayers

4. ENMAX Corral Show: The Peking Acrobats
Masters of agility and grace, The Peking Acrobats will dazzle you with their astonishing juggling dexterity and incredible balancing feats. The Peking Acrobats hold the world record for the Human Chair Stack—balancing six people atop six chairs 21 feet up in the air without safety lines. Daily at 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Special shows at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 3 and 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 6 and Wednesday, July 9.

The Peking Acrobats

5. William Close and the Earth Harp
William Close finished third place on America’s Got Talent with his Earth Harp, the largest string instrument in the world. During Stampede, the harp will be strung across the Western Oasis. Soak in one of the five daily performances while you peruse western art or relax with a glass of wine. Daily 10-minute performances at 1:20 p.m., 2:20 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:20 p.m. and 9 p.m.

6.The Great FUNTier
Everything a family could want…all in one place! The Kids’ Midway has moved alongside the Agriculture Building creating a brand new family-friendly zone. Little ones can ride their favourite kid-size rides and meet the men and women of the Canadian Forces. At the all new Great FUNTier Mini Grandstand, you can find the Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull, Kids’ Team Penning and special performances from First Nations Youth Dancers.

7. 32 brand-spanking-new foods on the Midway:
Scorpian pizza, red velvet mini donuts, crocodile sliders, deep fried cheesies, peanut butter cups, sushi, cookie dough and donut bacon cheeseburgers, and bacon-wrapped everything. Some big decisions to make.

Red Velvet Mini Donuts - Mini Donuts

8. Triple B—Barbeque, Bulls and Beer
Yup- all of your Stampede favourites in one place at the city’s largest pop-up patio. Face off on the dueling mechanical bulls or order the world-record holding largest hamburger for $5,000 (24-hour advance notice needed). Two California-based BBQ joints make their first trip to Canada. Juicys features “Outlaw” the world’s largest outdoor barbeque. Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ brings a cornucopia of grilled specialties.

9. The TransAlta Grandstand Show, Barnburner
New creative director David Pierce has brought together a formidable creative team. Legendary chuckwagon driver Tom Glass will bring the party from the barns to the stage of the Grandstand. The Grandstand team has kept all the secrets so well—all we know is its going to be epic!

10. CS Mercantile- a new retail collaboration with Paul Hardy

Man Eating Chicken

One of the best parts about working for the Stampede is all of the unique stories you hear from such a variety of perspectives. Everyone has their own story to tell, and they are great to listen to because they are usually pretty funny!

Scooter Korek, Vice President – Client Services from North American Midway Entertainment has shared a few great stories with me, and they are always so entertaining. Scooter has worked with Conklin Shows and now North American Midway since 1977, and is looking forward to another Stampede.

Here is his story…


Back in the inception of the North American Carnival, around the turn of the 1900’s, the midways were primarily filled with Sideshows as there were not very many people manufacturing rides yet. A typical midway in the 1930’s consisted of a Merry Go Round, Ferris Wheel, Chair-o-Plane, Whip, Tilt-a–Whirl and 20 Side Shows comprising of  Illusion Shows, Freak of Nature Shows, Oddities Shows and more than likely a Girdle show,  30 or 35 games and 10 food stands.

The Sideshows were the staple of any midway and the entertainers were the vast majority of the shows employ’s. These shows garnered mass appeal and some greats that traveled Canada were; Dainty Dora the 700 pound women; Andre the Giant, Wrestler and Giant whom also holds the world beer drinking record; Zambora the Gorilla Girl, girl turns into Gorilla, you know the deal; Suzie Wong the Snake Girl,  Face of a beautiful women, but the body of an ugly snake. Ernie and Len, Siamese Twins;   Ten one One, which was a show that featured 10 freaks or oddities or illusions in one show for one price, The Sword Swallower, Pin head, Fire breathers; Knife throwing etc.; sometimes there would be Lif  e Shows which featured embryos at one month, two months to birth and War Shows, with guns and tanks. Once I saw Billy Reid and Horrors of Drugs Show, Billy was just a dimwitted kid that smoked too much pot, but the show did pretty good.

The Talkers out front (barkers) would create a buzz about the show.

“Alive, Alive. Alive on the inside, first time in Calgary, Suzie Wong the Snake girl!   From the back alleys of Hong Kong to the rice patties of China, it’s Suzie Wong The Snake Girl! How can it be, with the head of a beautiful woman to the body of an ugly snake – it’s Suzie Wong, Alive on the inside!”

Side shows did very well for show owners and provided a very good living for people with deformities that would otherwise struggle to find employment elsewhere.

Around the mid-1970’s the taste for entertainment changed, and public outcry that midway’s were exploiting people with deformities became exhaustive. Soon, fairs were feeling public pressure to do away with these types of attractions, which in turn, forced midway’s to abandon this type of presentation. Too bad, really – we sent a ton of good people to the unemployment line, without resource to find other employment. Where does a guy that drives 6 inch spikes into his head everyday for a living look for new work?


By the end of the 1970’s, Side Shows had been all but abandoned at the Calgary Stampede and Conklin Shows, Western Canadian tour.

In 1979, we decided to poke a little fun at the Canadian public that demanded the closure of the Side Show and developed a new show called “The Man Eating Chicken”. The show was billed as the “6 Foot Tall – Man Eating Chicken”


We promoted the Side Show in advance of each of the Western Canadian Exhibitions and as expected, the phone calls and letters started pouring in. The people were aghast that we would present such an attraction and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

The Edmonton Journal actually produced an editorial that ran prior to the opening of Klondike Days, condemning the exhibition of Side Shows in general and naming the Man Eating Chicken as a example of this type of damnation.

The only .25 cent show had a talker that promoted the oddity inside, and soon crowds flocked to the exhibition. Inside the customers were seated in a tent and the talker prepared the audience, with much anticipation, for what they were about to witness.

The lights dimmed, the spot light shone on stage and the curtain opened. Before their eyes was a 6 ft. tall kid sitting on the stage eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. Beautiful really.

The people generally laughed and the show prospered as the people whom had witnessed the event, told their family and friends that they must attend a viewing of the Man Eating Chicken.

This was the swan song for the Side Show culture.

- Scooter Korek


Kid’s Crazy Midway Foods!

It’s clear, Calgary is crazy for fun Midway food!

Who doesn’t love the idea of two unique foods coming together to create the perfect dish? – Even if it involves scorpions and pizza? Well I think it’s a little crazy, but if you double dog dare me I might just try it!

Now, what if you could be the inventor behind these crazy concoctions?  Well, a grade two class from Prairie Waters Elementary School in Chestermere put their imaginations to the test and sent us some of their wild ideas!

Would you be brave enough to try some of these?


A Bregger

“A Breager with Cookies and Egg” – Not your average burger on a stick. This “Breager” has layers of eggs, bacon, and pickles! Plus, there are cookies on the bun, topped with two bananas holding up a sunny side egg! 

 Bubble Gum Ranch

“Bubble Gum Ranch” – This dish on a stick has a whip cream base that has mixed in some unique flavors like bubble gum, ranch dip, bacon, and M&M’s! I’m not sure about you, but I do love bubble gum and ranch dip! Yummy!

 Chicken Cake

“Chickin Cake” - Continuing with the ranch theme, you might want to try a two layered chicken cake with ranch frosting on top! Hopefully the chicken is boneless! Could be great for your next birthday party!

 Lemon Bacon Burger

“Lemon Bacon Burger” - This burger has the perfect balance of lemon citrus and salty bacon. Just imagine two soft burger buns covered in a crisp layer of bacon, with a perfectly seasoned patty, a lemon half, and some sweet cherry tomatoes. 

Mega Pogo

“Mega Pogo”  - This Pogo comes in at a whopping 5 feet! (That’s taller than the 7 year old creator!) This hotdog is wrapped in a delicious batter of various flavours like cherry, lime, blueberry, and orange. The outside is covered in a thick coating of icing, to surprise you with every bite!  

 Orange on a Stick

“Orange on a Sick” – This orange has a distinctive twist because it is sprinkled with little black olive slices, cherries, and skittles!

Pickled Steak

” Pickled Steak” - This 10oz. juicy sirloin steak has scrumptious chunks of Polskie Ogorki pickles! Nothing says gourmet like pickle chunks!

32 NEW foods to hit the Calgary Stampede Midway

                                Are you ready to become the ultimate food champion? 

This year we asked our food vendors to let their imaginations run wild and to create some of the craziest foods we’ve ever had. They have stepped up to the plate like never before, with 32 NEW foods!

The 2014 New Food list brings a combination of some fair food classics and others that set out to test your mind and stomach. Do you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Food Champion?

Challenge: Accepted



Almost 2ft. Long Sausage

This sausage takes “jumbo” to a whole new level! Just imagine being served a sausage served up on a fresh toasted French baguette that comes in at nearly two feet! Corn Dog - Fhat Dawgs

Bacon Wrapped Corn

A cowboy’s corn on the cob – Corn on the cob wrapped in a piece of smoked bacon and served with sweet maple syrup butter.Bacon Corn On the Cob

Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly – On a Stick!

Delicious roasted pork belly wrapped in perfectly sizzled and crisp bacon, and conveniently served on a stick!161886 _studioshoot _GMK_

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

A barbecued hot dog wrapped in crispy bacon and served with grilled onions and bell peppers on a soft bun.Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ Skillets

A delicious blend of savory, onions, bell peppers, Cowboy Potatoes, and sausage with just the right amount of seasoning added then cooked to perfection on a large 48 inch paella pan.BBQ Skillet

Garlic Chicken Kebabs

Tender barbecued garlic chicken and fresh veggies served kebab style; this is a summer BBQ favourite.Kabobs - Big Bubbas Bad BBQ

Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough – On a Stick!

Balls of rolled cookie dough, dipped in chocolate, hardened to the perfect temperature and served on a stick!Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough on a Stick - Fiddle Sticks

Tokyo Teriyaki & Shanghai Sweet Chili Corn Dog

This chicken corndog has returned from Asian with two corndog twists – Tokyo Teriyaki and Shanghai Sweet Chili!Sweet Chili Corn Dog

Creole Cajun Chicken Po’ Boy Sandwich

A traditional Louisiana submarine sandwich served with spicy creole Cajun chicken and dressed with cooling coleslaw.Creole Cajun Chicken Po Boy - Mardi Gras Grill

Crocodile Sliders

Looking for adventure? This exotic crocodile patty is served on a bite sized bun with lettuce and tomatoes. Crikey!Crocodile Sliders

Deep Fried Cheesies

Take the classic crunch of aged cheddar cheesies and coat it in a light doughy batter and deep fry it.Deep Fried Cheezie

Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Rolled cookie dough is dipped in pastry batter and deep fried. This treat is a childhood dreams come true!Deep Fried Cookie Dough - Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Deep Fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers

The name says it all. Two melt-in-your-mouth donuts stacked together with a burger, cheese and bacon served in-between!Deep Fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers - Fried Veggies & Specialty Burgers 2

Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

A deep friend snack made of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, dipped in batter and deep fried!Deep Fried Reese's Pieces - Deep Fried Treats & Funnel Cakes

Deep Fried Sushi

This is a unique twist on a traditional Sushi roll. It’s breaded in Japanese Panko with a drizzle of creamy Cusabi sauce and Green Onions.Sushi Crunch - Joey's Urban

Flower Cotton Candy

This cotton candy is a unique experience for everyone; watch your cotton candy be spun into a beautiful flower. Each stick is unique and considered a piece of art.Flower Cotton Candy - Billbrooke Concessions

Fried Pickle Pizza

Slivers of pickles chips, deep fried, and placed on top of a bed of cheesy pizza.Fried Pickle Pizza - Pizza on a Stick

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Spicy dry-rubbed Jamaican chicken is served with traditional Jamaican style rice and freshly tossed salad.Back Camera

Juicys Full Rack Ribs

Mouthwatering full rack barbecued ribs are ready to be roped in at the Outlaw Grill.Full Rack of Ribs

Kawabanga Corn Dog

This isn’t your average corn dog. Take a delicious giant sausage, put it on a stick, dip it in corn batter and deep fry it.corn-dog-111

Million Dollar Baby Mac & Cheese

Freshly made gourmet macaroni and cheese, infused with white truffle oil. Topped with sautéed crab meat and sundried tomatoes, then finished with a drizzle of balsamic glaze.Million Dollar Baby Mac & Cheese

Papri Tot

An infusion of Indian and Western takes the tater tot to a whole new level. Layers of tater tots topped with pico, dates, tamarind chutney and sweet yoghurt.Papri Tot - Naaco Truck

Polish Poutine

Just think crispy fries and rich brown gravy all topped with pan fried potato and cheddar cheese perogies with loads of fresh sour cream, crispy bacon and caramelized onion. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper, take a bite and you’re hooked.Polish Poutine

Porcupine Corn Dog

A hotdog is skewered, deep fried in corn batter, and then rolled in French fries. These French fries make the corndog look just like a porcupine!Porcupine Corn Dog - Wiggle Chips

Poutine Burger

Why order a side dish when you can have it all in one? It’s a juicy burger stacked with fries, drenched in gravy and cheese curds, and topped with a Kaiser bun.Poutine Burger - Pizza and Burgers

Red Velvet Mini Donuts

Everyone’s Midway favourite has a new twist! These mini donuts are made of moist red velvet cake batter and warm cream cheese glazing.Red Velvet Mini Donuts - Mini Donuts

Scorpion Pizza

This pizza is for the most daring of foodies. Add a little crunch to your pizza topping with a few seasoned scorpions – if you dare!Scorpion Pizza - Pizza on a Stick 1

Skittles Candy Apple

Get ready for a sugar rush- your favourite classic candy apple is coated with a deep red candy coating and rolled in Skittles.Skittles Candy Apple

Tequila Fries

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FRIES! These fresh cut fries have a hint of zesty lime and a zap of tequila.  This is one tequila decision you won’t regret. Tequila Fries

Thai Noodle Wrap

Choose from chicken, beef or vegetable protein, sautéed with a combination of fresh veggies and Thai style steamed noodles. When hot and ready, a sweet and savory Thai sauce is added and finished off with a garnish of crunchy bean sprouts and cilantro.Thai Noodle  Wrap

Turkey Dinner Poutine

The full turkey dinner- thick slices of turkey meat, mashed potatoes, cranberries, peas and delicious gravy all on a bed of poutine.Turkey Dinner Poutine - Mardis Gras Grill

Vicious Fish – On a Stick!

They shook it up and dunked Joey’s famous fish in Frank’s RedHot sauce. You’ll delight in the hand-battered fried fish on a stick, served a bed of fries. Extra sauces are available for those who like it extra hot.

Vicious Fish on a Stick Official

Join us on Sneak-a-Peek, Thursday July 3, in Weadickville at 7 p.m. to see which vendor gets awarded with the Best New Food on the Midway!


Written by:

James Radke, midway operations manager

Jillian Cook, project coordinator