2014: The Year of The Chucks

Persons with “horse personalities”, according to Wikipedia, are said to have some of the following characteristics: very active, possessed of mental thought processes characterized by lightning-quick speed to the point of faultiness, self-confident, ambitious, fond of exercise, and temperamentally impatient to the point of explosiveness. Does this description of persons born under the Horse sign mean that horses possess these characteristics?

Layne Bremner & Russian-6

I asked Layne Bremner about one of his Chuckwagon Horses, Russian. ‘They all have their own personalities and Russian is a quiet, laid back horse, though every spring he realises racing season is coming. It’s time for work and he starts getting excited about it’. Hmmm… the fond of exercise characteristic certainly applies to Russian during race season. So how does a horse (very active and fond of exercise) spend his training days as he works on that mental thought processes characterized by lightning-quick speed attribute? Layne says, ‘we start him off at a mile, at a light jog and slowly build up. By the time racing season starts, he can be around 4-5 miles of jogging. They get their racing wind – like a sprinter. When they race, it’s a short race: 5/8’s of a mile, so they can then do the short blasts quick like a sprinter.’ Lightning-quick speed – check!

Layne Bremner & Russian-4

What about Race Day? Is Russian self-confident, ambitious? Layne says, ‘they have a sense that its race day from all the people and activity’. But what about the: impatient to the point of explosiveness characteristic? Layne laughs, ‘Some [horses] do something called stall walking where they lean back and forth in the corral -just like a person pacing. Russian doesn’t do this – he is calm and relaxed’.

Researching The Year of The Horse, there is a wealth of information describing it to be a time of victories, fortune, high energy and decisive action. This appears like it could also be referred to as The Year of The Chucks.

Midway Alternative Food Options!

Treating yourself to some of the Midway classics and favourites is a highlight for many while visiting the Calgary Stampede. However, there are also those looking for some lighter snacks while wandering the Midway, or something that will satisfy that Midway craving, while also avoiding certain sensitivities or allergies. Each year our vendors bring back mouthwatering meals, fresh salads, and appealing food sensitivity options for you to try.


Located in the New Triple B you will find Big Bubbas Bad BBQ & Juicys Outlaw Grill. Their menus feature healthier alternatives and gluten sensitive items such as BBQ skillets, chicken kabobs, chicken and zucchini, as well as corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

triple b


Winner of the 2013 Best Alternative Food Option, Wrap Daddy’s is back again! They are serving up gluten sensitive wraps, vegetarian wraps and their newest addition, Thai
noodle wraps. Their wraps are able to be customized and served with your choice
of toppings! Find them near the Big Four Building.



For the third year in a row, the Naaco Truck will be dishing up extraordinary Naacos, their combination of a taco and naan bread, and scrumptious stuffing’s like chicken, tofu and chickpeas. The diverse menu has nearly something for everyone including organic chickpea and black bean fritters and Chicken Tinga Masala. Most of the menu items served here can be adjusted for food sensitivity concerns. This Calgary Food Truck also won Best New Food on the Midway in 2012! Find them near the south side of the Corral.



Joey’s Urban will be bringing a little sea food flare to Stampede Park. Find them in the Double Decker Bus near the Corral and in the BMO Centre by the Mott’s Clamato Ceasar House to try their delicious sushi, Mahi mahi tacos, Tuna tacos, green salad and more!




If you’re looking for a sweet treat, visit Sugar Creek Kettle Corn for melt in your mouth kettle corn or a refreshing lemonade shake up in unique flavours like Saskatoon Berry! Sugar Creek Kettle Corn won the award for Best Refreshment in 2013! Find them near Nashville North and the Coca-Cola Stage.



Who can resist a good falafel?  NC’s Gourmet Grill or Skewers Authentic Greek Wraps will be able satisfy that craving! These vendors also have varieties of donair, gyros and Greek salads! Other delicious international booths include Salt Spring Noodle Bar with vegetarian Pad Thai and Soy Sesame dishes cooked in water instead of oil; or Jamaican Mi Juicy with their Jamaican jerk chicken wrap.


“The Bronc Twister”

Every year, the Calgary Stampede thanks its parade marshal for leading the parade and embodying western values by presenting him or her with a replica bronze of “The Bronc Twister.”

Anyone who enters Stampede Park through the Main Entrance is familiar with this remarkable bronze, which was designed by Rich Roenisch, a southern Alberta artist and rancher. Roenisch based his bronze on a drawing and a unique story from the Victory Stampede of 1919.

Bronc Twister

After the end of the First World War in 1918, Guy Weadick, founder of the Calgary Stampede, bought a big sorrel horse with the brand I.C. on his neck. The I.C. meant that the horse had been “inspected” and “condemned” by the U.S. Army because he was no longer fit for the work demanded of an army horse. Weadick, however, believed that the horse was still healthy and could have a second lease on life as a working rodeo athlete. He purchased the horse and used him in the 1919 Victory Stampede.

Weadick decided to name his horse “I See You,” a play-on-words referencing both the horse’s brand and a drawing by the same name, which Weadick had selected to adorn the 1919 Calgary Stampede poster. Famous California artist Edward Borein had sketched an image of a bronc rider mid-buck, who appears to be looking down at the bronc’s head for a clue as to which direction he might twist next—the “I-See-U” reads as a friendly challenge between competitors.

The 1919 Calgary Stampede Poster

Borein’s drawing became a Stampede icon in the 1920s. It continues to represent the Stampede’s commitment to western hospitality and its celebration of animal athletes, which have been core values since Weadick’s first Stampede in 1912.

This year, Colleen Klein generously gifted back to the Stampede the bronze that was presented to Premier Ralph Klein when he was parade marshal in 2005. The bronze will be located in the Brand Room during Stampede time.

The Bronc Twister

Vintage Tractor Pull Returns to the Calgary Stampede

After a forced hiatus last year due to the flood, the Vintage Tractor Pull and Tractor Show & Shine returns to the Calgary Stampede.

The 24th annual Vintage Tractor Pull, presented by Cervus Equipment, takes place on Sunday, July 6 at 7 p.m. and Monday, July 7 at 5:30 p.m. The event is organized by the Calgary Stampede Farm Equipment committee, which strives to preserve our agricultural heritage for young and old, bringing back to life vintage tractors and equipment.

“Agriculture has evolved from the horse to the vintage tractor to today’s modern equipment built on the latest technology,” says committee chair Don Ellingson. “The Farm Equipment committee provides an opportunity for folks to connect these eras and better understand our agricultural heritage.”


This year the Vintage Tractor Pull will be moving to new digs – the Scotiabank Saddledome. Don’t miss the rumble of the engines and the cheers of the crowd in this dynamic atmosphere.

“The Farm Equipment committee is excited about this opportunity as it will really allow us to better showcase the vintage tractors in a venue that will provide a more informative and exciting viewer experience,” says Ellingson.

Approximately 24 competitors from across Alberta will descend on Stampede Park with their vintage tractors in hopes of claiming first in their class in the Vintage Tractor Pull. There are six different weight classes – featherweight followed by Class #1 through #5, beginning at 1,000 lbs up to 9,999 lbs. The winner of each class is determined as the longest average on two pulls.

2013 Pull

Between classes during the Vintage Tractor Pull, sit back and take in the Metal versus Muscle show where vintage tractors will square off against a team of powerful Percheron heavy horses – this is horsepower at its finest.

The Tractor Show & Shine is also back this year. Come get an up close and personal look at the immaculately restored vintage tractors from 1960 and older. The Show and Shine takes place on Sunday, July 6 at 5 p.m. on Country Trail between the Agriculture Building and the new Agrium Western Event Centre. This is your chance to talk to the tractor owners who invest significant time and money into restoring these beauties and are truly passionate about their work.

If you miss the Show & Shine, take a walk down Country Trail during the rest of Stampede as two vintage tractors will be on display for all 10 days. You can even climb aboard and have your photo taken with a vintage tractor at a designated time each day.


And if you’re going to be taking in the Calgary Stampede parade on Friday, July 4, watch for the vintage farm equipment. This year’s parade entry features haying equipment. Three vintage tractors will rumble down the streets of Calgary hooked up to working haying equipment, which includes a 1953 John Deere model 60 with a sickle mower owned by Brian Steiner of Calgary, a 1956 John Deere model 320 pulling a hay rake owned by Wayne Risdon of Strathmore and a Massey Harris model 201 pulling a square baler owned by Don Ellingson of Calgary.

2013 Parade

Don’t miss the Vintage Tractor Pull and Tractor Show & Shine at the 2014 Calgary Stampede. For reminders, follow @stampedeag on Twitter, @stampede_ag on Instagram and like Calgary Stampede Agriculture on Facebook. 

#InstaStampede Winners

Header Image

The submissions for this year’s #InstaStampede contest were incredible. With over 2,500 photos and 1,000 different people entering, our team had a blast looking at all of the great Stampede moments that were captured. Picking our top 10 was not an easy task with all of the great shots, meaningful stories, and personal connections people shared with us. Since there are only 10 days of Stampede we looked at every photo, every entrant, and found our 10 #InstaStampede winners. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @CalgaryStampede to see all of the great photos they capture each day, and follow them to see their own photography!

July 4 – Anne Hill, @annehilldesign

anne hill
Anne Hill is a wife, mother, graphic designer, and blogger at www.thehillsarealiveblog.com. She moved to Calgary with her family this past year as her husband works on his Master’s degree at the University of Calgary. So far she is in love with the city and enjoys exploring new places each day!
July 5 – Jenn Turner, @jennturner124
jenn turner

My name is Jenn Turner, I live outside of the city, from Beiseker, Ab. I am a horse girl and do some rodeoing, and training. I enjoy photography I never go anywhere without a camera, I’m always looking for that unique shot.
July 6 – Joel Olandesca, @joelolandesca
joel olandesca

Joel Olandesca, a mortgage planner with Mortgage Architects, tailors your home financing to your unique lifestyle and goals. With Joel, you can expect an authentic experience defined by honesty, integrity and fun. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or refinancing a mortgage, you deserve a smooth, respectful and personable transaction. At its core, Joel’s professional service is founded on helping you reach your long-term financial security.

Joel has always had an interest in mobile photography and takes the opportunity to snap photos of many things around Calgary and surrounding areas with his smartphone whenever possible. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram: @JoelOlandesca
July 7 – Shelby Borys, @maythephotobewithyou
shelby borys

I remember when I first got into photography there was no guarantee I even had my camera on me every time I wanted to capture a photo. Then once I had a digital camera in my cellphone I was never afraid of being without a camera, or taking too many pictures. I started to develop an eye thanks to being able to see photos right away which has grown my love of photography into what I see all photos as today: a universal language. Now that cameras are a part of everyone’s mobile lives our days are filled to the brim with photos people share, which has made it easier for me to pick up on the composition that everyday people like to see. As a photographer today I feel everyone in the world’s eye has been my teacher. From the world’s ever-growing obsession with sharing photos I’ve learned how to evolve my craft to exceed people’s ever-growing expectations, so that’s what I try and do every day now and why I say: May The Photo Be With You!
July 8 – Russ Sedin, @rsedin

russ sedin
I’ve called Calgary home for almost five years now after relocating to Alberta from London, England.  The move inspired me to buy my first DSLR in an attempt to capture the spectacular scenery the Canadian Rockies has to offer, improving (slowly!) over the years I’ve always viewed the colourful excitement of Stampede as a great opportunity to experiment and develop as a photographer.


July 9 – Asim Haque, @asim_overstands

asim haque

I’m a 29 year old business man working in the energy sector. Photography came to me when instagram came out and it opened up an outlet for me to quickly edit and post my images share them with the best social network out there. Travel is my biggest inspiration, as I firmly believe that I truly need to get out of my daily routine to see what’s in front of me and how “I can fit it in a frame”. To wrap this up, I’d like to share that I love city landscapes, street candids, and portrait photography. Thank you very much.


July 10 – Alexandra McLaren, @allymclaren

alexandra mclaren

I am a 21 year old University student born and raised in Victoria BC. Currently I am studying English and History in hopes of pursuing a career in editing or publishing. I am passionate about literature, photography, the Second World War, and travel!


July 11 – Tiffany Assman, @tiffanyassman

tiffany assman

My name is Tiffany Assman and I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my third year in a row flying into Calgary for a weekend at the Stampede… I can’t get enough! I’m a lover of travelling, yoga, giraffes, candid photos and all things beautiful. Yahoo!


July 12 – Ernest Hon, @ernest_hon

ernest hon

I’ve lived around the world, in Montreal, in New York, but still a Calgarian at heart. I’m an enthusiast for food, coffee, and craft cocktails. I’m a hobby photographer with an eye for all things architectural.


July 13 – Leanne Smith, @heyitsmelea

leanne smith

My name is Leanne Smith and I’m a dedicated amateur photographer. I shoot whatever catches my eye or excites my mind, with either my Canon 60D or Galaxy S4. I love to get out and explore and capture this amazing city and beautiful provinc

An Exclusive Design From Pendleton Woolen Mills for the CS Mercantile

Pendleton 1

When Paul Hardy curated the CS Mercantile for 2014, he focused on the stories significant to the pieces he selected at least as much as on the detail and style of the apparel, accessories and gifts that form the collection.  As such, each brand uniquely connects with the lineage of the Calgary Stampede and our prairie roots. One brand that has a rich history that relates to reoccurring themes behind this collection is Pendleton Woolen Mills.

The Story of Pendleton

The first Pendleton factory opened in Seaside, Oregon in 1910. Focused strictly on the creation of Native American inspired woolen blankets, Pendleton built their business around the high demand for these uniquely elegant products.

Ten years later, Pendleton presented their Harding blanket to the US President, Woodrow Wilson, and his wife. Overnight, Pendleton blankets became increasingly popular across the United States. In fact, they became so popular that the Glacier National Park blanket was redesigned into a fashionable coat for the 1932 Olympic games.

After the transition from blankets to clothing, Pendleton continued to challenge traditional notions of fashion. Through this, the brand was able to expand from a single retail store in Oregon to a countrywide organization including locations in California, Pennsylvania, and Alaska.

Pendleton 3

Connection to CS Mercantile

Pendleton emerged at the same time as the Calgary Stampede. Fashion, design, and lifestyle themes between brands connect the two. With CS Mercantile bringing today’s consumer a new understanding of urban-western style, it made sense to work with Pendleton. CS Mercantile and Pendleton have teamed up to design a CS branded saddle blanket exclusive to this year’s collection. The blanket comes in a leather roll with a shawl pin for cool Grandstand evenings. The piece is both visually stunning and incredibly soft to the touch.  At home, it can double as a chair throw. To learn more about this and other hand-crafted pieces, visit CS Mercantile at the Grandstand, on the Midway, or at BMO Centre.

How Western Hospitality and Sport Help Families in Need

During the long and isolating time spent on the prairies, a rickety wagon would set up each evening to cook meals for the tired cowboy. This was the infamous chuckwagon, not only carrying precious supplies and provisions but also bringing everyone together in front of the camp fire as the social hub after a long day on the cattle drive. Now this hub brings people together for a cause, raising food and funds for the Put the Boots to Hunger campaign so that families in short-crisis can be helped with emergency food hampers.

It is quite inspiring to see just how business, social service and western spirit come in sync during the ten days of the Calgary Stampede.  The process begins in the spring with the law firm of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer (BD&P) participating at the GMC Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction. Once they have made a successful bid for a driver and his team, BD&P then donates the coveted chuckwagon tarp to the charitable organization, the Calgary Food Bank. In a unique fundraising venture, the Food Bank creates sponsorships for other companies to participate as an advertiser on the Put the Boots to Hunger chuckwagon tarp.

Jordie Fike, WPCA racer, rounds out the campaign. 2014 marks the High River driver’s fourth year at the Calgary Stampede, his third year driving for this campaign. When asked what keeps him coming back, he admits the payday is enticing but it’s his passion for the sport, his love of his horses and knowing that he is helping to make a difference. Plus this fourth generation chuckwagon racer looks forward to giving hunger the boot. “My family and I are very excited to be  ‘putting the boots to hunger’ for another great chuckwagon season. It is an honour to be part of such a worthwhile and successful campaign.”

Jordie Fike in the 2013 races for the Calgary Food Bank campaign

Jordie Fike in the 2013 races for the Calgary Food Bank campaign

The Put the Boots to Hunger food and fund drive is a philanthropic approach to the traditional Stampede party.  Leading up to and during the ten days of Stampede, the Calgary Food Bank collects their most-needed items that are donated at many of the public and private pancake breakfasts, company BBQs and other corporate events. It’s an amazing ten days that combine good old fashioned western cooperation and community spirit for our neighbours in need.

Stoked About Oats

Simon Donato, co-founder of Stoked Oats, an oatmeal company created by two friends  “who absolutely loved to eat oatmeal” is a first time presenter on the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre stage (July 6th at 12:30 p.m.) in the Western Oasis, BMO Centre Halls D & E. For a full list of presenters on the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre stage please visit the Western Showcase website Stoked_oats_SimonDonato       Calgary Stampede (CS):  Briefly tell us about yourself and what your typical day looks like. Simon Donato:  I have a PhD in Geology and used to work for a major oil and gas company before starting Stoked Oats with my good friend Brad Slessor. In addition to Stoked Oats, I host a television show called Boundless – where I travel the world competing in gruelling ultra marathon races, and run an expedition based science organization called Adventure Science. A typical day involves dealing with Stoked Oats business, training from 1-6 hours, and depending on the time of the year, planning/working on, or travelling for Boundless and Adventure Science projects.Stoked_oats_SimonDonato2 CS:  When did you know you wanted to be involved in the food industry? Simon Donato: I’ve always been an entrepreneurial person, so when I stopped eating cereal and started making my own super healthy oatmeal blends to help fuel my activities, it occurred to me that I might be able to turn it into a business. Thankfully Brad was of the same mindset, and together we created Stoked Oats. CS: What do you love about your job? Simon Donato: I love the interaction with customers, and the fact that we produce Canada’s healthiest gluten-free oatmeal blends. We’ve filled a void in the market place. It feels great to know that we are putting out a highly nutritious product that actually helps our customers achieve their health goals. No artificial additives, no added sugar, and gluten free. Our customers love the product. We have orders from across North America and in 18 months, are now in over 150 stores from Victoria to Montreal. It’s been an exciting ride made better by the fact that customers trust us for their nutrition – and we are honoured and thrilled to be able to deliver on that. CS: Do you have a favourite memory of the Calgary Stampede?  Simon Donato: I am a huge fan of the grandstand show. The Young Canadians do such an incredible job each year – it’s something I never miss! CS: Do you have a recipe you would share with our readers?


Country’s new home in the City

Horses, cowboys and rural residents now have a custom-built, year-round home right in the heart of Calgary on Stampede Park.

The Calgary Stampede has officially opened the Agrium Western Event Centre – Canada’s premiere western event and agriculture education showcase. The building opened on Saturday, June 21, amid much fanfare of a community open house and a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony that featured federal Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification Michelle Rempel and Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Verlyn Olson.


The ultra-modern 150,000 sq. ft. building features an extra-large 2,500-seat specialized arena for equine and western events, a multi-purpose exhibit hall, and a grand rotunda entry that double as a week-day classroom for a unique educational program on sustainable agriculture. The Agrium Centre becomes the new focal point of horse and agriculture-related activities at Stampede Park. Visitors will experience it first during the Stampede July 4 to 13, and with more experiences this year when a series of new horse shows and competitions fill the building throughout the fall season.

“The Calgary Stampede is a world-class event, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world,” Minister Olson said when addressing the crowd on Saturday. “As the largest facility of its kind in Canada, the new Agrium Western Event Centre will be an incredible venue for education, entertainment and to showcase our agriculture industry.”


The Government of Canada and Government of Alberta each contributed $25 million towards the Agrium Centre as part of a series of recent agriculture infrastructure enhancements at Stampede Park that, together, cost $61.5 million. Agrium contributed as title sponsor of the building.

“We are thrilled that our partners shared in our vision of creating a world-class, year-round venue that connects urban and rural,” said Bob Thompson, President and Board chair of the Calgary Stampede. “This provides a gathering place for agriculture industries and associations, offers economic benefit to Calgary businesses, and ensures city residents have a regular connection to agriculture, horses and livestock all through the year.”


Agrium’s President and CEO Chuck Magro also spoke at the Agrium Centre’s grand opening, underlining how the building houses a unique global education program created by the Stampede and Agrium. “We’re thrilled to be part of making the Agrium Western Event Centre a reality at the Calgary Stampede,” said Magro. “This is a place to celebrate agriculture and to learn about sustainable farming practices, through the Journey 2050 program, as we work to feed 9 billion people globally by 2050.”

Journey 2050 coaches grade seven students to explore how the world will feed itself sustainably in the year 2050. Up to 70 students will gather at the building’s rotunda each weekday to experience an interactive inquiry-based personal and computer program that shows the results and impacts of their virtual farming choices.

Guests of the grand opening event marveled at the building’s size and the great sight-lines from the open concourse and seating areas. The behind-the-scenes features of the building were a hit with horse-owners who recognize the animal-friendly features built into every aspect of the handling, warm-up and performance areas.

grand opening

“We are bringing the Arabian Horse Association’s Western Canadian show to Calgary because of this building,” Arabian Association representative Allison Mostowich told the crowd. “Our first priority is always our horses, and we can tell from the way this building was designed, animals are the Stampede’s top priority as well. We’re looking forward to being the first big event here after the Stampede (July 21-26).”

A current listing of the horse shows, competitions and championship events being hosted this year at the Agrium Centre can be found at www.calgarystampede.com/AgriumCentre. Many are new to Calgary, with several events created with this new facility’s capabilities in mind.


2014: Year of The [Horse] Chucks

2014 marks the Chinese Year of the Horse. Your Chinese sign is a Horse if you were born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978 or 1990 and astrologers see wood as providing fuel for the energetic horse sign. Well hey – doesn’t that sound like it should also be The Year of The Chucks?

1926 Chuckwagon Finals

Chuckwagon races are based on the cowboy tradition of breaking camp after a cattle round-up and then a race for home. The first races mimicked range practice: each entry had a food wagon with chuck box, water barrel and camp stove, all drawn by a 4-horse team and guided by 4 outriders. The race began with the outriders loading the stove and gear into the wagon; the rigs then raced around barrels in the centre of the arena, ran a half-mile circuit of the racetrack, and finished by unhitching the team and firing up the cook stove. The first outfit to make smoke won.

1997 Buddy Bensmiller chuckwagon driver at the Calgary Stampede

Of course the Chuckwagon races of today have been slightly modified. Races conclude, not by firing up the stove, but by crossing the finish line in front of the grandstand and a cheering audience. Perhaps this year, they should fire up that old wood-burning stove again.

Dream big with Calgary Stampede Lotteries

This year the Stampede asks the question: What kind of champion are you? There’s the “Thrill Seeker” who tests their courage on the Midway and the “Boot Stomper” who strives to party every night of the 10 days. Another type of champion lured to Stampede Park is the “Big Dreamer” who has visions of themselves living in the Rotary Dream Home, taking friends for a spin on the lake on a new boat and packing camping gear into a new GMC truck.

Living a winner’s life is only one way the “Big Dreamer” dreams. Purchasing tickets for Calgary Stampede Lotteries means you’re giving back to the community and providing meaningful support to many deserving organizations, which is a dream in itself. In the past 10 years, more than $22 million was distributed to worthwhile community projects in southern Alberta through the Stampede’s two service partners: Kinsmen Club of Calgary and Rotary Club of Calgary South. The remaining proceeds were used to support the Calgary Stampede’s many youth and education programs through the Calgary Stampede Foundation and the Calgary Marching Showband Association.


So, who are these groups and what do they do?

  • Calgary Stampede Foundation: Generating funds to support youth projects and programs in Calgary and Southern Alberta, including but not limited to the Calgary Stampede Showband, The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts, Stampede School and Youth Scholarships.
  • Calgary Marching Showband Association: Providing more than 150 young people, between the ages of 16 and 21, with music and performing arts skills.
  • Kinsmen Club of Calgary: A service organization working together to enhance the quality of life in communities by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and national pride.
  • Rotary Club of Calgary South: An organization of business, professional and community leaders who come together through commitment and fellowship to create opportunities and better communities for future generations.

Let’s take a look at some of the community projects in southern Alberta that have benefited Calgary Stampede Lotteries’ proceeds:

  • Aspen Family and Community Network Society: A social service agency supporting Calgary and area children, youth and families in vulnerable situations to overcome poverty-related challenges.
  • Calgary Zoological Society: The most visited zoo in Canada and one of Alberta’s top tourist attractions, hosting 1.4 million visitors annually.
  • CanLearn Society: Changing lives through providing learning, giving hope and improving the quality of life for children, adults and families struggling with literacy development, learning and attention difficulties.
  • Easter Seals Camp Horizon: Enhancing quality of life, self-esteem and self-determination through providing vital recreation and programs regardless of age, disease or disability.
  • Enviros: Providing innovative, family oriented programming to Alberta’s children, youth, adults and families who are dealing with trauma, addictions, abuse and neglect.
  • Hull Child and Family Services: Providing leading edge and effective behavioral and mental services for children and families.
  • The Kerby Centre: A not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of older adults through services, information and programming.
  • Meals on Wheels: Promoting health and independence by providing quality, nutritious and affordable meals to people in need of our services.
  • WoodWorks: An offsite branch of The Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre that produces innovative, custom made products that are built and sourced locally, helping to repair lives.
  • Women in Need Society: Helping women and their families help themselves through assisting women who are in transition and living in poverty.
  • Youville Recovery Residence for Women: A residential recovery facility for women experiencing co-occurring issues of addiction, mental health distress and a history of abuse.

So for those of you who may prefer a small car over a large truck or who have a fear of open water but still love to dream big, the Calgary Stampede Lotteries is still a place for you as you can dream of all the ways your proceeds will help the community.  But it wouldn’t hurt to take away the Dream Home after all, so it’s really a win-win situation!

For more information on the Calgary Stampede’s partnerships listed above, prizes and to purchase tickets, visit: https://www.calgarystampedelotteries.ca/.


Behind-the-Scenes Experience that Money Can’t Buy

Have you ever wondered just how big a heavy horse is? Would you like to see one up close?

What about meeting some of the great live acts that will be coming to the new Agrium Western Event Centre during this year’s Stampede?

The Calgary Stampede wants to bring your family down to the grounds to share in some unique experiences that money can’t buy! We have opportunities for families to try out the work of a stock dog, get a private VIP tour of the Indian Village, meet some of our special acts coming to the brand new Agrium Western Event Centre, and get a private tour of the barn! There are SIX money-can’t-buy prize packs that include gate entry for you and your family, food vouchers, and exciting prizes!

Enter today for your chance to win one of these unique experiences! Tweet YOUR favourite Calgary Stampede experience to @cs_ngc with the hashtag #moneycantbuycs2014

See full contest details. Contest closes at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 27, 2014.

10 new experiences for the 2014 Stampede

From Canadian favourites to cowboy classics, from innovative instruments to back-flipping snowmobiles, from agriculture to William Shatner(!)—the 2014 Stampede is full of new experiences that will dazzle, entertain and just plain awe. Here are 10 new experiences (in no particular order) to look out for on Stampede Park this year:

 1. The Agrium Western Event Centre
Custom-designed with animal safety in mind and one of the largest projects in Stampede history, make sure you find your way to the Agrium Western Event Centre. Your favourite animal events including the Heavy Horse Show, UFA Steer Classic, World Champion Stock Dogs and Cutting Horse can all be found at the Agrium Centre. Also joining us this year—the RCMP Musical Ride!


2. An afternoon with William Shatner
It’s always been your dream to meet the original Captain Kirk? Here’s your chance! The Calgary Stampede is thrilled to present My Life and My Love of Horses, an exclusive afternoon with William Shatner on Thursday, July 3. This once-in-a-lifetime event with William Shatner will be a fun and entertaining way to kick off your Calgary Stampede.
Thursday, July 3, 2014, 3 p.m. Palomino Room, BMO Centre. You can purchase tickets here.

William Shatner

3. The Bell adrenaline ranch
For all you Thrill Seekers out there! The Bell adrenaline ranch will feature the show Evolution of Extreme, an exciting and visually stunning account of the progression of extreme motorsports. Stunts and performances by the Freestyle Motorcross team will take you on the ride of your life! Itching for more extreme? Check out XPOGO where professional pogo riders push the vertical limit. Shows at noon, 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily. XPOGO at 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. daily.

27 IMG_0392 sayers

4. ENMAX Corral Show: The Peking Acrobats
Masters of agility and grace, The Peking Acrobats will dazzle you with their astonishing juggling dexterity and incredible balancing feats. The Peking Acrobats hold the world record for the Human Chair Stack—balancing six people atop six chairs 21 feet up in the air without safety lines. Daily at 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Special shows at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 3 and 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 6 and Wednesday, July 9.

The Peking Acrobats

5. William Close and the Earth Harp
William Close finished third place on America’s Got Talent with his Earth Harp, the largest string instrument in the world. During Stampede, the harp will be strung across the Western Oasis. Soak in one of the five daily performances while you peruse western art or relax with a glass of wine. Daily 10-minute performances at 1:20 p.m., 2:20 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:20 p.m. and 9 p.m.

6.The Great FUNTier
Everything a family could want…all in one place! The Kids’ Midway has moved alongside the Agriculture Building creating a brand new family-friendly zone. Little ones can ride their favourite kid-size rides and meet the men and women of the Canadian Forces. At the all new Great FUNTier Mini Grandstand, you can find the Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull, Kids’ Team Penning and special performances from First Nations Youth Dancers.

7. 32 brand-spanking-new foods on the Midway:
Scorpian pizza, red velvet mini donuts, crocodile sliders, deep fried cheesies, peanut butter cups, sushi, cookie dough and donut bacon cheeseburgers, and bacon-wrapped everything. Some big decisions to make.

Red Velvet Mini Donuts - Mini Donuts

8. Triple B—Barbeque, Bulls and Beer
Yup- all of your Stampede favourites in one place at the city’s largest pop-up patio. Face off on the dueling mechanical bulls or order the world-record holding largest hamburger for $5,000 (24-hour advance notice needed). Two California-based BBQ joints make their first trip to Canada. Juicys features “Outlaw” the world’s largest outdoor barbeque. Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ brings a cornucopia of grilled specialties.

9. The TransAlta Grandstand Show, Barnburner
New creative director David Pierce has brought together a formidable creative team. Legendary chuckwagon driver Tom Glass will bring the party from the barns to the stage of the Grandstand. The Grandstand team has kept all the secrets so well—all we know is its going to be epic!

10. CS Mercantile- a new retail collaboration with Paul Hardy

CS Mercantile-a collaboration with Paul Hardy

The Calgary Stampede has partnered with Calgary-based internationally-renowned fashion designer Paul Hardy to create a western retail experience unlike any other. Think belt-buckle-shaped soaps, bourbon-flavoured syrup, a custom-designed Wrangler baby line, vintage-inspired belt buckles, home décor and bold urban-western apparel.


“The Calgary Stampede’s story is rich in history and values,” said Deanne Carson, vice-president marketing and external relations, Calgary Stampede. “CS Mercantile has been designed to tell our stories through unique western apparel and novelties that have been curated to both celebrate the rural history of the Stampede and showcase the vibrant urban energy of a city taking its place on the world’s stage.”



Paul Hardy burst onto the fashion scene in 2002 at Toronto Fashion Week where he garnered rave reviews for his first collection. He has shown his work in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Mexico City and Quebec City to name just a few. In addition to designing high end ladies fashion, accessory, jewelry and fur lines, he built a school in Uganda and started the project known as “Reversal of Fortune,” providing sustainable revenue for women marginalized by political wars and HIV. He has been recognized by numerous fashion experts and magazines as a designer to know and watch. In 2012, Hardy designed a commemorative white hat for the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede and the 50th anniversary of the white hat.


The CS Mercantile collection features 1,000 plus new pieces hand-selected by Hardy. The collection has unique approach of pairing western-inspired statement pieces with everyday fashions.


“I expect many of these pieces will be included into one’s wardrobe year round,” said Hardy. “There is a deep appeal to those who embrace style regardless of age, regardless of where you work or play, regardless of where you live.”


There will be three CS Mercantile locations on Stampede Park during the Stampede, opening on Thursday, July 3. The flagship store is located in the Grandstand. Make sure to stop by the General Store on the Midway and the Outpost, in BMO Centre (the current store location).


Meet the Calgary Stampede’s two new Honorary Life Directors: Wynne Chisholm and Glenn Street

The Calgary Stampede is pleased to welcome two new Honorary Life Directors, Wynne Chisholm and Glenn Street.

Since its earliest days, the Stampede has recognized the leaders who have elevated Alberta’s stature nationally and internationally through their vision, hard work and tireless commitment to western values. Honorary Life Director is one of the most prestigious accolades awarded by the Stampede, and in April, the board of directors inducted two long-time Stampede volunteers and past directors into this prestigious grouping.

Please meet our new Honorary Life Directors:

Wynne Chisholm 

Wynne Chisholm

Wynne Chisholm began her four-decade long association with the Calgary Stampede in 1976, when she was crowned Stampede Princess. For the next three years she served on the Queens’ Alumni Association Executive and led the initiative to have the Queens’ Alumni recognized as a formal Stampede committee, which they achieved in 1980. She then served as its first chair. During her time with Queens’ Alumni, Wynne was integral in building the relationship between the Stampede and special needs children—a relationship that remains strong to this day. Wynne continued to volunteer each year with the Stampede and quickly became known for her energy, enthusiasm and strategic thinking. In 2008, she was elected to the board of directors. As chair of the board’s Strategy committee, Wynne oversaw the development of our current Strategic Plan.

Outside of her time spent at the Stampede, Wynne is the president and CEO of W.A Ranches and a leader in modern ranching operations. Her ranch prioritizes self-sufficiency and environmentalism, quality assurance as well as community partnerships. W.A. Ranches sponsors 4-H awards, scholarships at Olds College, is a major donor to the Agrium Western Event Centre and works with the University of Calgary veterinary school to give students hand-on experiences at a ranch. In 2011, Wynne was awarded the Farm Credit Canada’s Rosemary Davis Award, which honours female leaders in Canadian agriculture. In all of her efforts, Wynne epitomizes western hospitality, and demonstrates an enduring pride of place in Calgary and Alberta making her well deserving of the special privilege of becoming Honorary Life Director.

Quote from Wynne: Volunteering at the Calgary Stampede has been a great way to give back to the community. I’ve made lifelong friends and enjoyed building the capability and capacity of the board and volunteer committees. I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed an Honorary Life Director and look forward to staying connected. 

Glenn Street

Glenn Street

Glenn Street joined the Calgary Stampede Promotion committee in 1984. As the president of Calgary’s Street Characters, he helped the Stampede bring to life Harry the Horse, who has been a symbol of the Stampede’s western hospitality ever since. In 1990, Glenn joined the Downtown Attractions committee and he was elected to the board of directors in 2004. While on the board, Glenn served as director liaison to numerous committees including Lotteries, Corporate Relations, Grandstand Show, Western Legacy Awards, Strategic and Steer Classic committees, to name just a few. Glenn is an out-of-the-box and entrepreneurial thinker who has inspired and invigorated the Stampede through his efforts, as he does in all walks of life.

For example, under Glenn’s leadership, Street Characters has become well-known for its high performance business culture, and is regularly visited by representatives from other companies to learn its techniques. In 2007, Glenn received an FMC Pinnacle Award for Business Excellence. At Street Characters and the Stampede alike, Glenn is an enduring proponent of measuring the success of the organization. Glenn has always striven to ensure that the Stampede stays true to its western values, which he has exemplified in his own extraordinary contributions to the community and is why he truly deserves the special recognition of becoming Honorary Life Director.

Quote from Glenn: I’ve been fortunate enough to have some pretty amazing experiences in my life. I’ve been able to do a lot of things that most people would not have the opportunity to do, and by far being a director of the Stampede is one of the highlights of my life.