A Rare Find of Calgary’s 1919 Victory Stampede

The Calgary Stampede recently acquired a very rare pennant that was one of the many souvenirs sold to visitors at the 1919 Victory Stampede. An astute collector, Brian Freed, found this rare piece of Stampede history at an auction in Calgary. Within a few days he contacted the Stampede Archives as that is where he believed the pennant should reside.

Stampede Victory Pennant

The 1919 Stampede, held at the Exhibition Grounds from August 25 to 30, was a celebration of the end of the Great War and a salute to the young men who had so courageously served on the European front. The armistice ending the fighting went into effect at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918, but it would be several months before all the soldiers returned to Canada.

Inspired by England’s lead to hold a Peace Festival, in early 1919 Ernie L. Richardson, the Secretary of the Calgary Exhibition, approached the Big Four – Pat Burns, A.E. Cross, George Lane, and Archie J. McLean – to see if they would sponsor another Stampede.  The excitement and success of the 1912 Stampede in bringing people together from all over Alberta had remained with these individuals, but there was only one person that could pull it together on such short notice: Guy Weadick. But was he available and could they find him?

1919 Victory Stampede

When Guy Weadick did not get Calgary’s support to make the Stampede an annual affair, he went elsewhere with his entertaining program: first to Winnipeg in 1913, overseas to England for a couple of years and then back to New York in 1916. In spite of these travels, one member of the Big Four had kept in touch with Guy Weadick over the years, and thus George Lane was able to find and meet with Guy Weadick in Spokane, Washington, to negotiate a contract to stage Calgary’s second Stampede, much along the lines of the 1912 one.

Victroy Stampede 2

Events included bareback and saddlebronc riding, bulldogging, steer roping, steer and bull riding, fancy roping and trick riding, relay races, Indian races, the pony express race, and Roman standing races among other events. All too soon the exciting six day celebration was over, and when the tally was in, some $25,000 had been distributed to the competing cowboys and cowgirls in the day money and finals. Some 57,456 people enjoyed the Victory Stampede but even with the charge of $1 for the admission to the Exhibition grounds and an additional 50 cent charge for a grandstand seat, it was not quite enough to break even. The biggest disappointment was not having any profits to distribute to The Great War Veteran’s Association, The Salvation Army or the Y.M.C.A, but in spite of this the Victory Stampede was a success in the eyes of most citizens.

Weaning time at the OH Ranch

The OH Ranch just weaned and sold our first calf crop. Weaning means separating the calves from the cows so that we can sell the calves at market.  But first, we had to bring the herd out of the lease which is about 4,000 acres, so gathering them all up took about three days.

Moving cows to North wean pasture

We had some great help from the neighbours to wean the calves. We gathered the whole herd into the weaning pen northwest of the headquarters and sorted the cows from the calves. We then separated the heifers from the steers.

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Royalty Report: Travel Alberta Industry Conference and Canadian Finals Rodeo

Due to techincal diffculties with our videos from recent events, I am simply “blogging” this week (but I’ve included pictures!) about our recently attended events. Hopefully next Royalty Report we will have some video to share with you! It is hard to believe that it is the middle of November already and that we have participated in approximately 20 events since crowning on September 29.  We have been busy promoting the Calgary Stampede and the City of Calgary at various events including the Travel Alberta Industry Tourism Conference in Banff and most recently the 40th Annual Canadian Finals Rodeo held at Rexall Place in Edmonton.

For our first overnight trip, we climbed into the Royalty Mobile and made the snowy trek to Banff for the 13th Annual  Travel Alberta Industry Tourism Conference. Driving up to the picturesque castle of the Rockies, the Banff Springs, it was the perfect setting to
gather with tourism professionals to applaud the successes of  Alberta’s tourism industry and to discuss the best methods to continue the promotion of Alberta as a top national and international tourist destination. The Travel Alberta Industry Conference brings the tourism industry’s best of the best to celebrate Alberta’s magnificent beauty and unique hospitality that in turn brings 35.32 million visitors to our province every year. On Sunday night, we mixed and mingled with tourism professionals from across Alberta partaking in the fun activities including the Travel Alberta photo booth where we were able to take a rather humorous photo with the help of a few props and the background of the Alberta Badlands.  The following morning we greeted conference attendees at breakfast that was sponsored by the Calgary Stampede. Deanne Carson, the Calgary Stampede’s Vice-President, Marketing and External Relations presented a very impactful video of the rebuilding of Stampede Park following June’s flood. I’ll admit that Carly, Danica, Stephanie and I were all a little teary eyed watching the devastation of Stampede Park but we were also brimming with pride to see how the Calgary Stampede with the support of the community rallied to prepare the park for the 2013 Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.


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Canadian Rodeo Finals wrap-up

If they could hang on long enough, it was a good bet that cowboys on Stampede rough stock would end up in the money at the Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR).

The Stampede Ranch trucked 31 horses and seven bulls – it’s AA Team – to the CFR in Edmonton, November 6-10, eager to match up the best of our best with the top cowboys in Canada for championship titles.

As the cowboys racked up money towards championships tallies, it was often Stampede stock carrying them to the pay window. Of the 53 bucking performances by Stampede stock, 32 of those were solid qualified rides. A full 75 per cent of those rides – 24 rides in total – Stampede horses and bulls carried the cowboys to a top-five finish to hit the pay window. In total, almost $142,000 was won by cowboys riding Stampede bucking stock, and the Stampede Ranch was presented with six nightly go-round buckles for five horses and one bull.


The statistics paint a great overall picture of the strength, consistency and high quality of each of the Stampede’s qualified CFR stock. Beyond the stats, each ride had its own story to tell. Here are a few highlight tales:

Bracken, Saskatchewan, cowboy Rylan Geiger is the new 2013 Canadian Saddle Bronc Champion, earned mostly on the back of Stampede horses. The Saskatchewan cowboy scored two consecutive first-placed go-round finishes – aboard stallion T-38 Timely Delivery on the Friday night with 88 points, and again the following day with an 85.25-point ride on K-52 Knife Money.

Knife Money’s sister, M-2 Mad Money and fellow Stampede mare R-19 Roll Over both earned go-round wins for New Mexico cowboy Taos Muncy. Roll Over scored 83.75 with Muncy in the second day of competition, while Mad Money earned him a tie for first place on the final Sunday go-round.

Bareback star Jake Vold from Ponoka had been out of commission since an injury at the Calgary Stampede in July, yet climbed aboard Stampede’s M-75 Muffled  Cries on opening night for an amazing performance that scored 87.25 points. It was a ride to remember, and the top-scoring ride in all events for the night.

The Calgary Stampede is proud of the incredible performances of our 37 horses and bulls. We congratulate all of the cowboy competitors and stock contractors and especially our new 2013 CFR Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Champions. Looking forward to more great rides together in 2014!

2014 Calendar Photo Contest

We’re looking for the final photo for our 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar and need your help finding it. Submit your photos of a past Stampede and your photo could end up in our calendar!


How to enter:
Between November 12 and 23, share your photos on our Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/calgarystampede) with a brief description. Your original photo submission must be at least 11in x 8.5in (3300px x 2550px) at 300 dpi to be considered for the selection in the 2014 calendar.

On November 25 the top 5 photos submitted will be put in a photo album and we’ll ask the community to like their favourite photo. At 5pm MST on November 27, the photograph with the most likes will be the winning shot and will be featured in our 2014 calendar.

The winner will receive photo credits in the 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar as well as a pair of Evening Show tickets and a $50 Stampede Store gift card.*Terms and conditions apply.

Calendar Cover final

Purchase the 2014 Calgary Stampede Calendar here. 

Royalty Report (the ‘Old-Fashioned’ way)

After some discussion, we’ve decided to supplement our weekly vlogs with some good old-fashioned written blogs.  This way we can keep you guys even more updated on our crazy year. As a side note, our vlogging may be a little bit delayed: with two science degrees and a communications degree between the three of us, we didn’t come into this whole vlogging topic with much, i.e. ANY, experience.  Please bear with us for another week or so, and cross your fingers for a video soon; I know I will be.

We’ve had a busy last couple of weeks, so apologies for being a bit behind in our blogging. Since the end of October we’ve seen our new Stampede sister Carly Weasel-Child receive her crown, then we were whisked off to Banff following the ceremony.  Princess Shannon will be telling you all about our stay in the Fairmont Banff Springs and the Travel Alberta Conference in our next blog (or maybe vlog), which means I get to share our experience at Happy Trails! We also recently attended the Conservative Party Convention Rodeo, and the Canadian Finals Rodeo so stay tuned for more on those events!

For those of you that don’t know from previous years, Happy Trails consists of us going to a retirement home once a month, where we get to visit, mingle, and sing with any seniors who wish to attend.  Yes… sing. One of the first things you should know about me before I continue is that I cannot sing.  I took vocal lessons for a year or two when I was younger (I think I was about six), until my mom started pushing for me to start playing the piano instead.  Coincidence? I really doubt it. Throw that lack of singing talent in with a major head cold that left me with very little voice, and it is safe to say I was terrified en route to our Happy Trails event.

The Stampede Promotions Committee and a band complete with a bass and two guitars greeted us upon our arrival at Whitehorn Village.  This is when I grew even more nervous; we were told that not only were we expected to walk around and visit/sing with the seniors, but also were expected to perform in front of everyone! With microphones!  I tried to push this thought from my mind as I began to talk to people and sing quietly with members of the retirement home. As the night progressed, I realized that nobody in the room cared if I could actually carry a tune; they were all there to have fun.  By the time it was our turn to lead a song for everyone I was having so much fun myself that all my nerves had disappeared.  Stephanie, Shannon, Carly, and I led an entertaining, albeit off key, rendition of You are my Sunshine complete with all verses.  All of us were surprised to learn that it is not the cheery little jingle we learned as children; those last couple verses certainly bring a darker side to the song!

After our spectacular performance we continued to mingle, and even led a couple line dances, or two-steps in my case when I got too lost to continue.  Another highlight from the night was learning the Spanish names to some of the songs we were singing from one of the residents.  “Valle del Rio Rojo” (Red River Valley) is one of the ones I remember best, and Ricardo and I had a blast laughing at my horrible Spanish accent.

Off key Royalty singing aside, our evening at Whitehorn was a great success.  Happy Trails has been one of my favourite events this year and I can’t wait to attend our next one in a couple weeks time! Who knows, maybe we’ll see such improvements in our vocal talents over the year that we could include it in a vlog segment… no promises though.

Queenie D

Double Trouble Stampede Broncs on Day 2 of CFR

After a strong start winning the Day One back horse go-round buckle on opening night at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, Calgary Stampede Ranch horses stepped it up on Day Two with double trouble in the saddle bronc event. Stampede’s R-19 Roll Over teamed up with Taos Muncy for the winning bronc ride of the night with a score of 83.75. K-52 Knife Money was close on her heels, bucking out an 83.25-point ride with Calgary Stampede 2013 Saddle Bronc Champion Cort Scheer aboard.Cort Scheer action

CFR fans had their first look at R-19 Roll Over, as this is the mare’s first-ever CFR appearance. She was born in 2005 from a pairing of Stampede mare Excessively Rolly and legendary six-time world and Canadian champion bareback horse Grated Coconut. Roll Over started out as a bareback horse a few years back, but has switched to saddle bronc and is hitting her stride. In her rookie appearance at the CFR on Day Two, she and New Mexico cowboy Muncy were second up in the bronc bucking order, setting the pace for the rest of the pen. She bucked hard as she looped around to the left and gave the front-row audience members a good view as she sidled up alongside, close to the arena wall.

Another half-dozen competitors later, Scheer and Knife Money gave the pair a run for their first place money. Knife Money also looped around to the left, doing her part of get this Nebaska champ cowboy into the money at second place for the go-round. Knife Money is a savvy veteran of the pro rodeo circuit, having qualified many times over for both the CFR and NFR. Born in 2001, this strong mare represents a rare spot of outside blood in the Stampede Born to Buck breeding program. Knife Money was born after Stampede Ranch managers bred past Canadian and NFR qualifying mare Day Money with legendary stallion Wyatt Earp from Northcott Stock Contractors.

To learn more about the Stampede horses who are bringing the buck to CFR 2013, check out a few profile and video descriptions on our Stampede Ranch Webpage.

Muffled Cries takes first buckle at CFR

No sooner had the 40th anniversary edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo began, and the Calgary Stampede Ranch had earned its first go-round buckle and the highest score of the night.

Muffled Cries

As Canada’s top bareback riders took on the nation’s top rough stock one by one, Stampede’s M-75 Muffled Cries patiently waited her turn to shine. Already a qualifier for the CFR and National Finals Rodeo many times over, this strong mare is in her seventh season on the pro circuit, and knows the drilll well. She  was teamed up with Ponoka’s own Jake Vold, and the pair competed 11th of the group of 12 in this opening event, just as the opening night crowd was settling into their seats and starting to warm up their cheering.

Muffled Cries sure gave them a lot of cheer for, exploding from the chutes with her signature style of hard, high bucking combined with some sideways steps that steps up the difficulty for the rider and pumps up her scores. Vold was up to the challenge, staying on top with great form to ride it out for a score of 87.25.


That would be the top score in all bucking events for the night, and was more than enough to earn Muffled Cries the go-round buckle for bareback horse of the night, presented to Stampede Ranch director Keith Marrington.

Read a bit more about Muffled Cries on the Stampede Ranch webpages.


Remembrance Day 2013

With Remembrance Day just around the corner we thought we would share some ceremonies and events happen around the city. 9243099748_07596e029a_b

Calgary Remembrance Day Services:

Aero Space Museum Remembrance Day Ceremony
Location: 4629 McCall Way NE
Ceremony starts at 10:30 a.m.

Battalion Remembrance Day Ceremony
Location: 3001 Signal Hill Dr. S.W.
Ceremony starts at 10:40 a.m.

Jubilee Auditorium Remembrance Day Service
Location: 14th Street and 16th Avenue N.W.
Service starts at 10 a.m.

The Military Museums Remembrance Day Service
Location: 4520 Crowchild Trail S.W.
Service starts at 10:45 a.m.

Remembrance Day Union Cemetery Tour
Location: 28 Ave. and Spiller Rd. S.W.
Tours start at 1 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.

Calgary Central Memorial Park
Location: 12th Avenue and 4th Street SW
Ceremony starts at 10:30 a.m.

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Location: 1415 14th Avenue NW
Ceremony starts at 10:30 a.m. 561512_498354776865919_2075869297_n Whether you go out or just stay in this Monday, make sure you remember to have a moment of silence. If you know of other Remembrance Day events happening make sure to tell us about it in the comments below.

Dr Temple Grandin shares insights with Calgary Stampede

When Dr. Temple Grandin made a special visit to Calgary on October 30, she inspired a large group of veterinarian medicine students, and spoke to a packed public lecture hall about how she turned her autism and unique way of thinking into a world-famous career transforming livestock handling. Dr. Grandin is an American doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado Statue University, a bestselling author, autistic activistic and consultant in the livestock industry on animal behaviour.  Click HERE to read more on her Calgary presentation.

Growing up with autism, Grandin came to realize that her way of thinking – in visual pictures – is very different from most other people who think in words and language. It is, however, very similar to the way livestock animals experience the world around them.

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Stampede Star Horses bring the buck to CFR

The Calgary Stampede Ranch is bringing the buck to Canadian Finals Rodeo’s 40th anniversary edition at Northlands in Edmonton this week. A total of three dozen of the Stampede’s bucking stock stars are making the trip to Edmonton to give Canada’s top cowboys a ride for their Canadian championships money.

Half of a cowboy’s points in the rough-stock events are based on how strong the horse or bull bucks and how difficult they make it for the cowboy to hang on for the full eight seconds. Stampede bucking horses and bulls are renowned  for being the best of the best for rodeo stock, with a long string of Canadian Championship and World Championship titles awarded to the Stampede Ranch over its 50-year history. Be sure to cheer on the Stampede bucking horses and bulls as they buck for points in a bid to add more championships titles to our record. The Canadian Finals Rodeo runs November 6-10 at Rexall Place in Edmonton.

To share more about our horses, the Stampede caught up with some of the world’s top cowboys earlier this fall, and had them describe what makes some of our top horses so unique and hard to ride. Check out these videos profiling a number of our top Stampede Star horses.

More about the horses in the videos above:

Stampede Warrior has a legitimate shot at being named the World Bareback Champion Horse for 2013. She is having a stellar year in 2013, including bucking Caleb Bennett to a 92-point ride to win the Calgary Stampede, and Jake Vold scored a 92 on Stampede Warrior to win the Ponoka Stampede just two weeks earlier. She is known for her great disposition and being quiet in the chutes, just waiting for her chance to explode into action the moment the chute gates open. She bucks consistently hard and cowboys know they can win money consistently. Stampede Warrior is looking to notch up more great performances this fall through B.C., Oregon and Washington in a bid to secure herself a trip to the NFR.

Twin Cherry exploded onto the pro rodeo circuit as a novice, including being chosen for the CFR last year at the young age of five years old. Now tearing up the circuit as a talented six-year-old with a bright future, Twin Cherry was named the Bareback Horse of the Stampede for her outstanding performance scores in her two trips to the arena. She started out the year as one of only three horses picked to go to the final shoot-out round at the Denver Rodeo in January of 2013. Cowboys approach Twin Cherry with extra respect, as her manners in the chutes have earned her a reputation as a smart, spirited and unpredictable mare, following in her spirited mother’s footsteps.

The Mo Story

It’s that time of year again when mustaches start popping up all over the city. This year Calgary Stampede employees and volunteers will be growing signature cowboy-themed mustaches throughout the month to raise funds to support prostate cancer research and treatment.

To make things interesting, if the Stampede team raises more than $10,000, long-time mustachioed vice-president of park development Warren Connell will shave off his legendary mustache, which last saw a razor in 1988!


If you want to help us combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges (or if you just want to see Warren’s upper lip) you can donate here. Continue reading


Germany 2013

The Calgary Stampede Indian Princess subcommittee is so excited to announce that Indian Princess Carly will be traveling to Berlin, Hamburg & Munich, Germany to promote the Calgary Stampede as a guest of the Canadian Tourism Commission!

“I am so excited for such an incredible opportunity so early in my year and wish to thank Calgary Stampede Tourism and the Canadian Travel Commission for this gift. I look forward to educating people from around the world so they can see into our culture and help breakdown any myths,”

“People are self-conscious about offending us, but we prefer you ask about what you’re curious about, so we can explain our culture.” explains Carly.

For Carly, this trip is exciting as she is eager to promote Indian Village and the five tribes of Treaty 7, but also personally as this trip provided the opportunity for Carly’s first passport!

“It’s true, this is my first ever passport and I can’t wait to have “Deutschland” stamped in it. It will be one of many incredible moments this year as Indian Princess and I am looking so forward to them all.”

Each year a young woman from one of the five tribes of Treaty 7 (Tsuu T’ina, Piikani, Stoney, Kainai and Siksika Nations) to stand as the official representative of Indian Village presented by Penn West Exploration and the Calgary Stampede.

As an official Calgary Stampede ambassador, the Indian Princess will make numerous appearances locally, nationally and internationally and will educate those she meets about the rich and colorful First Nations culture.


For more information on the Indian Village visit www.indianvillage.ca.



From the Siksika Nation, the 2014 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess is Carly Weasel Child.

A jingle dress dancer, she is currently attending Siksika College with plans to attend the University of Calgary towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications for a future career in journalism or public relations.

Carly whose Blackfoot name is Papainhkkiakii meaning “Dream Singing Woman” was taught to take pride in her culture and pass her knowledge onto future generations. She believes both the social and spiritual sides of her culture are the key to her identity.

As the 2014 Indian Princess, Carly inherits the opportunity to represent her community, the Calgary Stampede and the five tribes of Treaty 7. She also continues a family legacy as three past relatives were also crowned Indian Princess, which inspired her to follow in their footsteps.

“It’s an incredible honor to carry the title of Calgary Stampede Indian Princess and have this opportunity to make a positive impact for my community. I have always admired the strong women who have served as Indian Princess before me and I am so excited to share the beauty and importance of the First Nation’s culture during my year. I look forward to greeting visitors from around the world to Indian Village during the 2014 Calgary Stampede – the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth!.”

Each year a young woman from one of the five tribes of Treaty 7 (Tsuu T’ina, Piikani, Stoney, Kainai and Siksika Nations) to stand as the official representative of Indian Village presented by Penn West Exploration and the Calgary Stampede.

As an official Calgary Stampede ambassador, the Indian Princess will make numerous appearances locally, nationally and internationally and will educate those she meets about the rich and colorful First Nations culture. She embraces the legacy of the iconic Indian Princess title and will go forth with honor and pride as she represents the five tribes of Treaty 7, the Indian Village and the Calgary Stampede.


Appearances: calgarystampede.com/epg
Email: indianprincess@calgarystampede.com
Web: calgarystampede.com/indianvillage


New tunnel and reconfigured track are officially open

Yesterday, the Calgary Stampede officially opened its new tunnel and reconfigured track. The tunnel is a pretty incredible piece of infrastructure, that will allow for safe, smooth passage for animal and humans alike between the Barns and the new Agrium Western Event Centre. It also keeps all vehicle traffic off the track and enhances access to the Infield.


Cutting the ribbon

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