100 days until 2013 Calgary Stampede !!! Spring gets the Royalty more and more busy!

Ski hill function

The girls and I at a recent event at COP. Yes it was a cold day !!!

Are you guys ready to have an update about your favourite Royal Trio?? Well since we got back from our travelling adventures in our friendly neighbour country the United States, we have been quite busy! This week we did 4 events.



On Tuesday we were off to the Calgary Stampede Annual General Meeting which is a review of last year’s Centennial Stampede. It was a really positive meeting and so far, the Centennial has been the best year for the Calgary Stampede. I said so far because I believe this coming year will be just as successful! We had the opportunity that night to meet some amazing volunteers and shareholders of the Calgary Stampede. It definitely inspired me to join a committee after my reign and continue to be part of such an amazing organization.

On Wednesday, we were invited to attempt the opening ceremonies of the 2013 Synchronized Swimming National Qualifier. There were swimming teams from all over Canada ready to give all they have. White hats were given to all the athletes as a welcoming gesture from The Calgary Stampede and the City of Calgary. As active girls Danielle, Jessica and I always enjoy attending sports events. Following this event was the Canvas Auction Rehearsal, where the Chuckwagon Committee explained to us what our role would be during the auction the following evening. They wanted to make sure everything would be perfect for the big night.

Canvas Auction

Being introduced by new Stampede Director Bob Thompson at the 2013 Canvas Auction.

On Thursday was the 2013 Canvas Auction, we had the pleasure to escort all the chuckwagon drivers that qualified for the 2013 Calgary Stampede up to the stage where they would be selling their wagon tarp to a sponsor. We were fortunate enough to meet and chat with all the drivers. The legendary Kelly Sutherland was the highest bid of the night, sold for $200 000. This evening got all of us really excited because we are big fans of the chuckwagon races.

As the year goes by so quickly, I can`t get over how lucky we are to be part of the Calgary Stampede Royalty. I would like to say thank you to all the members of the Royalty Committee for all the hard work they do all year round to make this year one of the best for us. Also a very big thank you to the sponsors. Without all these generous people this amazing adventure could not be possible. I look forward
to April! Another busy month for us!



Calgary Stampede OH Ranch plans for the future

The OH Ranch allows the Calgary Stampede to connect with the agriculture industry and ranching communities in new and meaningful ways as the organization embarks upon being an active producer for the first time in its history. In looking at all of the opportunities, there has been a process to provide guidance to support the OH Ranch.


The three guiding principles are part of the vision, and provide framework to assist the Calgary Stampede in preserving the working ranch and protecting its natural environment and heritage value.


The first principle is to preserve the western authenticity of the working OH Ranch, and this will be achieved by re-establishing the OH Ranch as a working cow ranch. first principle photo - foundational herd arrive at OHThrough the introduction of a modest herd, cattle grazing has been re-activated on the OH Ranch. More than 200 bred cows have just arrived at the OH Ranch as the foundational Calgary Stampede OH Ranch herd. Cattle grazing is key for both land preservation and maintenance and the authenticity and historical nature of the OH Ranch.


The second principle is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment. second principle photoSince the lands donated to the Calgary Stampede represent approximately one half of the original ranch, several years of careful management will be necessary to determine the optimum grazing rotation. A grazing holiday took place from spring 2012 to spring 2013 that helped prepare the grasslands for spring grazing to start in 2013. The Stampede will continue to evaluate and implement responsible ranching practices.


The final principle is to engage urban and rural audiences in third principle photonew and meaningful ways. Down the road, the OH Ranch will become an important place for volunteers, partners, employees and communities to connect and build deeper understandings of our historical ties to agriculture and its importance in the world. At this time the Stampede is carefully assessing the functions of a working ranch, therefore the OH Ranch is not currently available for sightseeing tours or public programs. It’s the Stampede’s goal that the OH Ranch becomes a visible reminder of the unique ability to create experiences that bring people together and build understanding.

Alberta Bound

Who knew that when we were crowned in October we would be given all these amazing opportunities? My Stampede sisters and I had a blast on our trips to Houston and Los Angeles but always happy to come home to our amazing city of Calgary.

Recently we have been surrounded with Flames Fever!!!! On our trip to L.A. Travel Alberta hosted a big promo right across the street from the Staples Center. They had booths to show case the marvels of Alberta. Live bands, an electric bucking bull, photo booths, and even a small man-made lake to try fly fishing were just a few of the attractions. We met many local people there and even a few that flew all the way from Calgary to support the Flames. As game time came closer we were invited to the Travel Alberta suite to watch the game. At first period the Royalty was escorted down to ice level and guess what happened next!? I got to ride along in the zamboni and practise my Grand Entry wave. It may have gone a lot slower than a horse loping full speed around an arena, but now I can cross that off my bucket list. Even though the L.A. Kings were the ones that came out on top we still had a great time mixing, mingling, and spreading our western hospitality to all fans.

 IMG_0346  IMG_0394

After only being home a few days we were fortunate enough to go to another Flames Game here on home ice for the Western Night on March 15. We handed out prizes to contestant winners and helped everyone find their inner cowboy or cowgirl. To stick with the Western theme, Gord Bamford was the special guest who came out to sing ‘Oh Canada’. We bumped into him and two of his children in the hallway and had to get a picture with him. I’m a big fan of his song Farm Girl Strong! Along with the sea of red, Harry the Horse got a break from the pasture to help represent and promote the Calgary Stampede. Of course Harvey the Hound was still there to get the fans involved and cheering. To add to a great night, the Calgary Flames won the game 6 to 3 against the Nashville Predators.


With Stampede less than four months away, we will be going full force with Stampede Events. Our first one we will be attending is the 2013 Canvas Auction, where we will meet some of the Chuckwagon Drivers. The Trio will also begin riding the three Prince Horses next week, which I am very excited for. So stay posted to hear more about our journey from Danielle, Catherine, Amber and I and don’t forget it’s never to early to start preparing for Stampede! A new pair of boots or cowboy hat always looks great!!!

Recap of our Southern Adventures!

Well my Stampede sisters and I are back from our fun filled weeks of travel south of the border, and let me tell you what a great adventure it was! From riding in a wagon in the grand entry of Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas to cheering on our very own Calgary Flames at the Staples Center in Los Angeles the fantastic memories from our travels were endless. Although Princess Catherine recapped our wonderful trip to Houston I thought I would highlight one of my favourite parts too! As I stated in my blog before I left for the big southern state, I was extremely excited to be in the same stadium as one of my favourite Houston Texans football players. Our very first night we got to visit the stadium we were fortunate enough to be toured around the in’s & out’s of the facility by a multitude of individuals from the Houston Rodeo International Committee.

857719_10151275944521161_336597368_o (2)With this tour we were able to walk down the same hallway/ tunnel that the players use as well as got to see where their locker room was! Now that may not be much excitement for the average joe but for a huge football fan like myself I was ecstatic! …and you can bet I requested an array of pictures to be taken at this point in the tour just to have proof of this fantastic memory! Not only did that particular highlight stand out in my mind but Houston was full of fun memories that included riding a Texas longhorn bull, a camel- like Princess Catherine mentioned-  and meeting numerous rodeo royalty from around the state. Leaving Texas was not easy for any of us as the experience and adventures we had were one of a kind, however I do believe the Houston Rodeo left quite the impression on my Stampede sisters and I and there is a good chance that this time next year we may be revisiting some of our old memories.  With that said though, the Houston Rodeo might be slightly BIGGER than ours in size BUT the Calgary Stampede still holds its own, over and above the norm, and definitely proves that not everything is always better in Texas!

After our trip to Texas we jetted off to the land of sunshine, Los Angeles California for some more fun adventures south of the border! In California we were fortunate enough to have a day to explore one of their famous attractions, Disneyland! My Stampede sisters and I fully indulged in everything Disney as we got pictures with both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, cruised through 14 rides at the park and even caught the Disneyland parade to finish off our day! Although we were exhausted after a full day of Disney adventures we were excited to cheer on our Calgary Flames and mix and mingle with the people of Los Angeles the following day. Travel Alberta put on a great expo of local Alberta talent, games and activities for the people of Los Angeles to enjoy while learning about the benefits and highlights of travelling to our great province!

IMG_0264 (2)Of course my Stampede sisters and I took this opportunity to tell as many people as we could about visiting our own city of Calgary and the Calgary Stampede and the great memories they could make visiting Alberta. Later on that evening we got to watch our Calgary Flames play against the LA Kings at the Staples Center and mix and mingle with the local hockey fans. Although the outcome of the game was not in our favor, all of us had a blast learning more about the city of Los Angeles, making new friends and telling more people about the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

I would like to take this time to thank Travel Alberta for sponsoring our Royal Trio, as these exciting blog posts about our adventures south would not be possible without them! Both of our trips were amazing experiences and created some unforgettable memories, however our adventures don’t stop once we get home as our busy schedule for events around the city is in full swing! I’ll talk to you soon and give the scoop on the building portfolio of 2013 Royal Trio Stampede adventures!

-Princess Danielle

PS- Here is the George Strait song of the week: “Blue Clear Sky”- enjoy and have a great week!

The Price is Right Comes to the BMO Centre!

Howdy blog followers!

This past weekend, two of our newest NGC members had the opportunity to attend a taping of the iconic tv show “The Price is Right”. By the sounds of it, Andrea and Kara had a great time suiting up in our committee shirts and Centennial cowboy hats and taking in this special event. Please read on to find out more about their experience below! Did anyone else happen to catch the show?!

Andrea and Kara of NGC had a great evening watching this iconic show being taped at the BMO Centre.

Andrea and Kara of NGC had a great evening watching this iconic show being taped at the BMO Centre.

Last night Andrea and I had the pleasure of attending the Price is Right Live show that came through Calgary. Going to the Price is Right is one of those Bucket List items, so when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped on it! (Bucket List item #26, check!) Like so many others, we both experienced a healthy dose of nostalgia – the Price is Right was our entertainment when we were home from school sick.  Oh, the memories.

We knew we needed to register to be a contestant before the show, so we arrived a little early. The line-up in the BMO Centre was longer than the line to get into Nashville North on the first night of Stampede! During our 30 minute wait (not so bad!) we were distracted by the hundreds of neon shirts worn by contestant hopefuls. As we made our way through, we got a chance to really take in the decades worth of Stampede posters that decorated the hallway. Normally when I’m making my way through the BMO Centre, I’m in a hurry to get to a Flames game or a concert and don’t take a minute to enjoy the history on display. My personal favourite was the 1914 poster promising “High Class Entertainment” with a picture of a young girl and her collie. It made me wonder who the people were that designed all these posters – and what would they think of the Calgary Stampede as it is today?

I digress – back to the Price is Right. With no more than five minutes to spare we finally got our iconic yellow name tags (I wore mine like a badge of honour and took more than a few self-portraits) and headed to our seats. The lights faded, the theme music started, and we were in Price is Right heaven. Over the next couple hours, we watched lucky audience members hear their names called (“Come on Down!”) as our host Mark Walberg (no, not THAT Mark Wahlberg, sigh) kept us entertained and hopeful we’d be next. Sadly for Andrea and I, we didn’t hear our names called, but we did our fair share of guessing prices and celebrating victories. The games played – Cliffhanger, Plinko, even the Big Wheel – were cute, miniature versions of what you see on TV. True, the prize values weren’t as steep, but they still gave away some fantastic stuff, including a trip to Las Vegas!

It wouldn’t be the Price is Right without the Showcase – but instead of two contestants, one lucky audience member heard her name called and got a chance to bid. It just so happened to be her birthday, too, that’s the best birthday gift I could have asked for! The showcase started out with a poker set, but quickly escalated – a big screen TV, a trip to Hollywood – and YES – a brand new car!! Now THAT, I didn’t expect. After plenty of humming and haaa-ing, and a cute moment where the birthday girl considered the state of the American economy before guessing on prices, she placed her bid – and won it all! It was the perfect end to a fantastic night, and of course, her sister rushed up on stage and celebrated the moment with her. I left with a smile on my face – and I hope that next time, if there is a next time, it’ll be me on stage celebrating my new car. 

Thanks ladies for your insight and I know we will all look forward to many more blog posts once you get your own accounts up and running and experience all the Calgary Stampede has to offer!

Howdy Y`All !!

At the Reliant Stadium during Gary Allan`s show !

Oh Texas, we miss you… I am the lucky one who gets to talk about our amazing trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

We had such a good time down there, the International Committee of the rodeo did an incredible job taking care of us. We were introduced in the first Grand Entry of the rodeo on the Monday night. We also did some visits in the suites of the Reliant Stadium, inviting everyone to join us during The Calgary Stampede. So many people told me how much they like coming to the Calgary Stampede and how good of a rodeo it is.

Two of the great members of the International Comitee

We were also fortunate enough to watch the rodeo and go to three concerts. The rodeo was really intense with great cowboys and cowgirls and the concerts really entertaining. We saw in action Toby Keith, Gary Allan and Alan Jackson. Our favorite was Allan Jackson !! What a great singer!

For our last night in Houston we were invited to the International Gala, so there were people from all around the world reunited to talk about livestock, Western attires  and rodeos. We took a lot of picture and got some really nice comments about our Buffalo beads outfit made by the lovely Janine by Janine`s Custom Creation.

At the International Gala

We had a little bit of free time to do crazy things like riding a camel… yes in Texas! Haha, we all loved it but we definitely prefer our trusty steeds Hawk, Kansas and Snoopy! There was few moments when it was hard for me to understand the Texan accent but it still sound really lovely to me!

Unfortunately Leigh decided to cut that lovely camel`s head.

We received true western hospitality down in Texas, everyone was so welcoming to us and we will keep great memories forever of our Royal trip at the Houston livestock show and Rodeo!

We just got back and we are leaving again, Los Angeles here we come!!!

Catherine :-)