New Year, New Rodeo!

Now that it’s the New Year, its time to get back into the swing of things. Our schedules are starting to fill up and now the countdown to Stampede has begun. Even though Stampede may be a few months away, people are starting to think about rodeo season and are starting to get their horses in shape for the big events.

The two Princesses’ and I are getting very excited to start working on our trusty steeds Hawk, Snoopy, and Kansas. These three geldings have been a part of the Royalty Committee for 5 years and make a great team. Since they work hard for each trio during the summer, they get the winters off to graze in the pastures. If they are like any other horse that winters well, I’m sure they will have a larger than normal belly on them that needs to be slimmed down. To get them back in to shape and ready for parade and rodeo season, the Trio will start riding at least twice a week starting in March or April.

The three horses are kept at Heathercrest Ranch which is one of our many amazing sponsors. We have access to an indoor arena so we can ride even on the chilly days and box stalls to keep the boys in the barn after giving them baths and making them look parade ready. The Royalty Trio is very grateful for the facilities at Heathercrest and we wouldn’t be able to have a successful year without them.

My two horses all fuzzy with their winter coats on.

My two horses all fuzzy with their winter coats on.


The past few months have been a whirlwind of amazing new experiences, new tasks, new life lessons. The Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses and I have finished our 8 week training program so we can officially say we are certified Royalty.

Since my crowning in September, I have had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at the Dreamcatcher Aboriginal Youth Conference in Edmonton. The opportunity to speak to not only aboriginal youth from Alberta, but from all around Canada was such an honour.


I traveled with my Stampede Sisters to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, which was a blast! We got to watch both of the Saturday performances and the crowning of the 2013 Miss Rodeo Canada, Gillian Shields. We signed autographs in RAM marketplace at the Lammles booth (one of the Stampede Royalty sponsors), as well as meet tons and tons of people.

We then had the privilege of attending the 100th Grey Cup festival in Toronto and I cannot explain how much fun it was! Some of the highlights were walking around downtown Toronto with Marty the Horse, taking Marty to his first visit at the BMO bank, Holiday Inn & Suites hotel, and the Royal York hotel! Not many people can say they witnessed and partook in a timeless grey cup tradition. I also got to run down the field in Rogers’ stadium, where the 100th Grey Cup took place, pretending I was a CFL star commentating football strategies to myself. We also got interviewed on local, national, and international television stations, which was a load of fun! I would like to thank the Grey Cup committee for having the Stampede Royalty as guests on the trip, it was one I will never forget!


After Toronto, I had the incredible opportunity to continue onto Ottawa, sit during question period in Parliament and met the Honourable John Duncan – The Minster of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. I’ve never travelled to Ottawa before so it was a yet another, wonderful, first time experience.


Apart from the out of town events, my Stampede sisters and I have had many fun and exciting in-town events such as The Western Legacy Awards, Happy Trails, Okotoks Tree Lighting Festival and the Queen’s Alumni Giddy Up Christmas, just to name a few! We’ve had a mountain of fun and new experiences and I’m sure we will continue to do so!
I would like to continue my thanks to the sponsors of their generous support:

MONTANA SILVERSMITHS – for my selection of jewellery, custom belt buckle, and trophy spurs.
PENDLETON WOOLEN MILLS – for my Pendleton coats, vests, purses, and blanket for my winter coat.
EAMOR’S SADDLERY – for my one-of-a-kind trophy saddle.
TED DAWSON – for taking the beautiful portraits of the Stampede Royalty.
JANINE’S CUSTOMS CREATIONS – for designing and sewing my beautiful western attire.
LUSHUS CONCEPTS – for making sure we always look professional.
THE ARIA STUDIOS – for supplying us with a generous amount of makeup and skin care products.
PATTI FALCONER AGENCIES – for teaching us about poise, modelling and professionalism.
And thank you to HEATHER CROWSHOE who designs and creates my regalia and my custom Pendleton winter coat.

With every blog that I post, I’m going to post a quote to end it to sum up how I’m feeling with my experiences as the 2013 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess.

The first quote is “Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” by Victoria Holt.

I believe this quote means that regardless of the experience, experience in itself makes you grow as a person and within these three short months, I have grown as a person drastically, with confidence, public speaking, greeting and welcoming people and becoming the best young native woman I can be!

Until next time,
2013 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess,
Amber Big Plume

New Year, New Resolutions!

Happy 2013! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and took time to relax with family and friends over this past holiday season. Now with the New Year upon us my mind instantly goes to thinking about New Year’s resolutions and all of the interesting ideas surrounding them! Many of us contemplate what we would like to do differently or change in the New Year, but making a New Year’s resolution for 2013 has not been an expectation for me before! This year though, my 2013 New Year’s resolution is to make an effort to make more time to exercise. Now before you roll your eyes at my resolution (as I know I am not the only one this season that would think of such a resolution!) I believe that feeling great and energetic enables a person to be that much more productive and satisfied with many other aspects of his or her life! Therefore, by making a conscious effort to spend time making myself feel great by exercising, I know that those positive benefits will not only allow me to strive to accomplish more in my life, they will also help me to be that much more dynamic at school, work and of course with my role as an ambassador for the Calgary Stampede!

I would like to take this time to thank our sponsor, Heavens Fitness, for providing me and my Stampede sisters with tools, programs and outstanding facilities so that all of us can stick with our fitness goals and resolutions for the New Year! With Heavens’ support there will be NO excuses in slacking with my resolution for this year.

On another note, I am always curious as to what other individuals’ New Year’s resolutions are, and I thought you might be curious too! So here is a list of the top ten New Year’s resolutions from Toronto Star Library:

1. Lose Weight

2. Stop Smoking

3. Stick to a Budget

4. Save Money

5. Find a Better Job

6. Become more Organized

7. Exercise More

8. Be a more Patient at work/with others

9. Have a Healthier Diet

10. Become a Better Person

So whether you already have your New Year’s resolution in full swing or are still thinking of one, I wish you the best of luck with achieving and maintaining your goals for 2013! Have a great week and I will talk to you soon!

-Princess Danielle

PS- Here is your George Strait song for the week: “Give it all we got tonight”. It’s his new single and I have to say that it has ‘Number one single’ written all over it! But who would expect anything less from the King of Country himself.

Enjoy!: Give it all we got Tonight: