Giving for Christmas

Christmas is for my Stampede Sisters and I, a giving time - that`s why this month it was so wonderful to be able to volunteer for Operation Christmas Child at the Samaritan`s purse headquarters for a day to help to pack 4, 500 shoe boxes. Packed with candy, toys, pencil, coloring books, tooth brush, soap and clothes, those shoe boxes will be delivered all over the world to less fortunate children.  While I was volunteering, I kept thinking about all the smiles on the kids faces when they receive and open their box. It warmed my heart to know that these gifts will bring joy and hope in all these children`s life.

As well, last week we decided to give our time to an other organisation; Saint Michael`s Food Hamper Day. We helped the volunteers pack food hamper that will go to families in need. This year, some of the food hamper will be also delivered to a women’s shelter.These families will also received Christmas gifts for their children. It`s was so great to see all these volunteers come together to help to make the Christmas Holidays better for these families.

To me Christmas always been about spending time with my family, it wouldn`t feel like Christmas without my parents and my brother. And this year I am fortunate enough to fly to Quebec and spend time with them. I am so excited to spend a week with the people I love and that`s what I wanted the most for Christmas. Thank you Santa ! ;)

I wish a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year to all of you !!!


Winter Fun with Stampede Royalty!


Its December already?! Wow, the last few months have flown by! Soon enough we are going to be ringing in the New Year for 2013 and that means Stampede is drawing closer… only 196 days from January 1st to be exact!  However despite the excitement for the New Year, we have been very busy with holiday events this winter which have prepared all of us for the excitement that Christmas time brings in the City of Calgary! Although we have been to numerous events these last few months, I have chosen to highlight a few of our activities of fun throughout the month of December!

One of our year round activities as Stampede Royalty includes attending Happy Trails, which is a great set of events hosted by the Stampede as the Royalty, Harry the Horse, and many other Stampede volunteers, which include a FANTASTIC band, provide an evening of fun at various seniors’ lodges around the city! Between the mingling, line dancing and singing these events provide so much fun and entertainment for all; and over this winter we have been fortunate to attend 4 of these fun-filled events already! I personally have enjoyed spending time at Happy Trails not only to practise my line dancing skills but to learn about the history this city has through those that have grown up here and seen its continual development. My favorite question to ask is what “favorite Stampede memory” each individual has.

Even though we have only gone to a handful of Happy Trails events so far, the memories and history that I have learned from those answers have been priceless. Calgary is so rich in western heritage and values and it is a genuinely  great feeling to see how those values have grow and developed into what identifies our city today! I cannot wait for our next Happy Trails visit in the New Year, as I know the girls and I enjoy every bit of learning about our city through the members of the community as well as practising those singing skills of ours!

Another highlight this December was when we got to attend the Ranchman’s Seasons Party. At this event we were able to mix and mingle with guests, handout door prizes, take pictures with Santa and even managed to practise our line dancing skills while we were there too! With such a successful event that brought together members of the community and the spirit of the holidays, all of us girls couldn’t help but get excited for the Christmas season and take the time to reflect and enjoy all that we are thankful for this past year :)

Last but not least, our December schedule brought us to the 26th Annual Santa Clause Parade in High River. We downed many layers, big jackets, extra pairs of socks, and mittens and headed out for the huge event in the Town of High River. With a great turnout despite the cold weather, my fellow Stampede sisters and I got to spread Christmas cheer as we smiled and waved throughout the parade route to those within the community! We saw many highly decorated floats, with lights, costumes and animals throughout the parade, showing the true Christmas spirit of the community of High River! I would like to take this time to thank the Stampede volunteers that take the time to organize our participation in events such as the Santa Clause Parade, as we know that without your organization and time commitment the great memories that we create from these events wouldn’t exist!

With that said, over that past few months I cannot tell you how many wonderful events and memories have been made over the course of our reign so far! I am so excited for the New Year and the many adventures in store for us!  I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to writing to you again in 2013!

Oh and as promised, I have a George Strait song, two actually…(it’s a time of giving so I thought I would indulge! Haha) for everyone to try out this holiday season! For Christmas I have selected “Christmas Cookies” by George Strait, and for a song for the New Year is another one of his classics, “Stars on the Water”. Have a great holiday season and I hope your enjoying the best of George Strait like I do!

Grey Cup Fever

What a crazy few months we have had!!! We have been so busy with events here and there that I almost forgot Christmas is just around the corner. Even though the Stampede is keeping us very busy, they still make sure we look good at all our events. Our wonderful sponsors Fabu Hair Studio, Lushus Concepts, Aria Makeup and Janine’s Costum Creations are working overtime during these winter months for us.


One huge highlight of my reign so far was being able to tag along with the Calgary Stampede Grey Cup Committee while attending the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. It was 5 days packed with appearances, signing postcards, visiting team rooms, pancake breakfasts, walking around downtown with Marty the horse, and visiting a school. The second morning of the trip we had to be up super early for a TV interview with Canada AM. Being so tired and not aware of where our drive was taking us for the interview we were very shocked when we walked through an underground parking lot and then right onto the field at Rogers Centre. I admit there may have been a bit of jumping and squealing but you can’t blame us. After posing for a few pictures at the 50 yard line and running the length of the field, it was time to put our professional faces on and answer a few questions for the camera with the Grey Cup right beside us.


Every year the Calgary Stampede Grey Cup Committee does some research and finds a school that is less fortunate and doesn’t have as much funding. We then arrange a day within our trip to spend a few hours playing with the kids, singing along with the band, and doing some dancing. A lot of the families at the school came from different countries all over the world, and it was so much fun to see the kids’ faces light up and watch their reactions when we entered the school. Even though they don’t have much they still had so much joy and laughter and it brightened our day.


Even though the wrong team ended up winning the 100TH Grey Cup, me and my three Stampede sisters all had a blast. We know the excitement is just beginning and can’t wait to see what will happen next. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!