Stampede Recap from Princess Jessica

As the 2012 Calgary Stampede Centennial Royalty, we had an incredible ten days this Stampede! It was such an amazing experience to look up at the completely full grandstand and know that we were becoming a part of history! Every day we had a full schedule and my Stampede Sisters and I made the most of every day; we had so much fun and so many laughs! It is tough to summarize our experience in one blog but I will try! 

Each day of Stampede we went to many pancake breakfasts all over the city, we met tons of people and had some really great food. My favorite breakfast was definitely the Chinook Centre pancake breakfast; they put blueberries in the pancakes and topped them with chocolate chips and whipped cream!

After the breakfasts, we would usually attend sponsor luncheons for many of our different sponsors and friends of the Stampede. After lunch, or sometimes during,  the girls and I would rush off to get our horses warmed up for grand entry. 

Riding in the grand entry of the Calgary Stampede was an incredible experience! With the flames and fireworks and all the different horses and people involved, it was amazing! I loved riding around the arena and waving to the thousands of people in the audience. My Prince, my Royalty horse Snoopy, was very well behaved all through Stampede and I was very happy with him. After grand entry we visited the suits around the infield and met even more amazing people. We were even fortunate enough to be invited to the Indian Village one afternoon to observe our amazing Indian Princess Amelia partaking in her very own Tea Ceremony. That was a great honor and one of my favorite memories of Stampede.We also rode in the Happy Trails farewell almost everyday after the rodeo with the Stampede Ranch Girls which was  lots of fun as well. Afterwards, we would head  back to our hotel, our home for the Stampede, The Hyatt, to change for the evening.

One of my favorite parts of Stampede was standing on the grandstand stage before the chuckwagon races each night. It was such an amazing experience to stand in front of thousands of people who were all there because they too love the Stampede. My Stampede Sisters and I each had two nights during the ten days to greet the enormous crowd and welcome them the the Centennial Calgary Stampede. Speaking in front of that many people was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, I will never forget that feeling!

On most nights the girls and I had to leave shortly after the grandstand speeches were over for other events, but I really enjoyed the nights we we able to stay and watch the chuckwagon races. We had the best seats in the house, standing right up against the fence, having dirt from the track flying at us as the wagons raced by.

We are so lucky and have so many amazing memories from these times during Stampede. We were even lucky enough to meet Garth Brooks!!!! He was so wonderful, very friendly and out going and we had a great time with him. He even managed to get us tickets to go to his concert!!! The concert was incredible, I even cried a little bit when Trisha Yearwood came out to sing! Such an amazing gift! 

I am still amazed by how fortunate we have been this year, we had so many people helping us to make our Stampede experience enjoyable and memorable. Our committee members and our wonderful courtesy car drivers worked very hard for us and I am so grateful to have had them with us during our very special ten days! I feel a little sad that our Stampede has come to pass, but I am very excited for future Royalty to experience their own unique ten days!! Good luck to all of my future alumni sisters!!!

2013 Calgary Stampede Royalty Contest


Growing up as a little girl, I naturally had visions of my life as a princess. What little girl didn’t? Well, if you’re between the ages of not less than 19 years of age and not more than 24 years of age on August 1, 2012 – this vision could become a reality. Since my hopes of becoming a member of the famed Royalty are far beyond my reach, I felt it only appropriate to ensure anyone who is thinking of applying to enter the contest knew of the deadline (which is fast approaching- this September 4th!).

Have you ever wondered where the beginnings of our Calgary Stampede royalty came from?

In 1946, Patsy Rodgers (married name, Patsy Henderson) was asked by members of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board to become their first Stampede Queen. Her responsibilities included riding her horse in the Stampede Parade and leading the Grand Entry before each afternoon Rodeo performance.

While the way of choosing the Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses may have evolved over the decades, the rich tradition continues. Applications for the 2013 Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses Contest are due by Tuesday, September 4.

“Stampede Queen and Princesses represent the Calgary Stampede to the rest of the world”, said Dana Tremblay, chair of the Royalty committee. “The winning three contestants must embody the Stampede values of integrity, pride of place, western hospitality and commitment to community.”

A number of contest events are open to the public and tickets to the Crowning ceremony are available for $25 per person. For more information and to purchase tickets, please contact Kathie James at or 403.244.7638.

 Date  Time   Event Location 
 Sept 15  11 a.m. Preliminary Equestrian Competition Al Azhar Fez Dome
 Sept 16  1 p.m. Speech competition Boyce Theatre,StampedePark
 Sept 22  9 a.m. Semi-Final Equestrian Competition Al Azhar Fez Dome
 Sept 25  6:30 p.m. Bingo night Alberta’s Children’s Hospital
 Sept 29  11 a.m. Final Equestrian Competition Hebson Arena, Okotoks
 Sept 30  2:30 p.m. Crowning and Presentation Palomino Room, BMO Centre,



Calgary Stampede 2012 – Centennial Highlights!

Wow, what a whirl wind of awesomeness! This year’s Stampede was truly one that I will never forget, and neither will the city. Leaving behind the legacy of 100 years of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth will forever be a highlight of my life.

I couldn’t be happier to share this amazing experience with my fellow Stampede sisters. The 4 of us worked hard and enjoyed every moment possible. Together, we brought the community together for an amazing celebration and became even closer friends by the end of it all. I am so proud to say that I experienced the Centennial Calgary Stampede with the best possible group of girls out there!

The 10 days went by so fast! Every day was a different adventure and full of laughs. Driving us from place to place were the amazing drivers of the courtesy car committee! These guys deserve some credit, because I’m not shy to say that us girls get out of control very easily. Thanks to each and every driver for putting up with our Stampede shenanigans and for transporting us safely, and in style!

Riding in the rodeo grand entry everyday was such a rush for me, and after every ride, I couldn’t wait for the next! Greeting the crowd and waving to all the rodeo fans was the one moment that made me think, this is what I have worked so hard for all my life.

Another moment that really made me reflect and be thankful for what I have been given, was when the girls and I were honored to be a part of a special cultural Tea Ceremony for Amelia, the Centennial Indian Princess. During the ceremony, were surprised to learn that the three of us will be receiving native names at the end of Amelia’s reign in September.

And the icing on the cake… Meeting Garth Brooks!!!! This was a surprise that none of us were expecting. We were jumping and screaming with excitement, not believing that we were getting the opportunity to meet the biggest county music super star of all time! Mr. Brooks was so genuine and easy to talk to, he even gave us tickets to his show, which turned out to be the best concert of my life!

But let’s not forget the little things that really made my Stampede experience. Things like; butterflies before speaking in front of the grandstand audience, hugs from children who are ecstatic to meet the trio, inside jokes with Stampede volunteers and directors, deep fried pickles and feeling the air conditioning in the Lazy S. Yes, these are simple things that made my experience one of a kind. And it wouldn’t have been at all possible without the amazing people of the Royalty Committee, so cheers to you! And here is to the best Stampede yet!

#Stampede100 Memories

It’s been over a month and still everywhere I go people are talking about how they celebrated the Centennial of the Calgary Stampede. Every time they ask me – What was your favourite part?

Do I really have to pick just one?

I absolutely loved the Grandstand show. Watching Paul Brandt on the back of the truck as it flew through the air was exciting. Having acrobats in the opening scene being performed over head with all the sparkling costumes of the Young Canadians performing on stage, I was in awe of all the talent. And finally the fireworks that followed the performance, always a favourite for myself and the crowd. But then I remember watching the final heat of the Chuckwagons – so much energy and anticipation to see who would be the big winner.

I had a blast at the rodeo with my co-workers – watching the Cowboys and Cowgirls ride, rope and wrestle their way through the ten day competition. Then heading out to the grounds to grab myself an amazing gluten free treat (yep, I was extremely happy that I could partake in many of the delicious midway delicacies) before heading to Nashville North for some two-stepping.

Lastly I loved volunteering – seeing how many people pour their time and effort into making sure that  the Calgary Stampede is an amazing experience for all who attend and for other volunteers. It’s great to be a part of a team that is so energized and friendly.

Picking one favourite is just too hard – the Stampede has so much to offer, so my favourite part…The entire 10 Days!

Rockyford Rodeo

This past weekend was very special to me. It was the 55th annual Rockyford Rodeo, and I was able to bring my Stampede sisters home with me and show them the amazing community that I have been blessed to grow up in!

We arrived Saturday morning in time to grab a coffee, chat with rodeo fans and families, and participate in the parade! The parade in Rockyford is special in its own way because we get to not only go around the parade route once, but twice!!!! After two trips around town, we made it back to the grounds where the girls and I were invited to the VIP area and mixed and mingled with the Mayor of Rockyford, Mr. Darcey Burke as well as other delegates and rodeo committee members.

After grabbing some lunch, the famous “dipped” cheese burger, we warmed up the horses and made our way into the rodeo grand entry! It was such a great feeling to race into my home arena with all my friends and family cheering me on.  I have spent countless hours in that arena volunteering, teaching, riding for fun, and competing. It was a moment that sealed all of my accomplishments into one feeling, a feeling that is indescribable.

After our rodeo welcome, we had an interview with the rodeo announcer, mixed and mingled with the crowd and signed all the postcards that we had with us!! We also got to enjoy some of the rodeo action before it started to pour rain!! It happens every year.

I had such a great day at home, and I think my Stampede sisters did as well. Thanks to the rodeo committee for inviting us and taking such good care of us for the day. Thanks to all the volunteers who help out year after year to make the rodeo weekend in Rockyford so incredible!

Sunday was my day off, but I made it back down to the grounds to help out and volunteer with my horse club. The people of the Rockyford horse club work hard all weekend with grand entry and sponsor flags and have fun doing it! I had the best seat at the rodeo, passing out flags and opening gates, right next to the action! It truly was a weekend I will never forget!!


FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2010 at 4:30pm

We encourage all eligible First Nation females to consider entering the competition for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reign as the Calgary Stampede Indian!

It will truly change your life and leave you with a lifetime of memories and three Stampede sisters that you will carry long after your reign is complete.

Each year at the annual pageant, the Calgary Stampede Indian Events selects a young woman from one of the five tribes of Treaty 7 (Tsuu T’ina, Piikani, Stoney, Kainai and Siksika Nations) to stand as the official representative of Indian Village presented by Penn West Exploration the Calgary Stampede.

As a member of the official Stampede Royalty program, the Indian Princess will make over 350 appearances during her exciting year and will educate those she meets about the rich and colorful First Nations culture.

For more information or to obtain an application, contact:
Calgary Stampede Indian Events
1410 Olympic Way SE
Calgary, AB T2G 2W1
Attn: Jayne Nicholson
t: 403.261.0137
or email:
Facebook: Calgary Stampede Indian Princess
Twitter: StampedeIP