Happy Canada Day – Set Your Status to YAHOO!

Happy Canada Day! The countdown to Stampede is fast approaching. Can you believe our 100 year Stampede Centennial kicks off in just five days? We hope you will all be getting into the Stampede spirit and joining in all of the festivities the Centennial will bring. Canada Day fireworks are a great way for Calgarians to celebrate together this Canada Day. During this year’s Centennial Stampede there will be even more fireworks to view with the largest fireworks in Canada’s history with Light up the City! Light up the City will take place on both weekends of the Calgary Stampede July 6 – 8 and July 13 – 15. Fireworks will be set off from five locations across the city – Stampede Park, Elliston Park, North Glenmore Park, McCall Lake, and Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park. The 12-minute fireworks show will start between 11:00 and 11:30 pm and be synchronized to music. Tune into Country 105, Q107 or QR77 to enjoy the show choreographed to music. Get a sneak preview for what you’re in store for here:


This Canada Day as we countdown the last few days to our Stampede Centennial, join us in our online chain status and set your Facebook or Twitter status to YAHOO! Join our friends who are also setting their status to YAHOO and preparing to get in the Stampede spirit:

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Looking for the Perfect Stampede Souvenir?

Whether you’re able to be a part of the action or not, you can still take home something special to commemorate 100 years of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!


Centennial Collectables

The Royal Canadian Mint has come out with a line of commemorative coins, including a $500 Fine Gold Coin, $50 Fine Silver Coin and a Proof Fine Silver Dollar Coin.  Canada Post has also come out with special Centennial Stampede stamps.


This unique Calgary Stampede aluminum metal forged 2012 ticket would look great on any desk or mantle.  And you can choose from one of 4 poster plaques, including the 2012 one below.


Special Centennial Western Wear

Longview artist, Scott Hardy, created the limited edition Calgary Stampede Centennial belt buckle, which is crafted in sterling silver and gold.


Limited edition cowboy boots and hats are also available.  The boots are handcrafted by Alberta Boots, with full quill ostrich vamps, kangaroo shafts and full leather lining and soles.

The hats are made of beaver felt with a sterling silver hat buckle by the legendary Smithbilt Hats.


Fun for the Kids

Stampede packs are back again – loaded with yummy snacks, coupons and value offers. Kids Packs come in 3 fun designs and are $12 each in the BMO Centre, Hall A, Stampede Park between July 5 to 15th.

Harry the Horse, the official Calgary Stampede mascot, is always a hit with the kids!  They can take home a plush version of Harry to remember their special day at the Stampede.

The Calgary Stampede Store offers a wide selection of Stampede merchandise, as well as other unique western gifts and souvenirs. The store is located south of the Pengrowth Saddledome and the Agriculture building along Stampede Trail and is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 403.261.0355. Authentic Calgary Stampede merchandise may also be purchased online.

All of these items above would make excellent contributions to our 2012 Time Capsule.  What would you like to see in the #TimeCapsule? We’d love to hear from you!

The Invention of the Time Capsule

When I think of a time capsule I think of a big, metal container filled with artifacts that people thought future generations would find interesting. Items like personal notes, photographs, movies, and artifacts that may not be in existence anymore. In actuality, most Time Capsules weren’t in boxes or metal tins but ancient tombs or shipwrecks. The modern idea of the Time Capsule was created by Thomas Jacobs when he created the Crypt of Civilisation in 1936. A sealed room at Oglethorpe University filled with 800 articles including a script to “Gone with the Wind”.

As part of the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial celebrations, we are putting together a Time Capsule filled with memorabilia of past Stampede’s and artifacts from the 2012 celebrations. If you have an idea or donation of something that would be interesting for future generations to see please email us at calgarystampede.ngc@gmail.com with your contact information, a photo of the item and the story.


knell63 (1939) History of Time capsules. [online] Available at: http://knell63.hubpages.com/hub/History-of-Time-Capsules [Accessed: 26 Jun 2012].

Let’s Get Excited Together

Okay – I admit – the point to this blog is to do nothing more than gush about how excited I am that Stampede is almost here. And not only is it almost here … it’s almost here in the biggest way it has ever been here. The 100th anniversary of the Stampede is going to be one of Calgary’s most epic celebrations and we get to be part of it.

Who’s we? All of us! Every Calgarian – every Albertan – and a whole lot of people from all over the world. This is our celebration and I love that the Stampede had done such a great job at reminding us of that!

I’m sure you can agree that it is awfully hard to contain your excitement at this point. By now you are reminded Stampede is upon us everywhere you turn.

Driving down Crowchild Trail you’re created with a banner overtop the pedsitrian walkway greets you and reminds you that we are turning 100 together! Local newspapers sport the “Let’s Turn 100 Together” advertisement. The standard red and white flags down major Calgary roads. Twitter is all abuzz with talk of #stampede100. Even a flight out of the city will remind you of this exciting year through onboard advertising. The radio spots – that are both informative and hilarious (you knew line dancing was the original flash mob right?). Windows and doors all over downtown Calgary are not only glowing with the standard western cartoons but also messages of excitement over this being the Stampede’s 100th year.

You can’t escape it. And you can’t help but to embrace it.

Need help embracing (I’d be surprised if you do, if you’re as excited as I am but I’ll give you some ideas) …

-          Download the App and plan your Centennial Stampede

-          Buy the Centennial Stamps and send some snail mail to friends telling them all the fun things you plan to do

-          Participate in the Next Generation Committee’s Time Capsule Project

-          Create a Stampede Caravan breakfast schedule (I know your stomach is excited for massive amounts of pancakes)

-          And watch the Centennial videos … over and over … especially my favorite: We’re Greatest Together: Ride.

We will “ride together” this Centennial Stampede! And what a wild ride it will be!
So excited to celebrate with you Calgary – see you at grounds next week!


young Canadians Flash Mob Revealing of ‘By the Banks of the Bow’ Sculpture

By the Banks of the BowBy the Banks of the BowThis past Saturday, the Young Canadians got to practice their flash mobbing skills at the unveiling of the Calgary Stampede Public Arts Programs newest 2 million dollar bronze addition, ‘By the Banks of the Bow’, an incredible sculpture that illustrates two cowboys herding 13 horses from the past, present and future across the Bow River up to a bank. It was an honor to be asked to perform at the revealing of this new major landmark for the Calgary Stampede, and what made it even more fun is that our performance got to come as a surprise to all of the esteemed guests. Slowly, all of us Senior Cast members started to trickle out into the event area all decked out in our western gear, playing the part of just being there for support. Talking with the guests before our flash mob performance and tricking them into thinking we weren’t there to perform was almost as fun as watching their surprised and enthused faces as we randomly broke out into dance. This was my first flash mob experience, and even in the rain, it was so much fun! I can’t wait to take part in the ‘Party Rock Anthem’ flash mob every night of the of the 2012 Grandstand Show ‘Century’. We are going to get the whole audience dancing, so you better be prepared to party rock with us and celebrate the Stampede’s 100th year!

To make sure you are not the only one in the audience missing out on the party and not doing the flash mob, check out this link to learn it so you are ready to party rock with us! (Flash mob tutorial @ 9 min) : http://video.citytv.com/video/detail/1672890933001.000000/jill–the-young-canadians–may-30th/

Greatest Stampede Memory

Being from a small town outside of Calgary, I grew up with the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth being a huge part of my summer. Every year my Dad would round up us kids, head to the grocery store to purchase a large sheet of tickets for the rides (all day ride passes did not exist – am I dating myself?) and head into the big city for an entire day of fun!

Dragging my father from one ride to the next – if I was tall enough I was going on it – stopping only momentarily to eat a hot dog or watch the SuperDogs! My favourite ride was the Enterprise –I’m sure more so for its brightly coloured cars than the thrill of the ride, plus I got to sit with my Dad so that made it all the more fun. Being one of the few “scary” rides that I was tall enough to ride I’m pretty sure my father had to endure the experience multiple times throughout the day.

Although I may be tall enough now to ride every ride, and still make my way to the grounds every year – I’ll always cherish the days of excitement from one year to the next of climbing into my Dad’s Truck and heading to the grounds to discover what rides I could try this year.

The Friendly Faces of Stampede: Volunteer Profile – Janet Jessiman, Promotion Committee

You might be surprised to hear that the Stampede has more than 2,200 volunteers and 47 volunteer committees It takes a lot of hands on deck to make an event of this magnitude happen and over the years, through their time, energy, dedication and community spirit, volunteers have helped the Stampede grow into the world-renowned show that it is today, 100 years after its debut.

I was lucky enough to chat with Janet Jessiman, a Stampede volunteer for over 15 years and ask her about her involvement in The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

1)  What year did you become a Stampede volunteer and why did you decide to get involved?

It was 1997 officially with the Stampede, but my daughter was a marching band member from Round-Up to Stampede Band. I joined the Stampede Band as a chaperone and once my daughter, Samantha, was finished I joined the Promotion Committee.

2)  What are some of your favorite Stampede memories?

My father was very involved with the Stampede so I grew up with it.   Some of my favourite memories are going to kids day in the Grandstand; I was convinced every year I was going to win the grand prize to Disneyland, never happened but Buckshot always gave me hope.

One other memory that stands out was my dad was riding in the parade, of course my mom and our visitors waved and shouted when he went by but he totally ignored us. When we finally did meet up with him we found out that he was bucked off his horse at the beginning of the parade and rode the whole time with a concussion.  The only thing he could remember was being confused if he should stop at the red lights or not. Thank goodness he came out of it ok.

3)  What Stampede experience or event are you looking forward to the most this year?

Helping the communities celebrate the 100th year. Our committee is doing its best to be out and about and bringing the spirit with us.

4)  What’s your favorite midway food?

An absolute just made fresh corn dog.  I only get one a year so it better be perfect.

5)  What’s your best advice for a fun Stampede?

Relax, enjoy the show, participate and let your hair down.

If you’re interested in lending your time and skills to the Stampede team, learn more on how to get involved here.

The Calgary Stampede Parade – Truly THE greatest outdoor show on earth

14 sleeps and counting… The final countdown to the greatest outdoor show on earth is officially on!  And what better way to kick off the Centennial celebration than the Calgary Stampede Parade.  Over the years the Stampede Parade has not only become a pinnacle event on the Calgary event calendar, but it’s a premier event attracting international acclaim that officially celebrates the beginning of the Calgary Stampede.

Last year, Will & Kate graced the parade with their royal treatment so what’s in store for the special Centennial edition of the parade?  I caught up with the Calgary Stampede parade committee to provide a bit of a “sneak peak” into what’s planned for the parade that’s been 100 years in the making.

Excitement is mounting for the Calgary Stampede parade – how does it feel to be so close to this exciting event?

We are excited as well!  Over 131 committee members have spent over 19,000 hours in the past year planning and prepping for this year’s parade.  The centennial parade is bigger, better and more spectacular than ever before and we can’t wait to share it with an estimated 350,000 people in Calgary and thousands more spectators tuning in from around the world.

2012 marks the centennial year for the Calgary Stampede.  Are there any special plans or changes to make this year’s parade even more special?

For the first time, there is a theme for the Stampede – “We’re Greatest Together”.  This theme encourages the people of this great city and the participants of the parade to unite and celebrate the centennial year through a showcase of five themes: creativity, community, celebration, giving and heritage.  The parade will truly encompass the values and culture of our community and spectators can expect to see more entertaining and innovative entries than ever before!

The parade floats are always a highlight for spectators, what can we expect to see in the parade this year?

As you’d expect, this centennial year of the parade has attracted a lot of international attention – we received over 275 applications to account for 140 accepted submissions that will be featured in the parade.  These include floats and bands from all over North America and as far as Australia, Thailand, Denmark, Colombia and Guatemala.  Also, during this very special 100th year, the Calgary Stampede has the distinct honor of hosting the World Association of Marching Show Bands (WAMSB) World Championships which begins in Calgary on July 7.  The WAMSB World Championships is considered to be the largest and most well respected international competitions of its type.  Calgary will welcome some of the world’s greatest marching show bands and we have bands participating in the parade from all over the globe!

Wow! Are there any other special or noteworthy additions this year?

This year the Calgary Stampede Parade is proud to have three of the four descendants of the original Big 4 – Patrick Burns, George Lane, A.E. Cross and Archie McLean.  Barbara Schmeeckle, 83 years old, is the oldest living descendant of her great uncle Patrick Burns.  George Lane, past dean and professor emeritus of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, is the grandson of George Lane.  Donald Cross is the grandson of A.E. Cross and has been involved with the Stampede for many years as a volunteer.  These individuals are a very special addition that truly signifies 100 years of history of this incredible event.

One of the Calgary Stampede’s oldest and proudest traditions is the role of Stampede Parade Marshal. Can you tell us a bit more about the parade marshal responsible for opening this special centennial parade?

The Calgary Stampede Parade Marshals occupy a prestigious place in our history. It is fitting that our Centennial Parade Marshal exemplifies the very best of western heritage, values and culture. The 2012 Stampede Parade will be led by legendary country music recording artist Ian Tyson.  From his early years as a rodeo cowboy through his storied career as a musician, Ian Tyson is a Canadian icon who truly embodies the spirit of Calgary and the Stampede.

Western heritage and values have always been important to the Stampede, but this year more than ever before history and heritage are taking center stage.  Are there any other historical celebrations that are part of this year’s event?

One hundred years ago, the very first Calgary Stampede parade was led by 1,800 members of the Treaty Seven First Nations.  Guy Weadick, the visionary founder of
the Calgary Stampede, used his political connections to ensure that First Nations were not only included but that they had a prominent role in the first Calgary Stampede Parade.  Not only was this a visually stunning sight it was also both culturally and politically significant.

Since 1912, the Stampede has worked to deepen and strengthen its relationship with the members of the Treaty Seven Nations.  As a symbol of strength of this relationship, this year Ian Tyson will be joined by seven honorary parade marshals – the extraordinary leaders of the Treaty Seven Nations.  It’s very special and symbolic that the 2012 parade will be lead in the same way as their forefathers did 100 years ago.

And last but not least, what can spectators expect for fun and entertainment on the streets of downtown Calgary during the parade? 

Spectators can expect the usual street-side excitement, cowboy style entertainment and western culinary delights – but this year we’ve added a few new surprises as well!  For all our Facebook and Twitter fans out there, we have added a social media element.  The Calgary Stampede Ultimate Interns will be tweeting from atop custom-made “TweetSeats” developed by CastleWood Designs. They’ll have a behind-the-scene perspective from form-up to finish.  Follow @CSParade on Twitter for your chance to win prizes and swag!  Finally, to commemorate 100 years of parade, the Calgary Stampede Parade Committee is pleased to introduce the Souvenir Parade Program in collaboration with Rotary Calgary North. You can find your copy of the program along the parade route ($5) or contact Rotary Calgary North for further information.
And we recommend you get there early!  The confirmed parade route starts at 6th Ave and 3rd St SE, goes west on 6th Ave until 10th St SW, goes south on 10th St SW  to 9th Ave and then east on 9th Ave to finish on 3rd St SE.  Road closures begin at 7:30am.


Getting caught up

Can you believe Stampede is almost here?! I’ve been asked a few times if I’m ready, nervous, excited or scared, but in all honesty I am a little bit of everything! Between events I’ve been able to reflect on what we have done as Royalty this year and how honoured I am to be in this position. The build up to the Centennial has been almost unbearable - its so exciting! To see all the hard work that so many volunteers and employees put into the Calgary Stampede makes me proud to be a native Calgarian and to say that this is the lifestyle I live day to day; a life of western heritage and values and being truly “Greatest Together”.

I have had a blast at the events we have been to this month! We had the opportunity to go to a few small town rodeos, 4-H on Parade (which was my first time EVER, and I had a blast) and many school pancake breakfasts just to name a few. What has excited me the most at all these events is seeing all the young women who could potentially one day be in our roles as Stampede Royalty. For as long as I could remember this was my dream, and now that I am living it every day I cannot wait to see who will be Royalty in the years ahead.

To the ladies who will read this, you can make a dream become a reality. Whether its becoming the next Canadian Olympic athlete, Calgary Stampede Royalty or a “Top 40″ musician, grab on to that dream so tight and never let it go. “Together we create” is so fitting for this because you create your own legacy, so do it with an open mind and a willing heart. Let’s be Greatest Together!


Do you want to join the winner’s circle?

I know I do – especially if it means winning my dream home, $100,000 in cold hard cash or maybe a Camaro to zip around in this summer!

Every year the Calgary Stampede partners with the Rotary Club of South Calgary, Kinsmen Club of Calgary and Calgary North Lions Club to create a fundraiser that not only helps the community (check out the Great Stampede Lotteries website to see just how much and where it helps!) but it makes a few lucky winner’s extremely happy as well!

I’d have to say that my personal favourite is still the Stampede Rotary Dreamhome and today I got to be one of the lucky few to see the home before anyone else! The home looks amazing with design and architectural elements that reflect Calgary’s roots plus some added history of the Stampede with over 60 photographs from the last 100 years of Stampede.

Every year 100,000 people walk through the Dreamhome – and the number one question, “How does it get from the Stampede grounds to its final destination?” (Although convenient parking for Flames games or Stampede, you don’t get to live on the grounds).  Well now there is an answer – it comes apart into pieces and is driven from the grounds to its resting place in Walden at 2 am. According to Tracy Oman, Design Manager at Homes by Avi, “The House is designed to be moved to another location and incorporates the additional walls, joists, and beams needed to keep each section intact while being dismantled and re-assembled”.  There is a video that explains how the house is disassembled and moved – take a quick look at www.homesbyavi.com/dreamhome, there are a few videos outlining the process of the dreamhome.

There are 2 days left to purchase pre-sale tickets from Calgary Stampede Lotteries (includes a gate pass and 50% off rodeo tickets) or you can purchase tickets at the grounds during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – The Calgary Stampede!

Now where do I pick up my keys?

PSST! Don’t forget that we are still looking for great items for our time capsule – send your ideas to calgarystampede.ngc@gmail.com …..Maybe I can add a copy of my winning ticket stub

Soaker Tub in DreamHome

Soaker Tub in Master Ensuite

Wine Tasting Room

Wine Tasting Room

Canadian Tie Down Roper, Steve Lloyd, Has Eyes on the Prize

With over $2 million up for grabs, the Calgary Stampede offers the largest purse in outdoor rodeo. Cowboys come to Calgary from all over to show off their skills and compete for a chance to win the coveted Calgary Stampede Championship and $100,000.
This year, Steve Lloyd, of Alix, Alberta, will be one of 3 Canadian cowboys competing in the tie down roping competition.  The other 17 competitors are from the United States, mainly Texas.

In the rodeo world, tie down roping is considered the most technical event, where competitors must have a delicate balance of timing, hand-eye coordination and a special partnership with their horse.

We have no doubt Steve will make Alberta proud!  He has an impressive track record including 8 Times Qualifier to the Canadian Finals Rodeo, 2003 Canadian Champion Tie Down Roper, 2003 – 2005 Aggregate Champion at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, 2008 – 2009 Alberta Tie Down Roping Champion, 2009 Tie Down Roping Season Leader, and 2010 Calgary Stampede Final 4 Contestant in the $100,000 round.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Steve a few questions with the help of his lovely wife, Deana Lloyd. Deana is involved in rodeo as well, as a barrel racer, but is not currently competing due to injuries she sustained in a severe car accident 3 years ago.

1)  How old were you when you started roping?

Six years old.

2)  How did you get involved?

At our family ranch.

3)  What is your favorite Stampede memory?

Qualifying for the final 4 in the $100,000 round in 2010.

4)  What Stampede experience or event are you looking forward to the most this year?

Tie down roping!

5)  What’s your best advice for a fun Stampede?

Bring the family and enjoy all the Stampede has to offer.

If you love rodeo, you better get your tickets quick cause they’re going fast! Tickets purchased in advance include admission to Stampede Park.


Blasts from the Past!

One of the major projects being undertaken by the Next Generation Committee of the Calgary Stampede this year is the Centennial Time Capsule, to be opened in 100 years as part of the Stampede’s Bi-Centennial Celebrations. You can find more information on the time capsule in this blog post by committee member Peter Pilarski, in this news release, and on the Next Generation Committee website itself.

One of the items already acquired by the committee that will be included in the time capsule is the Centennial Bolo Tie, pictured to the left. These have been given out at many of the Stampede’s events across Calgary this year, including the “Four Corners” events as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth brings the party to each quadrant of the city. These ties are sure to become a collector’s item, so if you managed to get your hands on one already, consider yourself lucky!

The bolo tie, which we now consider a staple of western dress, has a history shrouded in controversy. While it is now the official or unofficial neckwear in many parts of the North American West, some historians insist it was first worn in the 1860′s by cowboys in the Wild West, while some others claim it was invented in the 1940′s, completely by accident. Whatever the origin of the simple string tie, it is as much a part of many folks’ Stampede wardrobe as cowboy boots and big, shiny buckles.

For those who can remember that far back, however, this year’s Centennial version is not the first Stampede bolo tie – Far from it, in fact. There used to be a version of the tie given out decades ago, with a felt hat. There was also a special tie issued locally for Canada’s Centennial in 1967, with the hat replaced by a Stampede Trade Dollar.

If you have one of these 2 historic Stampede bolo ties, we want to hear about it! If you’re willing, your tie could even become part of the Centennial Time Capsule – making you a part of the Stampede’s history! To tell us the story of your tie, and to inquire about donating it to the collection, please email us at calgarystampede.ngc@gmail.com


Oh Canada! Welcoming 100 New Citizens Stampede Style!

A few weeks ago (our blog site hasn’t been cooperating), Candice, Dani and I had the great honor of being invited to a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony. This ceremony was held at the BMO Centre on the Calgary Stampede grounds, and its purpose was to grant official Canadian citizenship to one hundred individuals, in honor of the Calgary Stampede Centennial.
These new Canadians have come from all different parts of the world, and many have endured unfathomable circumstances in their previous homes; it is with great relief and gratitude that they live in our wonderful country now. I was so honored to meet some of these individuals on what was sure to be one of the most significant days of their lives. Most of these people have been living in Canada for many years and have been waiting for the day that they could finally call themselves Canadians.
While seated on the stage listening to the judge speak of the significance of becoming a Canadian citizen, it occurred to me how very fortunate those of us who were born in Canada really are. I have always known how beautiful our land is, and the western heritage that is Alberta’s has always been my way of life, but I must admit that until now there have been times when I had taken our freedom and peace for granted.
I am so grateful for these incredible experiences that open my eyes and alter my perspective, the role of a Calgary Stampede Princess is so much more than smiling and waving to the crowds. I am proud to be an ambassador for such an incredible city, province and country, and I have never felt more blessed to be a Canadian.
Princess Jessica                                                                            

2012 Calgary Stampede App !



I’ve just downloaded what might be my fave new app, it’s the official app of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Let’s Turn 100 Together! Make the most of the Centennial Calgary Stampede by building your own schedule – customized to suit whatever YOU like. Are you into music? Love contests? Looking to buy rodeo tickets? Want up to date info on everything Stampede via Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook? This app has you covered, friends!

You can drop a pin on the map and see what is happening around you- real time!  Want to upload a photo from Instagram to share with other app users? No problem! It’s super great and I recommend you go download this free planner now to make sure you’re not left out for this year’s 100th birthday bash for the Stampede. It’s going to be the best yet!

And speaking of the 100th Stampede kicking off, I wanted to remind all of our readers of our Time Capsule project.

Have you got some great vintage memorabilia kicking around in your basement you want to see included in the Time Capsule? We would love to hear about it! Send us an email to ngc.calgarystampede@gmail.com , contact us on Twitter , or leave a comment below. We have some totally AWESOME prizes to give away up our sleeves…think Rodeo & Evening Show tickets, as well as Johnny Reid tix!  Let’s see your items Calgary!

** From June 10th-16th we will be sourcing great vintage photos, stories/newsclips, or poems to include in the Time Capsule. The winner will receive a pair of Rodeo Tickets for Saturday, July 7. So get your entries in yyc, we want to include your treasure in the #CStimecapsule!**

For updates and info on everything Stampede, make sure you follow us on Twitter at @calgarystampede and @CS_NGC, on Facebook through our official Facebook fan page, and stay tuned to the official Stampede Blog to learn more about some of the things happening on park because- We’re Greatest Together!



Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free food options at the Stampede!

Watching what you eat this summer? Or maybe you have a food allergy?

Well, the Calgary Stampede doesn’t want that to stop you from checking out some of the new and tasty treats offered on the Midway this year. Come down and dine with us and we’re sure to give your taste buds a rollercoaster ride of flavour!

For those with a gluten or wheat allergy there are more options then ever awaiting you. Check out the French fries from Fresh Cut Fries, the spicy pad thai from Island Noodle Stir Fry, or the Savage Lands salad from the Mighty Skillet.

Maybe you want to get some of that good old-fashion protein? Well you can grab some Pork Chops on stick, BBQ beef or even German Sausage. Not enough meat? Second to None Meats has a huge variety to choose from – just kick the bun to the curb!

For those seeking some ethnic cuisine can check out Los Compadres which offers corn tortillas that are nut and gluten free. They also have Steak Tacos, Pastor Tacos, Esquites and Quesidillas, all gluten free, with the option of dairy free. Want something spicy? Ace Curries To Go have spicy curries that are gluten and nut free.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Naaco Truck which will be serving up Naaco Bites, Bolly Chips and three different Naaco options, all with the option of gluten and dairy free. For those with nut allergies, the only nuts used at The Naaco Truck are sesame seeds.

Now that we have all that straighted away, let’s talk sweets! Grab some gluten free ice cream from Mackay’s Ice Cream, or maybe some delicious fudge from Old Fashion Fudge. But wait! What about those who have a dairy allergy? Check out Candytime’s huge variety of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It’s because We’re Greatest Together that we want to make sure you have an amazing time on Park. Don’t let your food allergies keep you away from exploring the mouth-watering cuisine found on the Midway.

Check out more information on some of the gluten, dairy and nut free options by clicking here.