Dancer’s Class with Evelyn Hart

The day after the Ballet Evaluations, all the dancers were treated to have a class with the one and only Evelyn Hart, and what an honor it was. We all arrived nice and early, as we did not want to waste any of the precious time we were given with Evelyn Hart, today’s iconic professional ballerina. When she called us to the barre to start class, we were there in a heartbeat, waiting on her first instructions. Now when most people think of a class taught by a famous ballerina, they think very strict, stringent and serious, but Evelyn created one of the most comfortable and open atmospheres I have ever been in. On top of her amazing talent and words of wisdom that she was able to share with us all, she is extremely out going and humorous and all of that combined together made for an extremely enjoyable class. Not even the camera crews there from the news stations could take our attention off of Evelyn, because everything thing she does and says is just so compelling. Every single one of us dancers got one on one advice from her and we will all carry what we learnt from her with us for the rest of our dancing careers. It was an absolute honor to have danced for Evelyn Hart, and truly a once in a lifetime experience. Not very many dancers can say they have been taught by her. At the end of the class we all got our pictures and signed shoes, which I’m sure every dancer has on display in there room, myself included. Overall, it was a 10 out of 10 experience and something to remember for the rest of my life.

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