Spring at last

At last spring has arrived!  I can hardly wait for the green grass and the sunshine.   

Our trip to Toronto to promote the Calgary Stampede and our great city was action packed. Not so action packed for me as I had a terrible cold and laryngitis. I was in no shape to be interviewed, however Tara, Nikkole and Kateri did a fantastic job with all the interviews and did a great job of promoting Calgary!

The girls and I were very busy this past week at Aggie Days.  This was our first riding event of the year and it was fun and exciting. It was a different feeling to hear my name being called, as I rode into the arena on a horse named “Chance”.  I fondly remember attending Aggie Days when I was in elementary school and hadn’t imagined being able to participate in this capacity, it is fantastic. Aggie Day’s is such a great event because it promotes agriculture and allows hundreds of school children to have a fun hand’s on learning experience. 

Happy trails, Kerri


Like Kerri and Kateri, I was truly saddened to lose such a kind spirited friend and wonderful young woman so tragically, on Valentine’s Day.  I find comfort knowing, I am wearing the crown that Teri wore as the 2006 Princess and will carry her memory with me on my adventures this year and always.

Going to Toronto to promote the Stampede by giving out 2000 white hats and trying to meet as many people as we could in one weekend, was great fun!  I believe it gave us an indication of just how it will be during Stampede everyday, visiting with all of our guests.  It was also a great experience to be able to work with Travel Alberta Tourism, honing our skills being interviewed on CTV, Global TV and the radio stations we visited.  I know as a team, we really got the word out there to come and enjoy our western hospitality in July.

This past week saw Aggie Days come to Stampede Park.  During the week we were able to ride in our beautiful new saddles that were made by Eamor Saddlery, a tradition that goes back to the days when my Mom was royalty.  Each day we did the grand entry for the many school children that came to learn about agriculture and rodeo.  Luckily, we were also able to join the cowboys in meeting with all the students to sign autographs and answer their many questions. Thank you Debbie Lee and the many volunteers, for all you do to bring people and animals together.

The four of us are getting more excited with each week and the many new events coming up, bringing us closer to “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Even with snow on the ground, it does not stop the rodeo schedule getting started.  Next weekend we will be enjoying the company of Pro’s, by attending the Senior Pro Rodeo in High River.  Come join us, its time to get those hats out and dust off the boots; it is Rodeo time in Alberta!   Hope to see you there!
Tara  ☺

Western Spirit in an Eastern Town!

This week, the Stampede Royalty pulled on our new boots and headed east to Toronto with the promotions commitee to spread some western cheer! We arrived and right away we were whisked off to work to pull apart 2000 cowboy hats, which were destined to be given to lucky Torontarians the following day. We went on our first radio stations, and then headed on down to Dundas Square downtown for the “Git Yer Head in a Hat” promo.
The people of Toronto were so excited to see that the Calgary Stampede had come across the country to share some Western Hospitality, and were even more excited to try on their new hats they recived! I tell you, it was as if I was in Calgary right then, watching 2000 cowboy hats walking around, (even though some were on backwards! giggle) I told them to make it authentic, they had to come and watch the rodeo, and make it just a little dirty.
This week we are at Aggie Days in Calgary to help support and teach about all the amazing things Agriculture does for us!

Hope to see you there!