Humble Adventures

Oki everyone,

This has been one epic 5 months as CS Indian Princess. I am humbled to the adventures that I have embarked upon and am so grateful. The trip to the Grey Cup in Montreal was a great experience, the Grey Cup Committee are true inspirations and role models. The time, travel, and dedication of the Grey Cup Committee showed what being a volunteer is all about. The kindness and hospitality shown words cannot express. Visiting West mount Park Elementary School was a highlight, the children were great welcomers to Montreal and brought a sense of western hospitality. With the hats, the band, pancakes, I was honored to perform my fancy shawl dance for the children and staff. Montreal made a lot of firsts for this Indian Princess, I had my first crepe and I’m sure its not the last.

This evening the Calgary Stampede Promotion team and the CS Royalty visited Sunny hill Wellness centre to sing some songs, line dance, and visit the residences. The residences made my week! I am looking forward to going to Toronto with CS sisters Kerri, Tara, and Kateri. I always thank Creator for these blessings and the people I meet along the Humble Adventures.


Until next time,


-Nikkole HS