Learn, laugh and strike a pose!

Hey everyone!

This week has been so exciting! We have been learning so much about the Calgary Stampede, the past present and the future. I have met so many interesting people that are so passionate about the Stampede and what it stands for. One of the many things they taught about is the youth programs, I didn’t realize that there were so many! I am learning just how diverse, yet unique and beneficial the Calgary Stampede really is to the community.

One of the highlights of the week was the “Giddy Up Gala”. The whole banquet theme was 50′s Hollywood Stars, so it was so fun to dress up and “walk the red carpet”! This function is an annual function held by the Queens Alumni to raise money for children with special needs. Gord Bramford had a special screening of his music video that was filmed with some of the children that were at the function whom I was privileged to meet. If I had to explain it in one word it would be heart-warming.

Our next trip might not be as warm, nor as glamorous, but it’ll be FUN!! We are heading to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton!! Ya-Hoo!
Hope to meet you there!

Happy Trails!


The glitz, the glam, we were in true Hollywood fashion…

Saturday night we strolled the red carpet with celebrity look alikes such as Elizabeth Taylor, Indianna Jones and Bonnie & Clyde.  The night in Hollywood theme celebrated the 10th annual Giddy up Gala hosted by the Queens Alumni Committee, Calgary Stampede Foundation and Maxim Power Corp.   This year the goal was to raise $225,000.00 for children with special needs.

A wonderful dinner was followed by a live and silent auction.  Raffle tickets were sold for a 1.7 ct. diamond bracelet.   We were delighted to hear Gord Bamford sing.  It was an awesome evening.  Thank you so much to all who came out to support such a worthwhile cause. 

Even though I enjoyed dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and wearing stilettos, I have to admit that my Cowboy Boots are more comfortable!!

Living the Dream

Oki (hello) bloggers,

My name is Nikkole Rosie Heavy Shields. I am 19 years old and currently working at the Awo Taan Native Women’s Healing Lodge Society as a youth and parent support worker.I plan to attend college for  Social work next fall, also to play college basket-ball . I am from Kainai (the blood reserve) located by Fort Macleod and Lethbridge area. Kainai is the largest reserve in North America. I am so humbled and honored to represent the 5 tribes of the Treaty 7 ,I cant express to you how it feels to be the 2009 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess. 

It still hasn’t kicked in!! Looking back at my past visits to the Indian Village as a young girl I would always admire the Indian Princess, the way she carried herself, strong and ever so friendly. She was whom I destined to be someday. I grew up in Calgary but I always danced in Pow wow’s and would visit my family back on the reserve. There wasn’t many Pow wows in Calgary so when the Stampede came it was a thrill to attend the Pow wow, munch on an Indian Taco and to meet the princess. I admired her pride, to be so open about our culture at the greatest outdoor show in the world always inspired me. The person who truly inspired me to run for the Calgary Stampede Indian Princess 2009 was Livia Joy Manywounds, my room mate in college, mentor, make-up specialist, and true friend. She is a go getter, and I know she is going to have many more great accomplishments. She is a true role model to our people!

So here I am. I already know it is going to be a great year. I had the pleasure of meeting the Stampede Q & P’s, Queen Kerri, Princesses Kateri and Tara. They are such down to earth , smart, outgoing young ladies, my new sisters. I am looking forward to my crowning this weekend! It is going to be something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Until next time,

-Nikkole Heavy Shields

Howdy Stampede Royalty Fans!

This has been one exciting and stressful month of competition in the Stampede Royalty Trio Contest.  I have met some amazing women and tested myself to the maximum.  It was an honor to ride at  each performance of the Canadian Rodeo Tour Championship (CRTC) in the same arena as the Top Cowgirls and Cowboys as they competed for a chance to qualify at the upcoming CFR in Edmonton and the 2009 Calgary Stampede.  Now we will all be going down that road together.  I am so grateful to be a part of the Royal Trio! Imagine being crowned a Princess!  Kerri, Kateri and I will be sharing the next year together.  Stay turned into this Stampede Website to share with us our many adventures representing the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede!
See you along the trail, Tara

Pinch Me!

I woke up the morning of last day of the CRTC, thinking about my final impromptu speech of the competition.   Little did I know that there would be many more speeches to come that day.    My heart was pounding as the six finalists lined up the end of the Arena.   When my name was called as the 2009 Stampede Queen  I went numb.   The next couple of hours were a blur of camera flashes and congratulations.   This Saturday marks  the first official appearance for Tara, Kateri and myself……..your 2009 Royal Trio.

Dream Come True!

Howdy everyone!

Thank you for your interest in the Stampede adventures! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Kateri Cowley. I grew up, live and work at Rafter Six Ranch, and I train horses for a living so that other people can enjoy horses the way I do! I also work in the Motion Picture Industry as a Wrangler, Stunts, background actor, and extras casting. Recently, I was welcomed into the Stampede family as a princess! This is a HUGE honor to me, as I have dreamed about it since I was “knee high to a pony”! I remember going to the Stampede with my family as a young girl, and racing over to see as much as I could! The horses at the Rodeo! The Animals! The Indian Village! The fair grounds! The Grandstand Show! And Oh so much more!! But what I remember the most was getting to meet the Royal Trio, looking way up at them and seeing how stunning the Cowgirls are. Being a cowgirl was not only in my dreams, it was a destiny.
At the Canadian Finals Rodeo Tour Championship in the beginning of October of this year, it was time for the new trio to be crowned after a month long of competition with some of Calgary’s finest lady cowgirls. Sitting atop a paint horse, my heart was racing. I felt the excitement of the crowed as the names of the winners were spoken… I made it! I was so excited; I walked across the dirt filled arena to shake hands with President George Brookman and receive the Princess crown for 2009 as tears of joy filled my eyes.

Right after we left the arena, we were whisked away to be on Camera and tell everyone about this new, year long adventure with Princess Tara and Queen Kerri, and Indian Princess Nikkole Heavy Shields! I cannot wait to start our exciting journeys together! They all are sweet and genuine people, and it will be so fun to grow and learn new things with them. This week we are training and learning about the many wonderful aspects of the Stampede and Culture! Last night we set up a Teepee and told stories of the old west.

Find out what more adventures we set forth next week!

Happy Trails!!

Kateri Cowley