Another Year Done and Looking Forward to 2008

The year is finished and thanks to alot of friends and family I ended up finishing 15 in the world standings.  This was good enough for me to qualify back to the 2008 Calgary Stampede. 

The last month was a trying month, for myself, family  and friends.  I sat in the last open spot to return to calgary with 4 shows left to go .  I  had a average drumheller and than things started to go good in strathmore with some really good results and jumped back up in the standings.   I created a little cushion between myself and the guy in 18th hole.

Mike Vigen , Troy flad , Grant Profit  and myself were all fighting (or racing)  to qualify for three spots.  Mike was the guy on the outside hole but was on fire and gaining ground rapidly.  Dawson Creek  started good with me having a chance to make the dash only 1 second behind the fourth placed guy going into night four.  We had the barrel  4 and had a good turn but the competition was strong and held me outside .  I ended up tenth in the show and headed home  right after the races.  I got home at 4 in the morning and went in for a nap b/c we had to head to Red Deer by noon.  The crew (katie) who slept all the way home, had the feed loaded and ready to go by  10 am  and i woke up and decided to turn a horse out for the rest of the year.  He was full of P&V  and when i went to put him out to pasture he kicked me.   Off  to the hospital in Devon than to the University hospital in a Ambulance  (first ride ever in there and hopefuly the last)    The Day went by fast with lots of things happening and tests .  After all was said and done the diagnosis was a smashed and lacerated kidney.   I ended up spending 5 days there and missed the entire Red Deer  show.

Shane Cartier drove my horses and I had lots of friends help out .  My sponsors were great and very accomadating to my barn staff and family.  I think this is why I love this sport so much is because i had numerous calls and support from everyone and i thank them all.  Shane ended up doing a good job and we ran penalty free and my team qualified back to the Calgary Stampede.

While i was at the Hospital I am not sure if i was ever left alone .  My family was GREAT and they all spent more than ther due time in helping me at the hospital,  along with organizing things in Red Deer.  Thanks to all the people that called and thanks to those who visited.

I am on the mend and I have weekly check ups booked for the next two months.  Than the doctor  will determine if I need surgery or not, from the  early diagnosis things are heading in the right direction  .

I stopped and talked to Tyler Helmig today and things seem to be slowly getting better with him to. I am pretty sure i will beat him in the race to recover though he has surgery left on his hip. 

The horses got turned out in the pasture and they just love to run, i wish i had there energy .